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Post- Brexit healthcare for Ex- pat UK Citizens

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Post- Brexit healthcare for Ex- pat UK Citizens

Post Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:01 pm

Healthcare (International Arrangements) Bill 2017-19, which would establish the legal basis to fund and implement reciprocal healthcare schemes after the UK leaves the EU, and some further information is provided in the Bill’s impact Assessment, and the Commons Library briefing paper on the Bill:



In particular, you might like to refer to section 4 of the Library briefing, on healthcare arrangements under a no deal scenario.

The Impact Assessment for the Bill notes that in the event of no deal the UK would seek bilateral agreements with EU Member States that would maintain reciprocal healthcare arrangements for a transitional period. The Impact Assessment also notes that the Healthcare (International Arrangements) Bill would be necessary to underpin these arrangements:

22. As the UK Government will no longer be able to rely on EEA regulations, the Bill will be necessary so that the UK Government can pay or arrange for payment of healthcare outside of the UK, and give effect to bilateral agreements with Ireland and with any other Member State with whom the UK may secure a bilateral healthcare agreement, as well make necessary provisions in relation to data sharing to underpin these arrangements.

23. The most straightforward and clear way to allow for implementation of any such arrangements, be it as part of a future relationship or on a bilateral basis with Member States, is to introduce statutory powers for this purpose.

This PQ response from 10 December 2018 also confirms this:

Furthermore, the Government published a policy paper on 6 December, ‘The Citizens’ Rights - EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU’, which sets out the details of the offer to EU citizens in the UK, and UK citizens returning to the UK “in the unlikely event of a no deal scenario”:

This was announced in a WMS here:

See for example paras 21-22 of the policy paper, which confirms that UK nationals who returned to the UK permanently in a ‘no deal’ scenario would have access to NHS-funded healthcare on the same basis as UK nationals already living here:

21. If, however, UK nationals were unable to continue to live their lives as they do now in a ‘no deal’ scenario and returned to the UK to live, there are a number of steps the Government would consider to address concerns that have been raised.

22. We understand that access to healthcare is vital and can confirm that UK nationals who returned to the UK permanently in a ‘no deal’ scenario would have access to NHS-funded healthcare on the same basis as UK nationals already living here. They would also be able to register to vote in local and national elections.


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Regular Poster
Re: Post- Brexit healthcare for Ex- pat UK Citizens

Post Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:27 pm

ALL residents of Portugal are eligible for PT healthcare, even brits post-bexit.
Even if the UK NHS won't pay.

The worries posted above apply to other EU countries, not Portugal.

If you are a non-resident who spends a lot of time here, your situation will be the same as UK visitors to non-EU countries.
You have to pay your own money for health care, and then claim it back from the NHS when you get home.
Check requirements of reimbursement carefully, because one little error or receipt that doesn't match their format, and you don't get paid back.


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