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How to get married in Turkey if one is over 60 and English

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Turkey.

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How to get married in Turkey if one is over 60 and English

Post Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:34 pm

1. First be aware that you will have to pass a sanity test at a government psychiatric hospital. Unless you pass the test you are not permitted to get married. This test must be carried out on the day of your wedding, as the report is only valid for 24 hours.
Note. This test cannot be carried out on a Saturday or Sunday.

2. You must also have an aids and tuberculous test. This is compulsory and must be carried out at a Devlat (government) hospital. This costs approx 130TL, which is paid before the tests are carried out.

3. Once you have obtained satisfactory results, you must take them to a Belidye office to be signed and stamped. You then take the papers to the marriage (registry) office and along with 300TL per person hand them in. This is the start of the process that involves quite a bit of travelling to the various offices and hospitals, to obtain the necessary permissions.

4. You must go to a British Consulate to have the wedding banns posted, this takes 3 weeks and costs £65. For this you require your passport and your full birth certificate. If divorced a copy of your divorce. If a widow or widower, a copy of your partners death certificate.

5. After the 3 weeks collect a paper from the consulate, which states you are free to marry. The cost for this is £65. This paper, which you will receive translated into Turkish, must be taken to the Vali, (Govenor) of the city you intend being married in to be signed and stamped.

6. You then take this paper to the marriage office, where on receipt you can then book your wedding date.

7. On the day of your wedding you must pass the sanity test, which costs 90TL. The doctors report must then be taken to the marriage office to be signed and stamped by the manager.

8. At the wedding ceremony, unless you speak Turkish, you must have an official translator present. You also require two witnesses.

9. After receiving your marriage book if you require your marriage confirmed in England, take it to the Consulate to have them send a copy of it to England. This costs £35.


Re: How to get married in Turkey.........

Post Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:48 pm

The above applies to all foreign nationals over 60 years of age wishing to marry in TR and many of the rules apply to younger foreign people as well as couples of Turkish nationality anyway.

Conditions for a valid marriage

Capacity to marry: Only those persons who have sufficient mental capacity to make fair judgments are allowed to marry. Mental illness is, therefore, a bar to marriage. In addition, a person must have reached the minimum age of 18 to marry.
Absence of consanguinity: Marriage between close relatives is prohibited.
Already existing marriage: Monogamy is one of the essential principles of Turkish family law. A second marriage can not be entered into before the first one is terminated.
Waiting period: Married women whose marriage has been dissolved cannot marry before the expiration of three hundred days (nine months) from the date of dissolution. The divorce decree may also state a waiting period within which the spouse may not remarry.
Sickness: Certain sicknesses, such as epilepsy, hysteria etc, constitute a bar to marriage.

(thank you Burak Sansal bey)

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