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Australia > Articles


Where to go in Melbourne, Australia

Friday May 25, 2012 (14:30:32)
Dina Zavrski-Makaric
by Dina Zavrski-Makaric

When we migrate from one country to another we are often very soon faced with the difficulties of starting to create our new life in the new surroundings. This quest can be easier for some, and harder for others. We are all unique in how we go about living our lives; however, most of us are likely to fall into the trap of neglecting our social life for the sake of everyday tasks. What we also often forget is that we need to nurture our exploratory side (which brought us to this new place in the first place!), and that holidays and overseas visitors are not the only time when we should go and discover what our new surroundings have to offer.   more ...

Spain > Articles


Moving to Spain - Tips and Lessons Learned

Monday May 21, 2012 (04:14:11)

We were internet marketers that needed a break...so we started a tapas restaurant in Spain! Some said we were crazy, some said we were brave. We say we are a little bit of both. Read our story, the lessons we learned and our tips...

It has been almost three years since we moved to Spain and finding our way around has been fun and sometimes a struggle. When you move abroad you realize that you are giving up your career, your house, the lease car and all. But in return, there is a romantic future lying ahead of you; a future without stress, traffic jams, thousands of emails a day, dark clouds, rain. An exiting future with new possibilities, new people and new habits.

Our romantic and exciting idea of the future was setting up a tapas restaurant in a pretty little village on the Costa Blanca. We would only open for a few hours per day, run it together, and cook all kinds of delicious tapas for our guests.   more ...

Spain > Articles


Health Care In Spain

Monday May 21, 2012 (04:11:55)

Moving to Spain usually involves a few of basic activities such as learning Spanish, looking for a job (if outplacement was not the reason for moving), finding a new house and a looking for a proper school for your children. Once accomplished, you will experience you are not only living in a different country, but also in a different culture.

Most people do experience living in another culture as an opportunity to learn more about life in general. Reading about another culture is one thing, living in another culture is quite another. Although the Spanish culture is a Western one, it still differs in many ways from British or American culture. The medical culture in Spain is also different in certain aspects. The level of medical care is usually good to excellent. The health care insurance system equals more or less the systems in the United States and in Great Britain: a national health care system which offers the opportunity to all kinds of people to be provided with basic health care and a private system where you can go to if you decided to upgrade your medical insurance by paying more each month.   more ...

Spain > Articles


How to avoid... (in Spain), Part 1

Monday May 21, 2012 (04:07:04)
Mark FR Wilkins
by Mark FR Wilkins, The Rights Group in Spain

The Off Plan Market

How to avoid...getting ripped off in making an "off plan" purchase

You'll have seen the wonderful images at the Property Show in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow or Dublin and you'll have been very drawn to the idea of getting in early on the ground floor of this fabulous new development on the Spanish Costas. And why not - these developments often present really good value for money and, as you are getting involved early, pre-construction, you are potentially making real savings.

You agree to take an inspection flight, which, in any event, even if you don't buy an apartment, is a bargain weekend in Spain. You arrive at the chosen destination and it all seems to stack up - you are ready to buy...   more ...

Spain > Articles


Check list for British expats moving to Spain

Monday May 21, 2012 (04:00:46)
Mark FR Wilkins
by Mark FR Wilkins, The Rights Group SL

In the same way that removals companies have countdown diaries to help you remember all those important elements needed before the "Big Day", I felt it would be useful for those seeking to relocate to or acquire a holiday home in Spain, to have a "Check List" featuring those items that required specific attention and which could be ticked off as they were completed.

According to a recent report prepared by Accountants PKF, more than 74% of Britons want to retire abroad. So if you are part of that majority who's interested in moving to Spain why not consider using The Rights Group's Check List to aid your smooth relocation?   more ...

Spain > Articles


Relocation, Relocation, Relocation! A new life in Spain - Part 2

Monday May 21, 2012 (03:55:48)
Mark FR Wilkins
by Mark FR Wilkins, The Rights Group

Would-be relocators who have followed my family's migration from South West London to our new home in Spain may have already been assisted in their search for that dream home by our initial six easy lessons for a comfortable transition to life in Spain.

We have been asked to expand on our preliminary advice. So, from our direct - and thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience - I hope you'll appreciate these six further lessons.

