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Mexico - Modern cities set among vast expanses of some of the world's most breath-taking scenery. Add friendly and tolerant people, plus a wealth of outdoor activities to experience, and you can see why Mexico ranks so highly in quality of living surveys.

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Ted Campbell
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  Mexico - Too Dangerous Or An Expat Paradise?

Articles - Mexico

For many, moving to Mexico can seem intimidating. But despite new reports about drug-related crime and drug cartels at war with each other, there are those who still choose to live there for the purposes of either work or retirement. Living in Mexico does have its advantages, such as a lower cost of living; however, one should certainly not ignore the matter of security. It is also important to realize that while there are dangers in some regions, such as the border towns, the entire country cannot be deemed to be unsafe.

The US State Department states that each year millions of US citizens safely visit Mexico for tourism, business or study, and this is in addition to about one million US citizens already residing in the country.   more ...

  Mexican Bus Music

Articles - Mexico

by Doug Bower

I've observed that Mexican music falls into two classes. One is very, very good; the other is so horrible that it could quite possibly induce a nervous breakdown or at least a brain tumor after forced, prolonged exposure. Listening to too much of the latter could be hazardous to your health.

The orchestra here in Guanajuato is one of the finest I've ever heard, and I listen with a critical ear. I was a music major at the university many decades ago. I majored in voice performance and music theory.

I've often been moved to tears of joyous rapture listening to some of the finest vocalists and instrumentalists ~ all Mexicans. But the most exciting thing is to see how many locals show up at the concerts. The symphony is big here. I love that.   more ...

  Mexican Living Survival Tip # 2 - The Language Barrier

Articles - Mexico

by Doug Bower

Let me begin this next column in the series with a generalized statement:

The Spanish you learn in a classroom in the United States, Mexico, or in your own study from some impossibly expensive Spanish language tapes WILL NOT be the Spanish you hear in the streets of Mexico!

I do not care who will try to convince you otherwise! I do not care who may convince you that this method or that method will give you fluency if only you would dish out the bucks to take it. What you learn in a classroom will not be the Spanish you hear on the streets in Mexico.   more ...

  Mexican Street Walking

Articles - Mexico

by Doug Bower

I cannot say whether walking the streets of all Mexican cities is the same. However, I can say to walk the streets of Guanajuato, my adopted town, one immediately becomes aware of two items. One, the reason the Spanish pitched fits trying to plan the layout of this town and two, why Guanajuanteses (citizens of Guanajuato) walk fast but get nowhere on time.

The Spanish, being the good, anal-retentive Europeans we've all grown to know and love, were accustomed to building their cities in grid-like patterns. You know what I mean. Most of America, having inherited this same anal retentiveness from our European ancestors, is built on the same plan. To make it easier to find addresses (I suppose), cities are built in a grid. One finds the numbered streets going one way and the named streets crossing them.   more ...

  Mexican Living Survival Tip # 1 - Water

Articles - Mexico

by Doug Bower

A typical day in the life of an American expat living in Mexico will include trying to find drinking water. You might be surprised by this but everyone knows that you cannot 'drink the water in Mexico'. This refers to the fact that you cannot drink the tap water in Mexico. Probably every American adult already knows that you cannot drink the tap water. But does the typical American adult know just how one obtains drinking water in Mexico?

In a word: bottles!

The day in and day out routine in Mexico to obtain the liquid of life, that which is absolutely essential for survival, is that you must have bottled water. To meet this need, two companies where I live, Guanajuato, have sprung into being. To say that they are in competition with one another for customers, competition as Americans would define competition, would be a misnomer. That is to say, I think so.   more ...


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