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Compounds in Al Khobar

Discussion forum for expats living in Middle Eastern countries not listed elsewhere.

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Re: Compounds in Al Khobar

Post Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 3:17 pm


Thank you so much Sandpit-kid.
Bustan really sound good but as you said it seems a bit full at the moment.
What kind of policies do they have in regards to who can live there or not?
I would be really happy if you could send some photos of Zamil and possibly Bustan if you have any. I will send you my email adress in a pm.

Have a great day and thanks again.


Re: Compounds in Al Khobar

Post Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 6:42 pm

Have a look at the web site doesn't do it justice but it gives you some idea. I don't think Zamil has a website...
I looked at all my photos and they don't show the compounds in there glory and have too many ugly mugs in the way sorry... and as I lived on Zamil 4 years ago it has changed quite a bit since then.
The lady in charge of the rental office at Al Bustan is back from vacation and I was talking to her this morning and she is happy to hear from you and to try and accomodate... with it coming up to summer people move ... and there are a few places available.... I am happy to say I have reserved one! So its Saudi here I come again all going well...
If you send me your email address Swede I'll answer your other question
Cheers Sandpit Kid


Re: Compounds in Al Khobar

Post Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 9:24 pm

Great, I sent my email adress through the PM service but if you haven't received it I will try again.


Re: Compounds in Al Khobar

Post Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 10:04 pm

Hi Swede & Sandpit

Sandpit, thanks again for all the info. And hi to you Swede. So nice to also chat to somebody else in the same situation as ourselves. My wife and I had a look at the website on Al Bustan. It looks awesome. It says it is made up of four sections, do all these sections have access to all the amenities/facilities etc?. From what we understand, its just the housing that differs from section to section. We have been told we would be living in a fully furnished 3 bedroomed villa, which seems to be the Al Zahra section. Any thoughts on this? We havent been given an amount.
Just another question with regards to clothing, is it necessary for a woman to wear the thing over her head as well as the abaya or is the abaya sufficient?
Thanks for the feedback on salary....the company also pays for the schooling for both our children so it seems we will survive quite comfortably on what has been offered.
Thanks for the tip on buying shorts etc... at home. Unfortunately here in South Africa its winter now and shorts are not to be found anywhere at the moment, though I am sure we would only move over in the next 3 - 4 months. We are still in the process of making the decision, though so far, it seems its all systems go......the whole family, kids included are looking forward to it.
Hope you all enjoy the day, will stay in touch as things progress. Good luck on your side Swede....perhaps we can swap e-mail addresses and keep in touch that way in future.
Anthony & Lisa


Re: Compounds in Al Khobar

Post Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 1:39 pm

Top of the morning to you both Anthony and Swede!

Swede I didn’t get your email address sorry.

On Al Bustan you can use all the facilities although the Stemco facilities are mainly for the residents on Stemco.. and to be honest it is tucked away and too far to walk to anyway... and if you have kids most parents take their children to the Al Zara or Al Bustan pool and just across the private road is the Al Hada pool.
Depending on your allowance you could find yourself more than likely living on AL Zara/Al Bustan or Al Hada, Stemco rents are huge and normally GM's and CEO's live there.
Any of the places on Bustan are good as far as I am concerned but that is just my opinion.

One thing that I am not sure if you are aware of is that the normal process is the husband heads out here and the wife and children stay in the home country while their visa's are processed... this can take a few months so be warned... this is the time that is normally hard going on the wife and can cause a lot of frustration... everyone I know has been through it and found it hard going at times.

I have thrown this in just out of interest... take it on board if you wish...
The visa process we were told was going to be a matter of weeks so we packed up our house and I quit my job and thought I would have a few weeks just saying see ya to friends and family….but a matter of weeks it turned out to be 2 1/2 months!! I wish in hind sight I had stayed put in my own surroundings as it would have taken the stress out of the situation as staying with friends or family while living out of suitcase is the pits.

