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Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 01 December 2016

Best country for expats looking for prosperity

The best country in the world for expats looking for prosperity is New Zealand.

The global prosperity index analysed 149 countries. The UK-based Legantum Institute promoted the country from fourth spot last year with the survey not just analysing incomes but other factors too, including employment opportunities and levels of education, personal freedom and the environment among others.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Top Tax Tips For Expats Abroad

No matter where expats decide to work or retire, they still have tax obligations but there are ways to mitigate these. While most of this article is aimed at US expats, there will be tips and ideas that every expat can learn from.

There are more than nine million American citizens living overseas and they are required by law to file an Internal Revenue Service income tax return.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 23 November 2016

InterNations releases expat world city rankings

A survey of expats around the world has placed Melbourne as the best city for opportunity and work-life balance.

Australia's second-largest city took top spot in the InterNations survey of expats, with 79% of expats living there rating their work-life balance positively.

They said there were lots of leisure activities available that helped push it to the top.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

The Financial Impact Leaving The US Will Have On Your Family Back Home

(c) budgetplaces on Flickr

(c) budgetplaces on Flickr

The recent trend of globalization has spurred Americans of all ages to explore the option of global mobility. The number of US citizens choosing to pursue their education and careers overseas or even get married and retire in foreign countries is growing every year.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 16 November 2016

Where can expats find the best salaries?

One of the main reasons for expats working overseas is to boost their income. The latest Salary Trends Survey has been published by ECA International.

Among their findings is that expats working in the UK will see the lowest salary increase in Europe in 2017 of around 0.3% down to the rise in inflation.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Round-Up 09 November 2016

Expats moving to the US work in IT or healthcare

A survey of expats who move to the US for work has found the largest proportion of them are from the UK.

The research by International AutoSource found that nearly 19% of expats are British, followed by those from the Philippines with 12%, while Brazil and Mexico account for 7%.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Shocking Expat Financial Scams - Don't Become A Victim

It’s a sad state of affairs that there are fraudsters hard at work to relieve hard-working people of their money but expats around the world are particularly vulnerable because they may trust someone they shouldn’t in their new country or because they have never come across a certain scam before.

Indeed, it’s important to learn about some of the most common scams since this knowledge will help bring some measure of protection. In this article, we’ll spell out many of them.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 03 November 2016

London is top for opportunities

Expats looking for the world's top city for opportunity should head to London, according to a new study.

Research from PwC reveals that the city is the best for opportunity and is well placed to withstand the rigours of life outside of the European Union.

The accountancy firm points to the city's international strengths, the ease of doing business and its quality of life for underlining its future success.    more ...

Financial > Expat Focus

Expat Focus

Expat Focus Financial Update 25 October 2016

Brexit sparks rush for overseas jobs

The number of British people looking for jobs overseas has spiked after the Brexit vote, says one jobs portal.

Indeed says it has analysed millions of searches from UK-based jobseekers and those looking for work in Ireland have rocketed by 20% in the 100 days after the referendum result.    more ...

Financial > FC Exchange

FC Exchange

Expat Top Tips For Transferring Currency Overseas

Will Hewitson, FC Exchange

Will Hewitson, FC Exchange

If you’re moving abroad on a secondment with an employer, to retire, or to seek a better work-life balance with your young family, the switch from UK resident to becoming an expat can feel daunting.

And even when you’re living overseas as an expat you will need to think about the ongoing need to make regular currency transactions. For most, the funds you transfer to buy your property are the first of many payments.    more ...