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Articles > Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech Republic - Recommended Social Media Accounts

Posted on Wednesday March 01, 2017 (09:39:21)
(c) emmanueldyan on Flickr
At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at the Czech Republic and some of the social media accounts you should be following if you’re thinking of moving there.   more ...

Articles > Belgium


Belgian Festivals To Keep You Busy In 2017

Posted on Wednesday March 01, 2017 (09:30:30)
(c) David Edgar on Wikipedia
Belgium is a little country that packs a lot of punch when it comes to the world of festivals and events. With an impressive array of options ranging from film to food, from music to the downright quirky (dragon slaying or a bathtub regatta, anyone?), there truly is something for everyone.

As well as having a good time, attending these kinds of events is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Belgian culture, get to know the character of different regions and explore new parts of the country.   more ...

Articles > Mexico


10 Great Places To Live In Mexico

Posted on Tuesday February 28, 2017 (09:07:04)
(c) David Stanley on Flickr
Many expats are increasingly considering Mexico as a destination, seeking a relaxed lifestyle in the sunshine. Some are seeking a break from modern life, looking for a sleepy village completely free of WiFi and hustle and bustle. Others are seeking to transplant their current lives into the Mexican landscape, living in an enclave of other expats and without learning a single word of Spanish.   more ...

Articles > Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Recommended Social Media Accounts

Posted on Tuesday February 28, 2017 (08:26:27)
(c) Trish Hartmann on Flickr
At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Costa Rica and some of the social media accounts you should be following if you’re thinking of moving there.   more ...

Articles > Health


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update 27 February 2017

Posted on Monday February 27, 2017 (11:53:50)
Terrorism insurance cover for expats

Expats and their employers looking for terrorism cover with their international private health insurance policy can now do so from Regency for Expats which is the only insurer offering the service currently.

The firm is tailoring its products to meet the changing nature of some expat overseas assignments where they are expected to undertake some travel in unsafe countries.   more ...

Articles > Health


Could Moving Abroad Be The Key To Improving Your Health?

Posted on Monday February 27, 2017 (10:37:39)
(c) Kate Janis on Flickr
A global health insurer conducted a study recently that showed that a large number of expats believe their overall health has improved since they moved abroad. There were 463 expats participating in the survey and 61 per cent said their physical health was better than it would have been if they had remained in their home country. 64 percent believed that their mental health got better after moving overseas. The study showed that more than half of the respondents’ primary reason for relocating was the search for a new adventure.   more ...

Articles > United States (USA)

United States (USA)

9 Ways To Save Money While Living In New York

Posted on Monday February 27, 2017 (10:27:44)
(c) quintanomedia on Flickr
There is always something to do in New York, and expats moving there will be spoilt for choice. From exotic restaurants that serve up a multitude of different cuisines, to traditional American diners. There are restaurants, bars, nightclubs and live concerts scattered across the city that never sleeps. New York is an ideal destination for those who want to remain rooted with their culture, considering that the city is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the United States.   more ...

Articles > General


10 Countries Americans Can Easily Relocate To

Posted on Monday February 27, 2017 (10:18:33)
More and more Americans these days are open to travelling overseas for work and are also actively looking at relocating. Starting over can sometimes seems like a herculean task and yet so many people seem to be doing it these days. So why do you think moving countries and starting over from scratch are now the norm? It could be that people are drawn to the idea of adventure or the opportunity to explore new avenues.   more ...

Articles > General


Expat News Round-Up February 2017

Posted on Friday February 24, 2017 (23:50:17)
(c) i naina_94 on Flickr
Happiest countries for expats

The countries where expats are happiest has been revealed, and the best locations are not necessarily where expats earn the most money.

The survey is the latest from the expats' networking organisation InterNations which asked more than 14,000 expats in 191 countries about their personal happiness in their current home countries.   more ...

Articles > Spain


Interview with Barry O'Leary

Posted on Friday February 24, 2017 (23:32:17)
Barry O'Leary
Barry, you're a British expat currently living in Spain. Tell us a bit about yourself and what prompted you to move abroad.

The main reason I came to Seville was to pick up Spanish, learn the guitar, and continue my teaching English career. I got a whole lot more than that though. I quickly met a Spanish lady (who was my student, she was 21 and I was 25) and she pinned me down and made me stay here. I tried to escape several times, but I guess love won in the end. We are married now with two kids. I speak pretty good Spanish, still teach English, but I realised that I just wasn’t cut out for the guitar.   more ...

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