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United Kingdom - A diverse land, the United Kingdom combines the cultural treasures of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales with England's charm. Experience London, enjoy thatched cottages and village pubs, or explore wild Celtic landscapes.

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  Ten Classic British Traditions All Expats Should Experience
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  Is Now The Time For British Expats To Buy UK Property?
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  An Expat Guide To Making Friends In The UK

Articles - United Kingdom (UK)

If you are moving to the United Kingdom (UK) in the near future, congratulations! You’re on the move to a great place. Whilst you may be excited about your new adventures ahead, there are many emotions that come with moving. Understandably you are leaving your friends, family, home and memories behind. Luckily, there is social media nowadays to keep in touch with all those familiar faces, but moving abroad can feel lonely at first.   more ...

  A Guide To The Cost Of Living In London

Articles - United Kingdom (UK)

People often call London a mini New York. It is the British version of the city of dreams and it truly does make those big dreams become a reality. This is one of the reasons many Londoners love this wonderful, diverse and fresh city. If anything new or innovative is going to happen, London is going to be the first place to do it. Whilst many people reside here permanently, London also sees millions of tourists each year, all of whom want to experience a piece of the British lifestyle.   more ...

  Ten Classic British Traditions All Expats Should Experience

Articles - United Kingdom (UK)

Where to begin with an offering of the ten classic British traditions all expats should experience?

1. The pub

Let's start in the pub - the best times often do. Expats who have just moved to the UK may be surprised at how popular the pub is to their British colleagues but it's a good place to socialise and make new friends.   more ...

  Report: UK Citizenship System Reform After Brexit

Articles - United Kingdom (UK)

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says that reform of the UK's citizenship system will help prevent harm to the economy.

The Home Office has revealed a 14% increase in the past 12 months in the number of EU nationals applying for British citizenship - which, the IPPR says, illustrates the level of uncertainty the Brexit result is causing.   more ...

  Is Now The Time For British Expats To Buy UK Property?

Articles - United Kingdom (UK)

One of the reasons why many people are currently thinking of investing in UK property is that the pound is trading at historic lows against most of the world's leading currencies, which makes property in the UK much cheaper for foreigners and expats to buy.   more ...


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