Expat Focus Guide to Moving Abroad

Immediate e-book download
Covers all the main issues to consider
Includes a checklist of 200+ items
Suitable for moving to any country
Expert tips and info revealed
Expat Focus Guide to Moving Abroad
Drawing on over ten years of experience listening to the problems most commonly encountered by expats moving abroad and discussing solutions with industry experts, The Expat Focus Guide to Moving Abroad is an easily downloadable e-book which:

- addresses, in plain English, ALL the main issues which anyone moving abroad MUST consider

- contains a DETAILED and COMPREHENSIVE checklist of over 200 items which should be acted upon before, during and after the move

- is an invaluable resource for ANYONE moving to ANY COUNTRY

Start planning your relocation properly today with The Expat Focus Guide to Moving Abroad.

Learn about the following before you move
Expat Essentials Expat Essentials

Should you stay or should you go?

Visas and Immigration Visas and Immigration

Visas, residency permits and citizenship

Moving Your Belongings Abroad Moving Your Belongings Abroad

Get there safely...with your belongings

Property Abroad Property Abroad

Your dream home abroad...or an expensive nightmare?

Expat Employment Expat Employment

Are you ready to work abroad?

Expat Health Expat Health

How to get the best health insurance coverage

Cost of Living Cost of Living

Beware of high prices and unexpected expenses

Expat Credit and Debt Expat Credit and Debt

Strategies for dealing with credit ratings and debt management

Foreign Exchange Currency Transfers Foreign Exchange Currency Transfers

Foreign exchange rates: your bank or a currency broker - which is best?

Expat Overseas Banking Expat Overseas Banking

A range of options to consider - Existing, local and offshore bank accounts

Expat Tax Expat Tax

Expat taxation can be complicated - know the basics

Wills and Inheritance Wills and Inheritance

Have you put your affairs in order?

Retirement and Pensions Retirement and Pensions

Early planning is key to a successful retirement

Risk and Safety Risk and Safety

Manage the risks with proper planning

Language Abroad Language Abroad

Learning the local language is always worth the effort

Education and Schools Education and Schools

Learn about local and international schools

Third Culture Kids Third Culture Kids

The impact of global mobility on third culture kids

Pets Abroad Pets Abroad

Those other members of the family! Some things to consider before they travel

Arrival Abroad Arrival Abroad

Know what to do when you get there

Culture Shock Culture Shock

How to deal with the stress of expat life

Expat Women Abroad Expat Women Abroad

Tips for women living abroad

Television Abroad Television Abroad

Explore new frontiers in entertainment...

Expat Checklists Expat Checklists

Start planning today with our comprehensive checklists

Useful Resources Useful Resources

Useful websites for expats

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