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Reference Turkish Residence Permits/Visas

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Turkey.

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Reference Turkish Residence Permits/Visas

Post Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:35 pm

For those who have to apply for a new, or extension of an existing Turkish Residence Permit, I wish you good luck. As from May 2018, new regulations have come into force. As there are several types of visas available, individuals should check out As for myself; I found that to comply with these regulations, I required the patience of Job, to say nothing of the expense in obtaining them. You are now required to get a health certificate, received from a Saglik Hospital, (Government), not a private one. To save unnecessary time, it is best you book an appointment at the hospital where you will have the tests. Be warned; this process can take several days and involves five various tests. These include a blood test, for Aids, Tuberculosis etc. You also have to have an eye test, an EKG, an Infection test, and see an Interior Doctor. Unlike most medical tests, do not have the blood test before seeing the Interior doctor. If you do, you are liable to have to undertake another two blood tests. Apart from all these tests, believe it or not, you will be asked to answer 566 questions for a psychological examination. These are answered by ticking yes or no on a separate sheet of paper supplied along with the sheets of questions. You are liable to be asked to respond to some of these questions by the psychological doctor. Without a doubt, these tests are both frustrating and expensive, to say the least. For first time applicants of a residence permit, the cost is 900TL, and 300 TL for renewal/extension applicants. Unless you can speak and understand good Turkish, you will require the services of someone who does.

Apart from the health-check, you need to obtain a Turkish Criminal (police report) plus a Police Certificate (Criminal Report) from England (or your home country) For English; you can apply online via The cost is £48. If you require the certificate sent back to you by courier, it will cost another £45. On top of this, the document is liable to need to be Apostilled. If you are outside of Turkey, you have to send the certificate back to London. It then costs another £39 to have it couriered back to you. As you can see, the costs of obtaining a residence permit have considerably risen from the previous year.
You also require a bank statement for the past six months. This is to determine that you have an income coming in from outside the country, and your monthly expenditure in Turkey. Unlike some people have done in the past, it means that you can no longer suddenly have a lump sum of money in your bank account when you apply for residency.

In my opinion, for some reason or another, the Government seems to be making it far more difficult for expats to obtain a residence permit.


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