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  5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has always been a popular expat destination. A major international financial center, this former British colony continues to see rapid industrialization, high growth rates and also continues to be an important cultural center. Here are 5 things you should know before moving to Hong Kong.

Cost of Living

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world in terms of cost of living. A 2013 global cost of living report of the Economist Intelligence Unit pegged Hong Kong as the 14th most expensive city in the world to live in, and the 4th most expensive in Asia. Healthcare comes at a high cost; but there is a good public healthcare system, although it may be slow.   more ...

  Expat Employment and The Hong Kong Job Market

Articles - Hong Kong

As a major financial hub of the world, Hong Kong employs thousands upon thousands of expat workers that relocate in search of work and a better quality of life. Enticed by the area’s low taxes, efficient and well-developed public transportation system and heavy use of English, expats from areas like the United States, Europe and Australia are finding Hong Kong an alluring option when moving. However, recent economic downturns and increasing numbers of qualified workers have made the job market extremely competitive. This said, expats can rest assured that Hong Kong still holds many job opportunities, should they be looking in the right places.

Employment Options for Expats in Hong Kong

Expats have a variety of industries that they can choose to enter into when searching for work in Hong Kong. High-earning positions can be secured within the accounting and finance sector, architecture, urban planning, banking, healthcare, life sciences and international law among others.   more ...

  The British Influence in Hong Kong: How Much Remains?

Articles - Hong Kong

As a product of 156 years of British colonial rule, Hong Kong has only been independent since 1st July 1997. In recent years, Hong Kong has undergone a sort of identity crisis, leaving some yearning for the days of British control. How much the city has changed is up to debate, as Brits and foreigners alike still feel a dominant Western presence throughout. Many expats already living in Hong Kong considered the change to be more of a formality than transformative occurrence. This may be the reason why many expats find Western comfort in this Asian city, as the British influence is woven throughout the entire society.   more ...

  Hong Kong Neighborhoods: Where Expats Should Live and Why

Articles - Hong Kong

Hong Kong lures expats from around the world in spite of its crowds and high cost of living. Like many cities around the world, each neighborhood in Hong Kong has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Hong Kong has retained much of its Western influence in some of these neighborhoods, offering comfort and a homely feeling to many expats who settle here.

While it is possible for expats to navigate through the process of Hong Kong real estate, local agents often have a hard time accommodating Western demands. Thus, there are many expat-specific agencies situated in Hong Kong to serve this specific purpose. Through whichever method they decide upon, expats looking for homes in Hong Kong can expect to choose from a number of neighborhoods that are either expat-friendly or house a large number of expats.   more ...

  Will the Hong Kong Healthcare System Be Adequate for My Expat Family?

Articles - Hong Kong

Medical standards and the health care system differ hugely from Hong Kong to the mainland of China, and are arguably far better. The outbreak of the SARS virus still haunts Hong Kong in terms of reputation, as over 250 people died in the city. However, having been free from the virus for over seven years, the health of the city is high; in fact it enjoys the second highest life expectancy in the world (at 86 years old for women and 80 years old for men).

Public healthcare

The set-up of healthcare in Hong Kong includes over 40 public hospitals and 74 primary care clinics serving Hong Kong's seven million people. Training and teaching is of a high quality and expats tend to choose to be treated at public hospitals rather than at private facilities. To access the public health care system in Hong Kong, expats need to obtain a local ID card to gain various benefits. The 74 clinics generally offer walk-in appointments, rather than having to book in advance and GPs are available here. This is a bonus for Hong Kong and often better than healthcare services in the US and even the UK.   more ...


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