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Taiwan > Expat Experiences


Andrea, Hsinchu

Posted by: Scar on Thursday February 02, 2017 (16:30:40)

Who are you?

Iā€™m a 50-something American expat, addicted to travel, curious about life. I love trying new things and challenging myself. Raised in a small town in the Midwest, I worked in aviation for 28 years before quitting it all, getting rid of my stuff, and heading to Asia.    more ...

Taiwan > Expat Experiences


Jenny Green, Taipei

Posted by: Carole on Tuesday September 08, 2015 (04:12:31)
Jenny Green

Who are you?

I'm Jenny Green, an ex-ESL teacher and education manager and now freelance writer.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved to Taiwan with my husband and son on my son's 8th birthday in August 2011.

What challenges did you face during the move?

One of our greatest challenges was downsizing from a four-bedroom house in the U.K. to a three-bedroom apartment in Taiwan.    more ...

Taiwan > Expat Experiences


Dan Chapman, Nangang

Posted by: Jamie on Thursday December 01, 2011 (15:24:17)
Wulai Lake View

I am a guy from the west of England who has lived in Taiwan for more than 15 years. When I started my stay here I was in my mid-twenties; unfortunately, I have now hit the big 40.

These things rarely have a grand plan ā€“ after all it takes some resolve to say I am going to up sticks and move to another country for the rest of my life. I was traveling through Asia and I needed to stop somewhere to earn some cash ā€“ and some said to me to go to Taiwan to teach English. I then did what a lot of people did: plan to stay for two years, extend for one more, then another because you haven't actually saved that much money; start to worry you don't know what you will do when you get back so you look for a job in a local company for some business work experience. Another two or three years goes by, you get married; visit the UK in the winter and decide you are never going back.    more ...