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never thought we'd get here! online and life is grrrreat!!!!

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Spain.

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never thought we'd get here! online and life is grrrreat!!!!

Post Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 1:15 am

finally made the move we planned for years, and it was worth all the hassle and sleepless nights wondering if we were doing the right thing, we have moved into our finca not far from alhaurin el grande. we have been here 8 weeks now and our daughter is in a spanish school, or not seeing as they have broken up for the summer holidays already! everyone is so friendly and helpful and the language barrier isn't as high as we thought it would be.
creepy crawlies are a bit creepy and crawly, we had a dead scorpion in the bottom of our pool, and a really black shiny snake in the bushes!!!! and the ants!!!!!!!!!!!!!yyyyuuukkkkkkk.
it has taken us all this time to get on line, we can't get broadband here but telefonica have been very good at advising us and at last dial up is appreciated.
worries about how the spanish people feel about us immigrants seem to be completely forgotten,wish we'd done it years ago, though the days are much longer because it is sunny, we don't seem to go to bed till 11.30 most nights, and so many friends we've made already, anyone who is nervous about taking the plunge remember that you have only got one life and it's better to try than sit at home wondering what if!
thanks to all the people that posted encouraging and helpful advice to me when i was getting cold feet about the move,not just chasing a dream now,I'm living it!!!!!!!


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Re: never thought we'd get here! online and life is grrrreat

Post Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 1:36 am

That's brilliant Minty, glad our site members have been able to help you on your way too.

Stay in touch, I really do think that a positive outlook can do much to help you get through issues, especially in the early days.

Wishing you and your family continued success and less insect adventures Wink



Jo James
Expat Focus


Expat Focus Administrator
Re: never thought we'd get here! online and life is grrrreat

Post Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 5:00 pm

Nice one Minty you should try europa for internet, its still dial up but its alot cheaper than telefonica


Re: never thought we'd get here! online and life is grrrreat!!!!

Post Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 2:37 am

Hello Minty,
Glad to see that you made it at long last, now the fun begins with all the B-B-Q's and the social mixing, what a good life! Hope everything goes OK from now on for you.

David SR


Advice is free, learning by experience can be costly.

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Re: never thought we'd get here! online and life is grrrreat

Post Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 5:33 am

Hey Minty so glad you made it and that your fears have turned out to be unfounded, and that you are enjoying yourself. I know we all told you it would be ok, just glad we were Keep us all posted and keep on enjoying


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Re: never thought we'd get here! online and life is grrrreat

Post Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 1:54 am

Hi that is great that you are now settled after waiting for so long - and all the planning!!
we have also arrived recently - but we made the move in 9 weeks! my daughter and son in law announced that they would prefer their young baby to be brought up somewhere overseas and asked us to go with them. we all literally chose area by a pin in the map!!
we are renting for 12 months with an option of 5 years - this will give us a chance to get to know the area and decide in 12 months whether to move on or stay - or buy!
Having taken note of all the doom and gloom offered re. not being able to get work etc. we consider ourselves really fortunate, the 4 twentysomethings have all got work - one a permanent chef, the others all in the same trade, my husband is an electrician who turns his hand to all and although he is only looking to work part time - has completed lots of little jobs already. I am looking after our grandson but being a qualified nanny - am also doing a bit of local babysitting.
We know exactly what you mean about going to bed late! it's like we are in between a British/spanish time warp-we always used to be early to bed but now cant believe it when the clock arrives at midnight and we are still with it!
We have no permanent transport at present - and we are loving it! the station is minutes away and we have bikes. I would like to get away without a car for as long as possible - I am certainly keeping very fit with all the walking along the seafront to Fuengirola.
We have managed to get hitched up to Broadband and TV - after much advice from everyone! Spent 3 hours from 7am at the police station queuing for our NIE number and have opened 2 bank accounts - my are we relieved all of that is over for now.
We are also having group spanish lessons and are determined to give it a good go.
Really cant find any negatives at mo! sure the cynics will warn that they will soon come - but possible "things on the want list" are although not great socialites - we do miss our group of friends, ballroom dancing that we were just getting into and sharing meals etc. We are trying to access local clubs / groups so if anyone knows of any or
perhaps if yourselves or others in this area would like to meet up - we can get together for a meal out to share firsthand experiences!
lots of luck.


Re: never thought we'd get here! online and life is grrrreat

Post Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 2:54 pm

I remember talking to you beforehand on this forum - it's great to see that you have been assisted with all the answers you have received and that you have made it out to Spain and it is going so well.

I think a lot of people get put off with talk about crime etc and give up before they have even tried the move - crazy!

Best wishes and keep letting us know how you get on - would be very useful for others.


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