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New guy on the Block.

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Turkey.

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New guy on the Block.

Post Posted: Fri May 19, 2006 8:52 pm

Hi Everyone.

Thanks for reading this my first letter.
You find me an emotional wreck having separated from my partner after 23 years.
Two years ago we bought a property near Gumusluk but never used it and until recently have been trying to sell it because of ( so I thought ) financial reasons, however, it seems J never really wanted it in the first place!! Women ah!!

I now hope to keep the property and use it as much as possible.

I would appreciate help ( in any form ) from those of you who live either full time or part time in Turkey.
My Estate agent Turkish Homes have been very helpful thus far but I will want to be independant of them eventually.

Can I ask you about purchasing furniture and general Day 2 Day stuff. Best ways to do things like purchasing a vehicle perhaps down to the basics such as paying for electricity and water.
The property is part of a Community with shared utilities so I am not entially alone!!

The number of a good reliable builder would be handy plus and other 'handy' person who you may have experience of.

I will also need to earn a living while staying in Turkey so any ideas on that front would be great.

I can be contacted on kudos1 @ or text/phone 07941542645.
I plan to be in the UK for another couple of months at least but would like to plan ahead and have things in place before I fly out to make my Home in Turkey..

Thank you once again for reading my sad but hopefully postive letter.

Take care one and all.
Peace and good will to all.

Chris M


Re: New guy on the Block.

Post Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 2:40 pm


A briesf list which may help:

1. Plenty of furniture shops in Bodrum but a one stop shop is Koc Tas - see B & Q thread below. It's on the main drag out of Bodrum towards Gumusluk (past Konacik on right). It's a B&Q with 5 times the number of staff & they sell just about everything.

2. If your place is on a site, you may have a bekci(caretaker) and a management office who should be able to help re water/electricity etc. Some site
have their own water supply but if not, you'll need to go to the belediye
council office to sort it out - you pay twice a year and it covers 'environmental tax' too.

3. Cars - can't help but watch out for wrecks. I know cars are relatively pricey when considering the standard of living but get one with A/C!

4. I do know a builder but can't recommend him unfortunately. Be really careful as the standards of work can vary dramatically (as in the UK).

5. You might consider a TESOL/TEFL qualification. It'll cost you £6-800 for an intensive 4/5 week course. Last time I checked there were no English language schools on the peninsula so private lessons may provide an income.

Hope this helps - good luck.


If this post is advice, check the source!


Re: New guy on the Block.

Post Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 8:28 pm


I am sorry cannot help mucg about southern things as I live in Istanbul. I am sure u can find decent car, but please u a specialist to check it.

Enjoy your stay!


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