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Renting Property

Belize - Renting Property

It is relatively easy to find a property to rent in Belize, particularly if you wish to live away from the more expensive tourist areas. There are estate agents in every town who have listings of property to rent. The average rent of a two bed home away from a city centre is around BZ$600, though it should be noted that prices do fluctuate. Prior to moving it is advisable to ask local estate agents to add you to their email newsletter lists, so that you can receive regular updates on the type of property that is available and keep an eye on potential costs.

Expats do not tend to live in their own communities, mainly due to the fact that Belize has a very European heritage and is an accepting, multi-cultural society. Newcomers are made to feel very welcome and should have no problem integrating if they make the effort to do so. The fact that Belize has English for an official language means that English speaking expats can settle very easily.

Tenancy agreements can be both short term and long term, though most will be for six months or a year. The agreements will list exactly what is included in the rent and detail any furniture which is included in the rental agreement. Tenants should expect to pay for all utility bills themselves, though if in an apartment block it may be that the landlord will pay any maintenance charges. As an expat you will find that utility companies will require a large deposit before utilities such as electricity and the telephone are connected.

Some apartment complexes will have some shared facilities, such as a laundry room, and if you are in a particularly affluent neighbourhood, you may be lucky enough to have a swimming pool or shared gym. Most rented homes will at least include the kitchen appliances, but unless you are renting in a wealthy part of town you should expect the accommodation to be functional rather than luxurious. It is usual for the tenant to be charged a deposit and a month's rent in advance.

It is fairly easy to find domestic help in Belize if you should require it. Hiring a cleaner or a gardener is usual in the more affluent areas, though you should always ensure that you double check any references that you are given. If in doubt use the services of an agency or seek a recommendation from friends.

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