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Mexico - Modern cities set among vast expanses of some of the world's most breath-taking scenery. Add friendly and tolerant people, plus a wealth of outdoor activities to experience, and you can see why Mexico ranks so highly in quality of living surveys.

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  Why Moving To Mexico Will (Probably) Make You Happier

Articles - Mexico

The Better Life Index report released by the OECD rated 36 countries on areas such as income, education and health. They were also ranked on work to life balance and overall life satisfaction. Mexico scored rather low on many of these criteria, but still had among the highest scores when it came to life satisfaction. It was just a few paces behind wealthy nations like Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark.

Almost 85 percent of Mexicans reported having more positive experiences than negatives one on any given day.   more ...

  Moving To Mexico? Read Our Expat Guide To Travelling On Public Transport

Articles - Mexico

Mexico is a large country, yet it is easy to get around because of its many modes of public transport. Here is our expat guide to travelling on Mexico’s public transport system.

By Metro

Major cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey have their own metro systems. The Mexico City Metro system (Sistema de Transporte Colectivo or STC) serves about 1.609 billion passengers and covers the metropolitan area. This is the second largest metro system in North America, the New York metro being the first.   more ...

  A Short Expat Guide To Food And Drink In Mexico

Articles - Mexico

Food is an essential aspect of Mexican culture and identity, as it plays a major role in everyday life, social occasions, business events and all celebrations. The cuisine in this country is a fusion of Mesoamerican cooking with Spanish elements.

Because of the variance in geography, climate and ethnicity, food in Mexico may vary from one region to another. For example, beef preparations are more likely to be served in the northern part of Mexico, while the southeastern part of the country is known for chicken-based dishes. Similarly, states along the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean are famous for their fish preparations.   more ...

  5 Foods You Must Try When Living In Mexico

Articles - Mexico

Food is an integral part of Mexican culture. Mexican cuisine bears several influences from other countries over the years and even today it retains its unique cultural characteristics, while steadily adapting to and exploring innovations in cooking methods and flavors. The restaurants and street stalls in Mexico are storehouses of delicious and exciting dishes and here are five such foods you don’t want to miss out on.


Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican food and consist of lightly fried corn tortillas triangles, topped with salsa or mole, which are simmered until they soften.   more ...

  5 Things You Should Do When Living In Mexico (And 1 You Definitely Shouldn't)

Articles - Mexico

Mexico has some of the most remarkable sites in the world ranging from ancient pyramids to spectacular waterfalls. In a country as rich and diverse as this, there is a multitude of things to do and experiences to have. Here is a list of things you should not miss out when living in Mexico.

Visit the Museo Nacional de Antropología

The most visited museum in Mexico and often the reason why many visit the country in the first place, the Museo Nacional de Antropología is located in Chapultepec Park. It is among the world’s great museums and houses an extensive collection of exhibits, from the giant stone heads of the Olmec civilization to the treasures recovered from the ancient Mayan civilization.   more ...


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