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Articles > United Kingdom (UK)

United Kingdom (UK)

How To Move Your Pet To The UK

Posted on Thursday May 18, 2017 (06:58:15)
(c) Amandad on Pixabay
Pets have been part of many families for decades now. Many have grown up with pets since their childhood; others have been treated to a pet after wishing for one. Often they are ‘babies’ to people who do not wish to have children. They are dependent on their owners to look out for their well-being and often travel with them wherever they go. Travelling with your dog or cat was something that holidaymakers did not deem possible in the past. However, with more pet friendly hotels than ever before, it has become more accessible, and moving abroad is no different. Whether it be a holiday or an expat relocation to the United Kingdom (UK), rest assured your pets can migrate with you.   more ...

Articles > United Kingdom (UK)

United Kingdom (UK)

Speed Dating For Expats In London

Posted on Thursday May 18, 2017 (06:37:29)
(c) amirobcn on Pixabay
Leaving your hometown or country often causes relationships and friendships to break up. Pursuing a move to new destination that has only ever been a dream before is a bittersweet time - you are sad to leave people behind, but there are also many new memories and adventures on the horizon. Settling into a new destination can take some time. Often, work and other commitments can cause love lives to be neglected. Eventually, the desire for human interaction becomes a lot more apparent, whether it be in the form of making new friends or finding a potential life partner.   more ...

Articles > General


The Top Five Reasons Expats Give For Moving Abroad

Posted on Wednesday May 17, 2017 (13:36:40)
(c) Janbaby on Pixabay
The expat tribe is large and varied, possibly counting as many as 215 million people amid its ranks, according to UN statistics. With so many people criss-crossing the globe, swapping one country of residence for another, there is a massive variety in the lifestyles led by expats.   more ...

Articles > Thailand


An Expat Guide To Finding A Job In Thailand

Posted on Wednesday May 17, 2017 (12:50:29)
(c) picaidol on Pixabay
Thailand’s expat community is a diverse one and includes everyone from students to retirees. Professional expats will find that most of the job opportunities are based in the capital city of Bangkok.

One of the main attractions of Thailand is the relaxed lifestyle, which is only enhanced by the stunning natural scenery. Thailand’s economy is dependent on exports and it is among the largest exporters in the world of agricultural products like sugar and rice.   more ...

Articles > Employment


Why Are So Many Expat Businesspeople Moving To The Asia-Pacific Region?

Posted on Wednesday May 17, 2017 (12:18:30)
(c) skeeze on Pixabay
Europe and North America have been regarded as the top expat destinations for people from around the world for many decades. However, over the last few years political situations across these continents have caused a number of potential immigrants to look for other places where they can live and work or run their businesses.   more ...

Articles > General


The Top Destinations for Expat Families

Posted on Wednesday May 17, 2017 (11:44:26)
(c) Mojpe on Pixabay
Living abroad is an exciting and challenging prospect, no matter what age you might be and what your reasons are. People move abroad and change locations for many reasons.

Many expats are at a stage in life where they lead an independent life, and do not particularly need to consider anyone’s needs but their own when moving abroad.   more ...

Articles > Employment


Should You Ever Turn Down An Expat Assignment?

Posted on Wednesday May 17, 2017 (11:04:59)
(c) rawpixel on Pixabay
There are a range of reasons for not agreeing to take on an expat assignment, but will disagreeing set you back in your career?

Research points to an alarmingly high turnover of expats once they return to their home workplace. One study says that within a year of returning to their employer, 38% will leave and take their experience to a new firm.   more ...

Articles > United Kingdom (UK)

United Kingdom (UK)

Report: UK Migration Falls In 2017

Posted on Wednesday May 17, 2017 (10:42:05)
(c) HeroPham on Pixabay
The United Kingdom, one of the top expat destinations in recent years, appears to have lost some of its appeal among migrants from across the world ever since the Brexit vote. According to a report published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), immigration to this country has fallen to a two-year low after citizens voted to leave the European Union. The drop is an indication of fewer people entering Britain to study as well as an overall reduction in net migration.   more ...

Articles > Panama


An Expat Guide To Building A Home In Panama

Posted on Wednesday May 17, 2017 (10:14:09)
(c) coyot on Pixabay
As an expat in a new country, you may have very specific ideas about your ideal home and you may find it hard to find a home that lives up to them. You may come across a home that has a lovely kitchen, only to look further and discover that the bedroom is too small. Or the bathroom may be just what you wanted, but the house has barely any yard. Plus, there is the matter of moving to a new, different country, which is a big life decision in itself. Building a home is an investment, but it can help you to create exactly what you wanted, rather than settling for less. As with any other investment, however, it is vital to do your research and get the answers to all your questions.   more ...

Articles > France


A Gluten-Free Guide To Paris

Posted on Tuesday May 16, 2017 (09:14:45)
(c) Pixabay
Paris is synonymous with croissants, croques monsieur, palmiers and pains au chocolat. This isn’t such good news for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. However, upon doing a little bit of research, it is possible to find a number of gluten-free treats in this beautiful city. In fact, apart from the baguette that accompanies every meal, much of the French diet is relatively gluten-free.   more ...