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Switzerland - An independent spirit has served Switzerland well. This jewel of a country has a healthy economy and a healthy lifestyle. Clean, safe and modern, Switzerland also has breathtaking mountain scenery and spectacular shining lakes.

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  A Short Guide To Expat Finance In Switzerland
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  A Short Guide To Expat Finance In Switzerland

Articles - Switzerland

Switzerland is a very popular country with expats from around the world who aren't just looking for job opportunities and a low tax regime, but who are also wanting to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

It would therefore be helpful to give someone thinking of moving to Switzerland an idea of the tax rate they are likely to pay on their income but, unfortunately, the tax system in Switzerland is a complex one.   more ...

  Ten Swiss Foods Expats Need To Try

Articles - Switzerland

Some countries are famous for their cuisine: the spicy servings of India, the delicate dishes of France and the hearty fare of the UK. But Switzerland has more of a reputation for cuckoo clocks and yodelling than for its food.

The alpine nation is seen as a bastion of efficient financial services and a haven for snow-loving adrenaline junkies. Sat in the heart of the European continent, Switzerland shares borders, traditions and recipes with its neighbours.   more ...

  Ten Swiss Winter Activities That Aren't Skiing

Articles - Switzerland

Mention the words “Switzerland” and “winter” in the same sentence, and there’s a high chance that almost anyone you’re talking to will immediately think of skiing on snow-covered Swiss mountains. Outsiders tend to imagine the whole of Switzerland as a snowy wonderland all through the winter, even though a considerable part of the country enjoys a moderate climate, and the southern tip can be described as nearly Mediterranean.   more ...

  Interview With Stephen Baird, Headteacher, Geneva English School

Articles - Switzerland

Stephen, you're Headmaster at the Geneva English School. Tell us a bit about your role - what does your day-to-day routine look like?

There is a lot of routine to the role of Headmaster but plenty that isn’t. For instance, we have a dressing-up celebration today for a local Geneva annual celebration and this year our theme is ‘pyjama day’. So, I am dressed as a giant banana in blue and white striped pyjamas!   more ...

  Things To Consider As An Expat Moving To Switzerland

Articles - Switzerland

Switzerland often tops the list of the best places in the world for expats to live in because of its high standard of living, low crime rate, booming economy, modern infrastructure, scenic beauty and natural resources. However, life in this country isn’t ideal for everyone. There are a few aspects that a foreigner should carefully consider before making the decision to move to this Alpine State.

Learning the languages

There are 4 national languages in Switzerland and English isn’t one of them. More than 65% of the Swiss speak German, and the type of German differs from the language you would hear in Germany itself.   more ...


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