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DEHLI-Noida - advice needed, what is there to do , sports,

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in areas of Asia not listed above.

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DEHLI-Noida - advice needed, what is there to do , sports,

Post Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 2:11 pm

Hi all, I'm a South African relocated to Noida / Dehli for a period of 2 years in the Febuary 2007. I' am truly concerneed about the life style that one can expect. As a fair coloured expat in india ( Noida) I, m not sure I'd fit in to well. It would be nice to feel that there are a few like minded people close by / interesting activities to percue during off time etc. Can anyon offer insights as to : 1) what is there to do in Noida, 2) Are there any Expat groups I could join in Noida 3) Are there any clubs offering Expat type activities, ...i.e. tennis, golf, quiz nights, get togethers etc. 3) And finally, ..... how about some honest to goodness advice on what to expect regarding heat, dirt, flies, malaria, water , food etc.

Rgds for now.



Re: DEHLI-Noida - advice needed, what is there to do , sport

Post Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 7:28 am

I'm an Indian, so maybe Mine is not exactly the kind of perspective u r loking for, but I hope that I can be of some help.

Noida per se doesn't have much to offer. The infrastructure provided there by the (Uttar Pradesh) state government is excellent in terms of roads & tax sops, so a lot of companies have set up offices there.

Most of the "action" happens in Delhi which is a 30min to 2 hour commute depending on which part of town you are trying to reach.

You have essentially 2 options before you that you can choose from, based on your schedule & timings.
1. U can stay in Noida & commute to delhi for activities
2. U can stay in Delhi & commute to Noida on work.

U may like to reach Noida & assess the place before you take a decision on this.

Noida has a lot of office & university campuses, but when I lived in Delhi in 2002-2003 it didnt have much to offer to people with time on their hands.

Delhi is a gold mine for all kinds of activities. If you enjoy history & culture there's tons of it in Delhi (I would highly recommend the Lonely Planet guide to Delhi not North India but Delhi specifically) PM me off list with your email id & I can send you an excel spreadsheet with detailed information.

IF you are looking for clubs, the NCPA is a wonderful place with a lot of expat members. There are golf clubs in Gurgaon which is also closeby, I'm not exactly sure about Noida though.

Delhi's summers r hot & winters r cold. As long as u have air conditioning & a room heater, you can manage. Its not the same as central heating & not as efficient, but its manageable.

I'm not too sure about South African weather. I'm currenlty in Egypt. I'd say the temperature variation is pretty similar in Delhi & the dust situation is better than Cairo. Delhi has started getting its act together in the last couple of years. polluting vehicles are almost non existent now. Public transport runs on CNG. There is a re-greening effort on, which is quite successful.

For water stick to bottled water. Aqua Fina by Pepsico & Kinley by Coca Cola are reliable. They even supply 25 litre jars with dispensers for home consumption which works out quite reasonably. Around 75rs (<2$) /25 litre jar. The tap water should never be drunk without boiling. But most Indians too have switched to bottled water. Its safer.

Malaria isn't as bad in Delhi as in some other parts of India. But there are preventives that you can take that your country may advise you. Odomos is a mosquite repellant cream easily available in Indian Pharmacies. Very effective & better for your health than the liquid stuff thats gets burnt in those little dispensers. If you want some natural options try burning some neem oil or lemon grass to keep mosquitoes away. lemon grass smells much better than neem oil.

Delhi has a lot of options for food. I highly recommend the "Times Food Guide" All kinds of cuisine. Initially stick to the restaurants to give your system time to adjust. Most restaurants are happy to turn the spice down for expats on request. There's Italian, Japanese, Chinese & many more options. Again I have partly covered this in the excel spreadsheet. Stick to cleaner restaurants initially & explore indian food because there r a lot of options among Indian food itself. Each state in India has its own cuisine style"s"

LEt me know if u need any more info. PM me & I may reply sooner.




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