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  Investment Account Considerations for US Expats

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Contact Tom for a free, no-obligation discussion of your financial situation if you are a US citizen living abroad or a foreign national living in the USA.

Dealing with financial matters has become increasingly difficult for US citizens living outside the USA over the last few years as a result of what is called FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), which has led to both US and non-US financial institutions being reluctant to deal with American expats. In our financial planning practice we receive many enquiries from US expats regarding how best to deal with banking and investment accounts, especially US retirement accounts, and whether offshore or non-US investment accounts are a good idea for US expats.   more ...

  Expat Money: Euro Rallies, Dollar Hit and Sterling Stable...For Now

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by Simon Hilton, senior foreign exchange consultant at World First and official Expat Focus foreign exchange partner

[Expat Focus editor’s note: This article was written before the recent UK election]

In the run up to the UK general election, sterling has been paying no attention to the polls. At the time of writing (the day before the general election), while we’re no closer to knowing which personalities or which parties will form the next government, sterling is acting as if everything is plain sailing, and has remained stable.

At the start of the year, the pound was at 1.2824 against the euro. Back then, £100,000 was worth €128,240. By March 12th, the rate had jumped to 1.4136, with that same amount of money worth €141,360, which equates to €13,120 more than at the start of the year.   more ...

  How Will The Pension Reforms Affect You?

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by Simon Hilton, senior foreign exchange consultant at World First and official Expat Focus foreign exchange partner

The new rules on pensions kick in next month, promising to give savers more freedom over what they do with their money. But what does it mean to you, what will change, and what do you need to do?

The way it is now

During the first few years of your retirement, you’d probably use the money that you’d saved during your working life to buy an annuity from an insurance company. While you’re currently able to take 25% of your pension in a tax-free lump sum, the rest of the money goes into that annuity whether you like it or not.   more ...

  Quality Of Life Is Biggest Reason To Leave UK, But Family Ties Make Us Stay

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by Simon Hilton, senior foreign exchange consultant at World First and official Expat Focus foreign exchange partner

Spring has sprung and we’ve had a taste of sunshine. But merely a ‘taste’ may not be enough – you may be tempted by something a little more, well, permanent.

Ask yourself this - what would make you want to pack your bags and go more than anything else? If you said a better a quality of life, you’re not alone.   more ...

  EU/Greek Deal Done, But More Heartache Ahead For Euro

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by Simon Hilton, senior foreign exchange consultant at World First and official Expat Focus foreign exchange partner

The big news in Europe in the last month is the deal done between the EU and Greece which has given the latter a four-month extension of its financial rescue package.

This will allow Greece time to negotiate and formulate a plan to deal with its ongoing debt burden in a manner that it feels is fairer than the current deal. But with time comes the opportunity to allow things to fester and rot, and reports from Greece that the Syriza party is fracturing over the terms of the four month extension are not to be overlooked.

Anyway, with all of this going on in the background, the euro’s woes have continued in the last month.   more ...


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Simon Hilton

Foreign Exchange

Simon is a senior foreign exchange currency broker specializing in serving the needs of the expatriate community. Solutions offered include a best exchange rate guarantee for currency transfers, same day payments, a free rate watch service and forward contracts aimed at managing clients' exposure to exchange rate fluctuations.

Tom Zachystal

Pensions and Investment

Tom is a Registered Investment Advisor, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Certified Financial Planner™ professional specializing in portfolio management and financial planning services for expatriates. He has over ten years expatriate portfolio management and financial planning experience and has clients on four continents in over a dozen countries.

Oliver Heslop

UK Taxation

Oliver is a highly experienced UK tax advisor specializing in helping UK expat high-earners (e.g. senior executives, project managers etc. working abroad but required to pay UK tax), foreign nationals paying tax in the UK and non-domiciles wishing to invest or bring money into the UK.

Marian Wellman

US Taxation

Marian has been an Enrolled Agent (Certified to Practice Before the IRS) since 1985 and is a member of the Tax Advisory Board and a Country Representative for American Citizens Abroad. She specializes in income tax services for US expatriates living in other countries and foreigners living in the US.

Sharon Hill

French Mortgages

Sharon has vast experience in the French property market and is committed to finding the most suitable mortgage for clients' circumstances from a panel of over 20 leading French mortgage lenders made up of reputable French banks with an established presence throughout France.

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At Bupa we have been helping individuals and families live longer, healthier, happier lives for over 60 years. We are trusted by expats in 190 different countries and have links with healthcare organisations throughout the world. So whether you're moving abroad for a change of career or a change of scene, with our international private health insurance you will always be in safe hands.


Cigna has worked in international health insurance for more than 30 years. Today, Cigna has over 71 million customer relationships around the world. Looking after them is an international workforce of 31,000 people, plus a network of over 1 million hospitals, physicians, clinics and health and wellness specialists worldwide, meaning you have easy access to treatment.

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