Regarding the abaya’s that is fine by itself ... I have a scarf that I just take out with me during Ramadan but I do not cover my head with it... I only take it with me for "just encase"

You will be covered by medical insurance as well just check how much cover you have… ie 80% or 100 % do you have to pay and claim back? or does it get charged to the company directly? Is there a maximum amount that can be claimed?. These are important thing for you to consider although the company you are coming to work for sounds good.

You must think I am a nag it is just that everyone over here are on different contracts and I have seem some people get screwed over big time and not realise until they got out here and it was too late.
On that note I will bid you a jovial day!

Sandpit kid


Re: Compounds in Al Khobar

Post Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 3:08 pm

Hi Sandpit

This is Lisa, Anthony's wife. Thanks for taking time out to answer all our questions....
I don't think you are a "nag" at all and we are most grateful for all your help.
Would you mind very much sending your e-mail address by PM to us?. I would very much like to stay in contact that way. You have been most helpful this far and its been great learning those little extra's we may not have thought about yet.
Thanks for the tip on the visa story. I realise it will take quite some time, but I am hoping to start getting the ball rolling as soon as possible. I think we will end up going.
Can you advise us on what the requirements are for these visa's? I know Anthony will have to have a police clearance done (which is already underway) as well as a medical, will the kids and I also have to have this done? As for the house etc...I think I will be here for another 3 months at least trying to tie up everything our side, which will be most frustrating. I am used to being on my own for 5 to 6 weeks at a time while Anthony is away at work, but any longer than that, I think I will go out of my mind. We have 2 businesses as well as our house which we will have to sell, and as with everything these things can take time.We will also have to find homes for our animals as we wouldn't want to take them over with us - I don't think they would adjust well to the heat, and I believe it is quite a mission to organise visa's for them too.
I would have liked to have everything finalised so that my kids can start school as soon into the new school year as possible - although I am sure that if they miss a few weeks at the start of the year it won't be too much of a train smash.
Anthony will probably have to start around August or September time. The sooner the better actually because he is so unhappy in his current job and has been for a long time. He has got so much potential that his current employer doesn't acknowledge.
I have to say that I am very scared, but also extremely excited, and most times I just cannot wait to get on that plane out of here (not that SA is a bad place). We are all just eager for a change, and to get our life back on track. Anthony is away more than he is home, and he has missed out on so much of the kids lives, and I can't say we have had the best marriage the last few years either. Its quite sad.
On a whole, we seem to think what the company has offered us is rather good, though I am not sure of the process with regards to the medical insurance. They do pay for it, but not sure whether its 80 or 100% or whether we have to pay and claim back. These are all little things Anthony will have to discuss with them when he goes over for his interview etc...which should be within the next week or two.
Our daughter is receiving orthodontic treatment, and our son will have to in the future and we are not even sure if this is covered although I believe dentists are.
Anyway once again, its been great "chatting" to you. I hope that we can meet sometime in the near future. And thanks again for all your help this far.
Hope to stay in touch with you by e-mail. have a great day!
P.S Do the expats in the compounds celebrate Christmas with their kids? My kids are quite disturbed at the possibility of no more Christmasses.


Re: Compounds in Al Khobar

Post Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 3:53 pm

Hi Lisa
I will private message you my email addy as soon as I figure out how... I feel silly as I didn't even look around to see what you could do on this site.
You will be pleased to know Christmas is alive and well in Saudi... you can even buy a Christmas tree and decorations if you know where to look... and if all else fails you can trip across to Bahrain and get the bits you can't find in Saudi ..We have had some brilliant festive seasons here with ALL the trimmings so that news will please your children .... compound life has its upsides that's for sure and people are more than willing to help out and give loads of pointers on things... so you will be an old hand at it in no time... and who knows we could end up neighbours!
I will sign off and go and try and work out this private message thing... catch you again soon..
Take care


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