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good books for planing moving to thailand

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Thailand.

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good books for planing moving to thailand

Post Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2005 6:34 pm

hi there,

does anybody knows good (and i mean good Smile ...) books for planing moving to thailand ? i´m interesting in qualified and serious informations about general things, living costs, getting work permit, ...

any comments are welcome




Re: good books for planing moving to thailand

Post Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2005 7:16 pm

Hi Bigboss!

A warm welcome to Expat Focus and our forums, good to hear from you.

About good books on Thailand...when I had a quick look, all the books that I found were more like travel guides for holidaymakers, which is obviously not what you want. If you haven't already, take a look at our expat country guide to Thailand:

It has a lot of info on a variety of subjects, but let's also hope that other site members in Thailand can recommend a book or give you some of the specifics you need.

Good luck, hope you will stay in touch,



Jo James
Expat Focus


Expat Focus Administrator
Re: good books for planing moving to thailand

Post Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 10:59 am

Hi BigBoss:

There are a number of different sources where one can obatin the information you need. To be frank, the Thai government now has exceptional English language information available on its various websites.

For example, if you want to know all about Thai tax law, you merely need to checkout the Thai revenue department website]. Likewise, if investing in Thailand is your thing, checkout the Board of Investment website []. Visa issus? look at the Ministry of foreign affairs website []

If you are looking for independent advice on Thailand, then most diplomatic missions in Thailand have a page on coming to live and do business in Thailand. In particular, the Candian embassy website is good.

Finally, if you are looking for book publications, then Asia Books (one of the main retailers in Thailand) has a website;subcat=

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask me directly.

SM Wink


Re: good books for planing moving to thailand

Post Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2005 10:21 am

Sawasdee ka..(Greeting in Thai way) Most of the expats in Thailand prefer "Bangkok Guide" book. This book complied by Australian-New Zealand Women's Group in Bangkok. New edition 2005-2006 will be released around Sept. You still can find previous edition 2004-2005 at Asia Book store. Price approx 750 Baht. Enjoy your move to Thailand!


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Re: good books for planing moving to thailand

Post Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 1:10 am

- bigboss

books for planing moving to thailand ? i´m interesting in qualified and serious informations about general things, living costs, getting work permit

Excellent question. Here are some sources which I've found valuable:

Successful Living in Thailand, Welty, Roger
Asia Books Company, Ltd., Bangkok, 2004
ISBN 974-8303-84-5

A bit about everything and fairly current. Topics include: finding a place to live, food, doctors, bugs and other tropical creatures, culture shock, working with Thais and on and on. This book would make a good starting point.

Dos & Dont's in Thailand, 3rd edition, Yee, Kenny & Gordon, Catherine
Booknet Co., Ltd., Bangkok, 1999
ISBN 974-89009-8-3

Thailand is not merely a different country, it is a different world. On the surface you see offices and apartments, airplanes and cars, telephones and TVs. So you think things here are almost like home. But, unseen, there is a huge hidden dimension of different culture, values and expectations. This book explains the most important differences, and gives clear, specific advice for the foreigner who is just getting acquainted with Thailand.

Reflections on Thai Culture, 5th edition, Klausner, William J.
The Siam Society, Bangkok, 2000
ISBN: 974-8298-49-3

This is a second book to help prepare you for the culture shock. And it will be a large shock. This book's perspective is the peasant traditions of the rural Northeast, the Isaan region of Thailand. Why would any expat care about the old traditions of poor villages far away from the big city? There is a very important reason: almost all the people you -- the expat here -- will have contact with in your daily life will come from the Isaan region, and will have these values and behavior deeply ingrained. These people will be your maid and your waitress, your taxi driver and your massage girl, your apartment manager and the security guards. You will be dealing with such folks in dozens of ways every day here. They understand very little about the world from which you come. Good idea for you to learn something about their world.

Thailand Fever, Pirazzi, Chris & Vasant, Vitida
Paiboon Poomsan Publishing, Bangkok, 2004
ISBN: 1-887521-48-8

I'll make it simple: Every man coming to Thailand -- for a week or the rest of his life -- must read this book. It is the best comparison and explanation of Western men and Thai women. Reading this book is "advanced infantry training" for your mind. It will explain how Thai women will approach you, how they will persue you, what they will expect, and how they will respond if they don't get what they think they ought to get from a Western man. It's all in here.

And there's another valuable dimension to this book: The pages alternate English language and Thai language. So you can read the English, while your Thai girl friend reads the Thai. When she does, if she can read (many you will meet can not read their own language), she may suddenly leave you. The reason -- as explained in this book -- is you "know too much".

Finally, the very best for last. A web site, not a book. A huge web site, with over a 1,000 pages of comments from men who have been here or are here. Many of the comments and stories are rational, sensible, worth the time to read. But many are incoherent ramblings of drunken louts and boastful losers, or drug-induced fantasies of those who have lost touch with reality. Make your own judgements, but do read. New postings are added every few days. The webmaster posts a "blog" every Sunday night. Once you start reading this site, you may find it difficult to stop.


I live in Bangkok. If you have questions about long-term living here, you are welcome to contact me via PM (private message) or by email from my profile page on this forum.

-- Peter


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