Currently, servicing borrowings to purchase a property by way of a Spanish mortgage is an attractive prospect for those of you from Northern Europe, particularly the UK, where interest rates have risen in recent months. The Spanish financial services market is in the formative stages of its development - and whilst it is substantially more advanced than the markets of the former eastern Bloc - certain financial products which are widely available in the UK are simply not available.   more ...

Spain > Articles


Relocation, Relocation, Relocation! A new life in Spain

Monday May 21, 2012 (03:44:19)
Mark FR Wilkins
by Mark Wilkins, The Rights Group

Over the last few years we have heard an increasing number of (perhaps apocryphal) tales of UK citizens "not recognising " the country they grew up in. Feeling alienated in their own country and looking for a way out.

When you decide that you are nearing the end a busy working life, your family have fled the nest or you simply want a better quality of life for your family, your mind will inevitably wander to questions of whether there is a better quality of life to be found elsewhere.

We've all attended those "lifestyle" shows at the NEC or Olympia (in the UK) where the prospect of 330 days a year of sun, a milder climate for arthritic bones, a golf course for every day of the week, international quality schooling and a magnificent diversity of influences are dangled carrot-like beneath our noses. Many of us have said "Can I have some of that?"   more ...

Croatia > Articles


Croatia - A Good Place To Invest

Tuesday April 17, 2012 (21:32:31)
Peter Ellis
by Peter Ellis, Croatia Property Services

Since breaking free from Jugoslavia in the early nineties, Croatia has worked hard to rebuild the tourist industry that it was famous for in the seventies and eighties. Under the slogan ‘ The Mediterranean as it used to be’, it has moved steadily ahead.

Following concerns by their tourist authorities, who had seen for themselves the effects of over development of the Spanish coastline, the country moved to protect its amazing coastline and put restrictions on development directly on the coast and even certain restrictions on developments up to 1km back. They also realised that if they were to have sustainable tourism, they would need to consider the best use of what they had to offer. The outcome of this has been to move towards higher net worth tourism, attracting a wealthier type of tourist and working at this.   more ...

Philippines > Articles


12 Things That Filipinos May Not Know About Their Country

Sunday March 11, 2012 (18:33:12)

An Alien's View by Bruce Curran, Senior Consultant Financial Adviser, writer, author, adventurer and Filipinaphile!

(i) As a child, like most children in the west, I fancied myself spinning, tossing and playing with my Yo-yo. It was not till 40 years later that I discovered this toy originates from the Philippines, with its meaning as ‘come-back’ in a local dialect. It was a tribal weapon used to strike an opponent. In the early 20th century it drifted into the western culture via the USA by Americans returning from their Colony of the Philippines.

(ii) Then I became curious about what else the Philippines have contributed to the wider world. I discovered that a certain Roberto de Rosario has the dubious recognition as the original inventor of the Karaoke machine, later highly developed by the Japanese. It is an instrument of torture for many neighbours who often tolerate the stressful tones of drunken bullfrogs who fancy themselves as brilliant crooners, but actually awaken thoughts of cutting electrical wiring or spreading a cloud of pepper in efforts to prevent further punishment to people within hearing distance of kamakazi karaoke activists!   more ...

Austria > Articles


The Beauty of Austria

Friday January 06, 2012 (18:18:57)

by Martha Andrus

As you drive from Germany into Austria, you begin to see the outline of the Alps in the far distance. As you get closer to Austria, the Alps are more prevalent and are the absolute most awesome sight one can behold. The closer you get to these mountains, the more you begin to see their majestic height with their snow-capped peaks. Below the mountains are the gorgeous green valleys dotted with streams and lovely Austrian architecture. Every home in Austria has their brightly blooming flowers displayed in window boxes, with the Alps to be viewed from their windows.

We exited the freeway and began driving through the many resort communities and ski areas. Every few miles you will see the 'Bed and Breakfast' places and chalets nestled into the valleys of the Alps. The roads are two lane and wind and twist up into the mountains. In order to build access roads to these areas, the Austrians have built caves that go through the mountain and these are plentiful as you drive upwards. Most are supplied with lighting inside even on a sunny day, because some of these tunnels are very lengthy.   more ...