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Help!!!!thinking in working as a tour operator in Costa Rica

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Costa Rica.

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Help!!!!thinking in working as a tour operator in Costa Rica

Post Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2006 10:37 am

Im moving in june to Costa Rica. Im costarican but now Im living in Beijing, China. I have been an expatriate for more than 15 years, so I think I have too much in common with expatriates.
I want to take advantage that I am Costarican;know very well the country, people, everything, and also expatriates; to work for expatriates. My problem, I am, like you expatriates, Im lost. For years I have not living in CR and I don't know where amd how start. Im a foreigner in my own country, "dilemma". Now I fell more confortable with expatriates because we have too much in common. I want to work in my country with expatriates. So you have any sugestion!!!! or need my help when I live there, you are welcome.
Because I m living in China I have learnt a lot of chinese habits, the best one, practice taichi every morning. I am a very easy person I can become chinese or any nationality depends on the country Im living and change very quickly if I move to another country. So in a few months I will be again CostaRican... So ,Nice to meet you to all the expatriates living in CR and those who want to live there and those who would like to, In fact CR is still a paradise to live in.


Re: Help!!!!thinking in working as a tour operator in Costa Rica

Post Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 1:39 am

Welcome back home! When are you planning to make the switch? I think you have a lot of opportunities available. Some good areas to think about:

- Real Estate. Since you are an experienced expat you could really help people as they are relocating. This could be sales on the beach, or anywhere, or also could be corporate services. Look at the poor lady here (in another post) who was paying $4200 a month for a dwelling she was unhappy with.

- Tourism
We dont see many Chinese tourists. Evidently there is a growing upper middle and wealthy class so it seems that now would be a great time (maybe too early) to get in as a tour operator as you suggest.

- Concierge
This could be with the retiree market or the new, quickly growing, services sector (call centers, corporate accounting, sports books, etc) and light manufacturing. These companies hire mostly Ticos, but also have upper level executives moving here or staying here for long periods. A concierge type service helps them with all the details of settling in, for example taking them to get their Costa Rican drive's license.

Anyway, good luck with your return and welcome to the forum!


Russ Martin
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