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Singapore - Bright, clean and modern, Singapore offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere in a tropical climate. Shopping and eating are constant temptations in the gleaming city, but off the beaten track you will discover kampong life and incredible natural beauty.

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  An Overview Of International Schools in Singapore

Articles - Singapore

Singapore is a thriving expat destination, and as such has many reputed international schools in different locations, offering a variety of curricula.

The public school system in Singapore also provides high quality education, but expat parents often choose international schools over public schools, so that their children can follow an international curriculum.   more ...

  A Short Expat Guide To Buying A House In Singapore

Articles - Singapore

Since the year 1973, the Singaporean Government has restricted the ownership of residential property in the country by foreigners. Ownership of houses is governed by the Residential Property Act. This Act is mainly aimed at giving the locals a stake in their country by being able to buy and possess their own houses. At the same time, it also encourages foreigners who make an economic contribution to the country to purchase property for their own occupation.

Investing in the Singaporean real estate industry can be quite complex, especially for a foreigner. Given below are the steps that need to be followed to purchase a house in Singapore:   more ...

  5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Singapore

Articles - Singapore

Singapore is ranked as the second-best expat destination in the world, with Switzerland being the best. This is not surprising, as Singapore provides expats with financial stability, high chances for career progression, and an excellent quality of life. Life in Singapore is sure to be an fun, rewarding adventure, but in order to help you adjust to your new environment, here are five things you should know before you make your move:

1. Weather

Most expats are warned about the culture shock they will face when moving to a new country, and are prepared for it, but there is often nothing that can truly prepare you for the extreme change in climate. British and American expats who are used to a continental or temperate climate find it tough to adjust to the heat and humidity of a tropical climate.   more ...

  Learning To Communicate With The Locals in Singapore - Some Tips For Expats

Articles - Singapore

Singapore is the second most popular destination (after Switzerland) for expats, according to a survey conducted by HSBC. This is largely due to the concerted efforts of the Singaporean government to attract expats. The country’s infrastructure is considered to be among the best in the world. The well maintained roads, impressive internet speed, transparent (if rigid) government, and the prevalence of English make it an ideal destination for expats. About a quarter of the people in the country are expats, so Singaporeans are very comfortable with diversity and are welcoming to foreigners. However, although communicating with fellow expats may not be an issue, it is natural that you would face a few communication problems when dealing with the locals.   more ...

  5 Foods You Must Try When Living In Singapore

Articles - Singapore

Southeast Asians – and Singaporeans in particular – take their food very seriously, and any business that caters to the taste buds probably has a higher chance of success in the region as compared to most others! Someone’s always looking for a good place to eat, and cheap roadside joints and hawkers never go out of business. The city is paradise for foodies, and in terms of cuisine it is truly a melting pot of nationalities, cultures and ethnicities. If you really want to get a taste of the region though, it would be best to stick to the Southeast Asian fares.   more ...


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