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Argentina > Articles


Making the Move to San Rafael, Argentina

Posted on Thursday January 05, 2012 (19:42:48)

by Dan Hathway

It seems like San Rafael in Argentina is the growth region for expats at the moment and I've read with interest some of the articles posted on this site's forums by Neil, who too chose to make the switch from the UK.

I moved to San Rafael with my Argentine wife (Laura, who is from San Rafael) in October last year, after having lived for several years in London. We wanted to try something different and Laura wanted to be near her family again. Our feet haven't yet touched the ground. The whole experience has been amazing but hard work. After 1 year, I can say that it has been worthwhile (2 property renovations and 2 businesses launched and more family time), so I thought that I would share some observations and comments with other members.   more ...

Argentina > Articles


Argentina's booming economy

Posted on Thursday January 05, 2012 (19:40:17)

by Neil Rushen

Hello from Argentina! I`ve decided to pop a few articles together to give you a few reasons to consider moving to Argentina, starting with the economic outlook out here.

Over the next few weeks when I can put time aside from my busy social life we`ll be looking at the social scene, schooling and education, healthcare, retirement and why you can`t get good curry powder here! Thanks to John and Annette who visited recently I`ve just had my first pint of Marstons Pedigree! Still not enough of a reason to return to the UK.

Here`s one of the reasons I choose to call Argentina, and Mendoza in particular, home. Information in this article appeared in the Los Andes Rumbus magazine (issue 106, page 30) and is attributed to information released by the Secretary of agriculture, livestock, fishing, food and grapes in the Economic Ministry.   more ...

Argentina > Articles


Rediscovering Argentina

Posted on Thursday January 05, 2012 (19:37:24)

by Neil Rushen
Mendoza Property

Mention Argentina to anyone and people usually think of Fray Bentos corned beef, the Falklands Conflict, people being pushed from aircraft by the military, Diego Maradona's "hand of God", a very large economic crash in 2001 and some old dear warbling "don't cry for me Argentina".

Well it ain't like that anymore! Fray Bentos is actually in Uruguay for starters and whilst the Argentines still claim "Las Malvinas" you won't be rabbit punched in the kidneys when they discover you're British. People being launched from aircraft today are usually indulging in one of the country's many and varied tourist activities. Diego Maradona is still a sight to behold, but only because he resembles the "Tango" genie, well almost, he's actually fatter, more orange and has a very bad haircut! With the recent debt restructuring the economy is growing and the country is the most politically stable in South America. The song, alas, remains the same!   more ...

Andorra > Articles


Andorra - an increasingly attractive location for property buyers

Posted on Thursday January 05, 2012 (17:41:57)

European tax haven Andorra enjoys the same fiscal benefits as better known Monaco, adding to property demand from those looking for residency in a tax shelter as well as traditional ski chalet buyers who flock to the country between December and April each year.

With the end of the ski season last month many ski resorts in Europe have closed up shop until early December with overseas property owners having little prospect of rental income in the summer months.

But tiny Andorra, nestled between France and Spain in the Pyrenees and the sixteenth smallest country in the world, is increasingly attracting out of season tourists and property owners are seeing a rise in overall occupancy levels and return on their investment.   more ...

Andorra > Articles


Andorra Awaits - European Tax Haven Property Prices Climb Again

Posted on Thursday January 05, 2012 (17:39:01)

by Roger Munns

Tax haven Andorra saw one of the sharpest property price rises in Europe in 2005 with a 19 per cent increase.

This has been sustained with another high leap in prices in 2006, this time of 16 per cent.

2007 could see another double digit property price rise for the small Pyrenees mountainous country.   more ...

Andorra > Articles


More Cash For 2008 Andorra Ski Holidays

Posted on Thursday January 05, 2012 (17:36:57)

by Roger Munns

Low lying European ski countries last year who saw a decline in ski holiday visitors, including Andorra, have been investing in her facilities to try and tempt the skiiers she lost back for the 2008 season.

In the past Andorra has grown in stature from a destination offering cheap ski holidays to one that can compete with the best that Europe has to offer, with a growing number of ski holidays being taken in the country over the last decade to the point where it was attracting some ten million tourists a year.

But unexpectedly the rise in visitors to Andorra came to a screeching halt for the 2006/7 ski season, and the ski slopes closed two weeks earlier than anticipated due to a lack of snow that saw many other resorts in Europe, especially in countries with low lying slopes like Austria, badly affected by the lack of natural snow.   more ...