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Expat Articles


5 Things You Should Do When Living In Norway (And 1 You Definitely Shouldn't)

Posted on Monday October 27, 2014 (22:00:42)
Norway is among the most attractive places in the world. Some of Europe’s most spectacular sceneries can be found here and natural wonders are scattered throughout the land. Norway also has many beautiful cities ranging from quaint, peaceful towns to cosmopolitan hubs of art and culture. Here are 5 things that expats must do when living in Norway.

Norwegian Coastal Voyage

Hurtigruten or The Norwegian Coastal Voyage begins in Bergen and travels across the Arctic Circle to Kirkenes.   more ...

South Africa

10 Websites Expats Need To Visit Before Moving To South Africa

Posted on Monday October 27, 2014 (21:46:43)
Expats with slightly higher levels of education or unique skill sets are able to find many lucrative job opportunities in South Africa. They are able to live a high quality life here in close proximity to the country’s abundant natural beauty. The stunning coastline, mountains, plains, wildlife and diversity of flora and fauna make South Africa a true natural paradise. Culturally too, the country reflects a great deal of diversity.

Due to the regional differences, expats can choose where to settle depending on their requirements and lifestyle. South Africa recognizes eleven languages as official languages and expats often find it easy to adapt to the vibrant culture.   more ...

New Zealand

A Few Tips For Expats Driving In New Zealand

Posted on Monday October 27, 2014 (20:58:17)
It is easy to travel around in New Zealand due to its size. Within a few hours, you can make the journey from one city to another on either of the two main islands. But many roads have winding and uneven terrain that could pose a challenge for new drivers. Here are some driving tips for expats in New Zealand.


Expats who want to drive in New Zealand must have a current driver’s license. If the license is not in English, an approved translation or international driving permit is also necessary. This allows you to drive for up to 12 months from the date you arrive in the country.   more ...


A Short Expat Guide To Food And Drink In Sweden

Posted on Monday October 27, 2014 (20:52:04)
Swedish cuisine is laden with many regional differences. The northern region is known for its meat dishes, while the people of the south consume varieties of fresh vegetables. Traditional Swedish dishes are prepared through simple methods and use a lot of contrasting flavors. Food in Sweden is also inspired by several foreign influences over the years.


The smorgasbord has been a popular Swedish tradition every since the early 18th century. It is a collection of dishes that are supposed to be eaten in a special order on separate plates. Salmon dishes regularly feature in smorgasbords.   more ...


Using The Healthcare System In Panama - A Short Guide For Expats

Posted on Monday October 27, 2014 (20:43:32)
Panama’s healthcare system can vary greatly depending on which part of the country you live in. The system is not perfect, but most expats have had positive experiences. The better quality facilities and medical staff are mainly located in the capital of Panama City. However other areas are also seeing improvements.

Private healthcare

Expats will be happy to know that Panama City houses many technologically advanced private hospitals, many of which are associated with reputed facilities in the United States.   more ...


5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Bermuda

Posted on Tuesday October 21, 2014 (21:59:41)
Bermuda has a large expat population that benefits greatly from the booming business sector and high pay packages. This British Overseas Territory is also a place of scenic natural surroundings and provides a safe living environment to its residents. Bermuda’s culture and lifestyle has many similarities with countries like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. But relocating to a new destination often poses a few challenges. To help prepare you for the change, here are some things you should know before moving to Bermuda.   more ...


5 Great Restaurants For Expats In Monaco

Posted on Tuesday October 21, 2014 (21:38:44)
Monaco has a varied restaurant scene with establishments serving up cuisines from around the world. Being the wealthy destination that it is, many of the country’s eateries are Michelin-starred, sophisticated up-market hotspots. Here are 5 great restaurants in Monaco that expats must visit.

Le Louis XV

Top chef, Alain Ducasse, is the owner of Le Louis XV. This is a hugely popular restaurant at the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco known as much for its grand interiors as for its fine food. Le Louis XV holds three Michelin stars and has regularly featured in lists of the world’s best restaurants.   more ...

Costa Rica

5 Good Reasons You Should Move To Costa Rica (And 1 Reason You Shouldn't!)

Posted on Tuesday October 21, 2014 (21:28:59)
Costa Rica has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for expats and retirees. If you’re thinking about moving to this tropical paradise, here are 5 points that may help you decide.

Expat community

Relocating to a country where there is already an established expat community is a big advantage for expats. Costa Rica is one such place where an expat community has grown and developed over the years. These communities not only provide support and practical assistance to new expats, but are also involved in other activities like setting up schools, markets, health clubs and restaurants.   more ...


5 Foods You Must Try When Living In Turkey

Posted on Tuesday October 21, 2014 (21:17:45)
From aromatic home-cooked stews to spicy kebabs, Turkey’s culinary heritage is a blend of varied influences. The flavors that arose from the kitchens of the Ottoman court continue to inspire Turkish cooking today, as do the cooking methods and tastes of the many ethnic communities and cultures that have inhabited the land over the years. While there are many delectable delights in store for anyone who makes a culinary journey through the country, here are five typically Turkish dishes that you must try during your stay.

Hünkar Beğendi

This dish comprises of lamb stew served on a bed of puréed roasted eggplant.   more ...


5 Experiences You Must Try As An Expat In Qatar

Posted on Tuesday October 21, 2014 (21:07:38)
Every year, Qatar receives a large number of foreigners who move there for lucrative job opportunities, tax-free income and a high quality of life. Despite the fast-paced work life and extreme weather of this desert destination, there are a number of things that expats can do for recreation and leisure. Here are 5 must-try experiences in Qatar.

Dhow cruising

Dhows are traditional Qatari fishing boats that were originally used by merchants. Today these modest wooden sailing vessels have been transformed into comfortable boats equipped with most amenities and are used to take passengers on luxury cruises.   more ...

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