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Education and Schools

Italy - Education and Schools

Families arranging their children's education in Italy can choose between the state system, international schools and homeschooling/home education.

We have compiled the following useful information:

- Italian state schools provide free education. Lessons are taught in Italian. School is compulsory for children aged 6 to 14, but current education reforms are raising this to 16
- To enrol a child at school, you will need their birth certificate, health records (details of illnesses and immunisations) and school reports from their previous school
- Very young children can attend nursery schools 'Scuola Materne' or kindergarten 'Asili Nido' - either public or private
- The education system comprises Scuola Elementare (primary, ages 6-10), Scuola Media (secondary, ages 11-13) and Scuola Superiore (high school, ages 14-18)

- At Scuola Superiore level, students have a wide choice of curriculum - sciences to fine arts, classical to modern languages, plus more career-oriented options
- Universities admit students who complete a 5 year course at Scuola Superiore and pass the 'Maturita' state exam
- International schools remain popular with expatriate families, particularly those who have relocated for work and plan to return home. Lessons are mainly taught in English, following the American/British curriculum, so there is consistency for children, should they move back home
- To find international schools in your chosen region, try the yellow pages www.paginegialle.it

*** submitted by Sarah Fonto:

Homeschooling in Italy:
I just got my OK from the minister of education after a nine week process, despite being told for two years that it was illegal by expats, Italians and officials alike. For those of us who do not live near or cannot afford an international school it is a real option where the state of the public education system is causing friction and impacting quality of life.

I have written a post on my blog http://homeschoolinitaly.blogspot.com/ if you would like to see details of the process and am happy to answer further questions.

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