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United Arab Emirates > Articles

United Arab Emirates

Expat Education In The Gulf States

Friday May 11, 2018 (11:23:23)

The Gulf has become an incredibly popular and desired option for expats over recent years. With a population reaching 8 million across the United Arab Emirates alone, the pull of luxury lifestyles, great pay and safe culture is an alluring prospect for many. In the international expat series, Stephen Spriggs from William Clarence Education shares his insights of things you need to know for a new life in Dubai.   more ...

Germany > Articles


What You Need To Know Before Retiring To Germany

Friday May 11, 2018 (10:47:34)

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm” — Aldous Huxley.

Retiring to a different country can be a way of sustaining the kind of enthusiasm Huxley was talking about; a way of ushering in a life where newness is the norm, not the anomaly.   more ...

Thailand > Articles


What Might Thailand's New Tech Start-Up Visa Mean For Your Company?

Friday May 11, 2018 (10:26:12)

Thailand is celebrated as an ancient culture, replete with thousand-year-old temples and a spirituality which mingles with a bustling city life and a booming economy.

However, the ‘Land of Smiles’ has its eyes firmly set on the future thanks to its continued investment in technology industries. The country is looking to become an incubator nation for the next generation of innovation.   more ...

France > Articles


The Unwritten Rules Of Living In Paris

Friday May 04, 2018 (12:22:55)

Ah Paris, the city of sophistication. The everlasting location of romance, elegance and good taste. The muse of great artists and writers, the resting place of musicians and philosophers.

The city of lights might have a bright reputation, but the drab reality of daily life can come as a disappointment to new arrivals. Finding out that perfect Paris is actually just as prone to traffic jams and litter as any other big city can cause expats to come back to earth with a bump. Japanese visitors in particular seem to be susceptible to disappointment in Paris, bringing on a state known as Pari shōkōgun, or Paris Syndrome.   more ...

Spain > Articles


Is Barcelona Finally Growing Sick Of Expats?

Friday May 04, 2018 (12:10:03)

Barcelona is a famously bright and vibrant city, from its beautiful historic Gothic Quarter to the stunning iconic building of Sagrada Familia; from the Gaudi buildings and Park Guell to the plethora of art museums, as well as the beach where local people and expats blow off steam after work with a game of volleyball. The Catalan culture is a distinct one, and the pace of life easy-going. The food is delectable: paella, tapas, Iberian meats, Crema Catalana and decadent Catalan hot chocolate.   more ...

Denmark > Articles


Arriving In Copenhagen - What Expats Need To Do First

Friday May 04, 2018 (11:56:22)

As a newcomer to Copenhagen, you need to take certain actions in order to get registered as a citizen and ease the transition. Here are seven steps which will help you get settled in your new life.   more ...

Romania > Articles


An Expat Guide To Romanian Residency Visas

Friday May 04, 2018 (10:13:38)

Romania joined the European Union (EU) on 1 January 2007, but has yet to join the Schengen Area, which it is legally obliged to do. The Schengen Area allows borderless travel between the 26 countries who are members of the agreement. These include all the EU countries, except the UK and Ireland (Eire) which maintain their opt-outs, and four countries working towards membership: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus. There are a further four countries – Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – which are not members of the EU but have joined the Schengen Area through their membership of the European Economic Area (EEA).   more ...

Ecuador > Articles


Looking To Slow Down And Enjoy Life More? Move To Ecuador!

Friday May 04, 2018 (10:03:19)

Unfortunately, stress can be a regular part of life for many of us. We find it hard to slow down or take a break, and may not have time to stop or go on holiday. This fast paced, relentless way of life is never good for health or happiness. In the Western world, high costs of living, long working hours and less than desirable weather can be push factors for many who want to start life over, without the rush. Whether you want to experience a more traditional, slower life, warm weather all year round or less financial worry, Ecuador could be the place for you.   more ...

Australia > Articles


How To Add More Points To Your Australian Visa

Friday May 04, 2018 (09:50:49)

Here in the UK, the Brexit beast is still grumbling about immigration controls, with both sides of the debate arguing their case for firmer or fairer systems.

Existing EU rules mean that citizens of the jurisdiction have the right to roam freely through member nations, living, studying and working where they please. Wherever you decide to hang your hat, you can call home and enjoy the same rights as the permanent residents of that country.   more ...

Germany > Articles


How To Drive In Germany: An Expat Guide

Monday April 30, 2018 (09:45:51)

Driving in Germany isn’t a cheap thrill, it’s a luxury. It won’t take long to notice that everything from cars to the roads themselves are impeccable. And it doesn’t end there; German people think of driving as an extravagant activity rather than a standard mode of transport.

Learning how to drive and getting a license in Germany is a long, expensive affair that includes 25 to 40 hours of professional driving instruction and 12 hours of theory, and can cost up to €1700. That is to say, when Germans are on the road, they are serious about driving.   more ...