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Jim Geren

Columnists > Jim Geren

Jim Geren

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Home I Go!

Posted by: jim.geren on Saturday November 21, 2015 (03:32:25)   (2207 Reads)
Jim Geren
If you live in Germany, you probably work in Germany. Unless you relish living in the woods and foraging for berries, you probably need a job so that you don't have to do just that. Work is paramount in Germany and the Germans take their professions quite seriously. This makes perfect sense when one thinks of the not untrue stereotype of Germans being highly skilled and efficient. They don't just make things, they make fantastic things, and they do it better and faster.    more ...

Columnists > Jim Geren

Jim Geren

German And US Medicine: Healthcare vs. Don't Care

Posted by: jim.geren on Thursday October 15, 2015 (14:56:58)   (3887 Reads)
Jim Geren
It's been said that if you don't have your health, you don't have anything. This was once true but, in today's age of U.S. for-profit healthcare and it's skyrocketing costs, it would now be more accurate to say that if you do have your health, you probably have nothing. Everyone at some point has some malady that requires medical assistance but if you aren't wealthy going into it, even with insurance, you are likely to come out of it flat broke. To be fair, American medicine is perhaps the best in the world. To be cynical, however, it is in the interest of American doctors to be the best so that they can cure you; the deceased rarely pay their medical bills.    more ...

Columnists > Jim Geren

Jim Geren

Driving Germans Crazy

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday September 16, 2015 (14:27:35)   (2456 Reads)
Jim Geren
At the outset, I should point out that this is my first column about living as an American expat in Germany. Actually, it's my first column ever, which will serve as the explanation should this also be my last. So your expectations aren't too low, however, I should say that I have been published before: When I was at the University of Massachusetts, a few of my poems were deemed print-worthy by the Arts program. In fact, when I was reading one of them at the campus coffee house to a room full of students and faculty who clearly had nothing better to do, one of them yelled, "Speak up! We can't hear you"! Take that, Dear Abby.    more ...