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Inconsiderate Dog Owners

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Portugal.
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Inconsiderate Dog Owners

Post Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:04 am

I have been reading this forum for sometime and have finally been prompted to join to air my frustrations regarding dogs on beaches and the owners total disrespect for other people.

Am I alone?

Today, I went to the beach and low and behold as always several dogs on the beach DESPITE signs stating NO DOGS…do these owners think the sign does not apply to them and their prized pooch, I ask myself? These dogs roam around poohing and weeing on the soft golden sand their presents awaiting some unsuspecting child to share the same “spot” of soiled sand as they play.

The final straw came today when I sit there minding my own business and low and behold another dog owner arrives the dog heads straight to a families towels and picnic bag and cocks its leg spraying and contaminating the unattended “camp” with urine!! Is this fair??

I chased after the dog and berated the English owner who just shrugged their shoulders and carried on. I was absolutely fuming as the unsuspecting family whose possessions the dog had urinated on had a young child

Who can I report this to as I followed the person back to the car and took their registration details?

If there is no consequence why display signs??. Owners should be responsible for their pets actions…if they were parents they would be or are DOGS held above humans??

Who else has witnessed this total lack of respect?

I look forward to your coments


Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: Inconsiderate Dog Owners

Post Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:52 am

Hi Sunbeam365,
I share your frustration.
I am a dog owner and ALWAYS clean up after him. Around the area that I live I have 'encouraged' other dog owners to do likewise and it has worked (to a degree).
It really annoys me when there are those that should know better but don't do the same.
I also enjoy taking the mutt to the beach, although not during the summer season. Firstly, it's too hot and secondly it is simply not fair on the majority of other beach users (again, even though I clear up......). Yes, there are signs that say NO DOGS but I have never seen them enforced.
Notwithstanding strays, it does seem to me that 'Estrangeiros' are the biggest offenders..... Let's face it, all the Portuguese owned dogs are chained up in yards or on balconies!


Don't take life too seriously, at the end of it you don't come out alive.


Frequent Poster
Frequent Poster
Re: Inconsiderate Dog Owners

Post Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:31 pm

Welcome sunbeam, and an interesting post to kickstart your membership Laughing

I agree with you though I am sure there are alot of dog owners out there who dont. I wish there were lots more owners like the HOG who take a responsible approach and "scoop their dogs poop"

Living near Monte Clerigo I have an endless list of incidents but the 2 that really stick out in my mind are.

Last week we went down the beach for a picnic early evening. We sat amongst the rocks but when we had layed out our picnic a dog came over, which we shooed away, only for it to deposit the most giant turdy right in front of us then proceeded to spray the rocks. This owner wants reporting, but to who??

On Christmas day morning we all meet on the beach for champagne and nibbles, its great everyone gets together but spoilt by the presence of lots of Dogs, which run amock. Last year a dog came over to our picnic hamper and lifted its leg...and weed all over our mat, hamper and my friends clothes who was swimming in the sea. I shouted at the dog and kicked sand at it to shoo it away. Its owner was most indignant Evil or Very Mad
When I challenged her, she offered to PAY. You cant put a value on moments spent with friends spoilt by an unruly dog Rolling Eyes Other freinds morning was also spoilt as they like me returned home with dogs urine all over their stuff.
and they are the ones we know about, how many more

What can be done about this? there are beaches that are desserted that people can take their dogs too why dont they?

Thanks for your post sunbeam
Piglet Laughing


Forum Legend
Forum Legend
Re: Inconsiderate Dog Owners

Post Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:08 pm

Still about dogs- but this info is to do with BARKING!

The barking of an animal is production of noise designated as neighbour
noise (ruido de vizinhança).

It is NOT allowed for the dog or any other animal to make noises after 23 pm
till 7 am.

This is a simple contravention punished by law with a fine. The fines are
applicable by the Council only (Regulamento Geral do Ruido).

The police may command the owner of the animal to stop the noise between
11pm and 7 am. The police may also fix a period of time for the owner to
cease the noise production.

John B-P


Forum Pro
Forum Pro
Re: Inconsiderate Dog Owners

Post Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:12 pm

Wow Bergy...thanks for that info

With having to have the windows open at night because of the heat...there is one DOG that is sending me literally BARKING MAD. It just barks and barks incessently. Twisted Evil
If I cant sleep through it how do the owners Wink


Forum Legend
Forum Legend
Re: Inconsiderate Dog Owners

Post Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:43 pm

My cousins little 3 year old got attcked by a dog on the beach , they where sitting enjoying having a picnic when the dog came bounding over , grabbed the little toddler by the back of the head and dragged him across the sand, the quick reaction from my cousin and family resulted in them getting the dog off, the 28 year old lady dog owner was mortified at what had happened and was so upset, the little lad was rushed to hospital where he had to have a skin graft to the back of his scalp, i saw the little lad 2 years ago and i am pleased to say he is happy and well be it with a large scar graft to the back of his scalp.

Swansea Magistrates court said that the dog owner did -NOT- have to have the dog put down and following a letter from the owners vet stating that the dog did not have an agressive nature and it was well looked after and the owner was a very responsble person, the dog owner also had refrences from various people in the community saying what a decent person she was and that she really loved the dog and promised to always keep the dog on a lead in future

result = the little lad now seven is scarred for life,

the owner and dog are doing fine and still enjoying walkies

my opinion = numb


Frequent Poster
Frequent Poster
Re: Inconsiderate Dog Owners

Post Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:45 pm

Hello all...glad to hear I am not alone and strongbow I think I would have shot that dog myself if it had been my child. If it had been an adult it would have least have served time for attempted murder. Has that woman no shame, but then it does not surprise me. Rolling Eyes

Alot of Dog owners put their animals on a pedestal and indulge them like spoilt children. However, perhaps that woman should have been locked up
its not surprising you feel numb.

I have noticed in Portugal there is always some abandoned puppy, stray dog or cats looking for a home with begging posts/emails. How many dogs and cats do we need for goodness sake and the rest of us have to suffer Shocked

Should there be a cull of strays and animals left to wander the streets at will?



Regular Poster
Regular Poster
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