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Expat Experiences > Bahamas


Mariah Moyle, Nassau

Posted by: Scar on Tuesday March 14, 2017 (16:18:28)   (718 Reads)
Mariah Moyle
Who are you?

Mariah Moyle, originally from the Pacific Northwest, but am now an island girl in the beautiful Bahamas. I grew up with a mix of spending my winters in the mountains ski racing, ski instructing and ski bumming, and summers at our beach house on an island in the Puget Sound, hiking, kayaking, salmon fishing and crabbing. Since moving to warmer climates I have replaced my northern adventure lifestyle with kiteboarding, paddlesurfing, diving and sportfishing. When I'm not in or on the water, I find solace in my yoga practice. My family consists of my Australian/Bahamian husband and our three island rescue dogs.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Bahamas


Oliver Luke, Eleuthera

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday September 18, 2013 (20:37:09)   (9806 Reads)
Oliver Luke
Who are you?

I am the son of Australian and Dutch parents, born in and currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. Working as a ghostwriter, editor and book designer for healthcare and arts professionals over the past 12 years has given me the flexibility to travel, work and volunteer in a number of countries including England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, China, Australia, The United States, Mexico and The Bahamas.

When I’m not working, playing or volunteering I compose music on the guitar and piano and perform at open mic nights whenever I get the chance. Living in other countries has always inspired my creativity and I’ve found that no matter where I travel, speaking the universal language of music has paved the way to deeper understandings and relationships with the people I meet.   more ...

Expat Experiences > Bahamas



Posted by: Jamie on Monday November 28, 2011 (01:29:40)   (3038 Reads)
Hi, my name is Jeremy and I'm a Belgian guy.

I lived for 5 years in North America, after that almost 2 years in Central America.

Now I'm living in The Bahamas... Why? Hmm... Do I really have to answer this one? Very Happy LOL

Well, let's say that at first I came here twice as a tourist and destiny helped by the love of a local mermaid brings me back to the Bahamian shores, but not as a tourist this time.   more ...