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Currency and Cost of Living

Turkey - Currency and Cost of Living

The Turkish government is phasing in new (YTL) banknotes and coins to replace the old (TL) currency in circulation effective January 2005. The new notes will be similar in appearance to the previously issued notes with the exception that the last six zeros on all notes will be eliminated. In other words, an old TL 1 million Lira note will become the new YTL 1 Lira note in 2005. In addition, two new banknotes will be introduced, the YTL 50 Lira note and the YTL 100 Lira note. Older coins and notes will stay in circulation until the end of 2005.

The following is a very rough idea of the cost of living in Marmaris excerpted from aboutmarmaris.com. The prices below are estimated with the exchange rate at 2.000.000 TL to GBP1 which was the average exchange rate at the time of publication, but please note, the Lira can vary daily. Check with a currency converter for up to date rates.

All prices are approximate and rounded up or down.

Kilo of tomatoes/most veg0.250.350.37
Loaf of bread0.150.250.30
Half kilo of butter0 .601.601.40
Kilo of cheese1.203.503.70
10 Eggs0.500.650.67
Litre of Milk0.400.600.62
Kilo of meat2.504.004.00
Cafe Meal (from)1.502.192.30
Packet of Cigarettes0.761.121.19
Restaurant Meal (from)5.007.307.77
Vodka/whiskey/gin etc 1.001.461.55
Bottle of wine5.008.007.00
Soft drinks0.500.730.77

* Telephone calls to other countries are very expensive

To view images of the new Turkish currency visit this site:

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