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Are You Suddenly Having Trouble Calling Morocco? 3-26-06

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Morocco.

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Are You Suddenly Having Trouble Calling Morocco? 3-26-06

Post Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 3:45 am

Are You Suddenly Having Trouble Calling Morocco?

As of Sunday, 26 March 2006, all fixed telephone numbers in the southern two-thirds of Morocco have changed.

A horizontal line has been drawn just north of Casablanca, and going straight east to the Algerian border.

Numbers NORTH of this line (including Rabat, Fes, Meknes, Ifrane, and Tangier) have NOT changed. While Casablanca is included within the southern zone, numbers in Casablanca will NOT change.

All numbers SOUTH of this line (including Essouira, Agadir, Marrakesh, Beni Mellal, Ouarzazate, Zagora, and all of the Moroccan Western Sahara) have changed. Previously, all of these numbers (if called from inside Morocco) began with 04x-xx-xx-xx. All numbers now begin with 02x-xx-xx-xx.

If you are calling Morocco from OUTSIDE of the country, dial the country code for Morocco (212), and then the two-digit prefix indicated below. (The " + " refers to your own country's international access code.) When you are calling numbers from INSIDE the country, there is a three-digit prefix which always begins with an additional zero:

North of the New Line:

From Outside of Morocco: From Inside Morocco:

Rabat +212-37-xx-xx-xx Rabat 037-xx-xx-xx
Fes +212-35-xx-xx-xx Fes 035-xx-xx-xx
Meknes +212-35-xx-xx-xx Meknes 035-xx-xx-xx
Ifrane +212-35-xx-xx-xx Ifrane 035-xx-xx-xx
Tangier +212-39-xx-xx-xx Tangier 039-xx-xx-xx

South of the New Line:

From Outside of Morocco: From Inside Morocco:

Casablanca +212-22-xx-xx-xx (no change) Casablanca 022-xx-xx-xx
Essouira +212-24-xx-xx-xx Essouira 024-xx-xx-xx
Agadir +212-28-xx-xx-xx Agadir 028-xx-xx-xx
Marrakesh +212-24-xx-xx-xx Marrakesh 024-xx-xx-xx
Beni Mellal +212-23-xx-xx-xx Beni Mellal 023-xx-xx-xx
Ouarzazate +212-24-xx-xx-xx Ouarzazate 024-xx-xx-xx
Zagora +212-28-xx-xx-xx Zagora 028-xx-xx-xx
Layounne (Sahara) +212-28-xx-xx-xx Layounne (Sahara) 028-xx-xx-xx


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Regular Poster
Re: Are You Suddenly Having Trouble Calling Morocco? 3-26-06

Post Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 5:19 am

Thanks for that information I am sure it will come in handy when I visit or I hope to visit soon.

David SR


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