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Sick in the Sun

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Spain.

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Re: Sick in the Sun

Post Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 9:22 pm

Anyone got any good recommendations for private insurance companies in Catalonia?


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Re: Sick in the Sun

Post Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 10:01 pm

[quote="patch"]Very interesting stuff. Countryboy can i ask if u know if the partner of a pensioner is able to get the same medical cover as a pensioner or do you need to be married. We are both English and my partner is a pensioner and I have yet to reach pensioner age. We live in the Cordoba province.
Many Thanks[/quote]

Hi Patch,
As Mitzyboy says, Marriage is taken seriously, in matters of inheritence, and death duties wills etc are concerned.

I know a couple, who are not married, she is 65 he 62, and just the other he was rushed into hospital he had a pacemaker inplant on their joint insurance, he was only in the hospital for 48 hours, which I think is fantastac considering. This was a joint insurance policy which they took out a couple of years ago.

[quote]the partner of a pensioner is able to get the same medical cover as a pensioner[/quote]

As the law stands at the moment your partner is not covered by your E160, he/she must have their own E160 or Private health cover, you both can get emergancy treatment on the Spanish health system, but you have to give them your NI number so that the Spanish can reclaim the costs from the British health service.

I hope this clears matters up for you.

David SR


Advice is free, learning by experience can be costly.

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Re: Sick in the Sun

Post Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 3:46 am

Found this on another forum worth a read

From the CB News last Friday.
Working in Spain
British people working in Spain pay Spanish tax and Spanish social security contributions, and so will have a Spanish social security number. With that number they can register with their closest health centre and obtain a SIP health card. Such registration puts them on equal footing with a Spanish worker.

State pensioners
Men over 65 and women over 60 are currently regarded as state pensioners. Such pensioners who have retired to Spain should obtain from DWP Newcastle a form E121 to transfer their healthcare entitlement from the British NHS to the Spanish system. Certain categories of disabled people under the age of 60 can also obtain a form E121. Consult DWP Newcastle about this. E121 forms must be taken to the Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social which issues a Spanish social security number, allowing a British state pensioner to register with a health centre on the same basis as a Spanish state pensioner.
A married couple can obtain form E121 on the basis of the first qualifying spouse: in other words a form E121 can be issued to the 61-year-old husband of a 60-year-old wife, or to the 59-year-old wife of a 65-year-old man.
Early retirees and job seekers (and intra-company transferees)
British people in this group can get form E106 from DWP Newcastle. This has limited validity depending on the holder’s contribution record and, after presentation to the INSS as above, can be taken to a health centre to obtain care from there. SIP cards should not be issued to bearers of form E106 - but they often are. Instead, the E106 endorsed by INSS should be presented each time
treatment is sought. People obtaining cover using this procedure should make early arrangements to cover any gap which might occur between the expiry of cover and their re-qualification by some other route, perhaps by qualifying for an E121 (see above) on grounds of age, or using the letter’ route.

The Valencia autonomous community,
a special case In the VAC (the provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante) resident EU nationals can apply to a local health centre for a SIP card to give access to healthcare while they do not qualify for healthcare from the country of their nationality. The supporting documents needed by British people are:

- A letter from DWP Newcastle stating that the named holder is not entitled to either a form E106 or a form E121. If required by your local health centre, the British Consulate can providecertification of this. A standard fee applies. This letter is now available in Spanish on request.
- Your residence card, or the letter (resolución) stating that the issue of a card has been approved. The (receipt) issued at the time of application for a residence card is not accepted.
- A recent certificate of ‘empadronamiento’ from your town hall
- Your passport

The SIP cards issued under this procedure normally have a clearly-stated expiry date, and you will be required, usually annually, to re-apply. That process might not be seamless, and you should make provision to cover any gaps. These SIP cards will normally be honoured only at the health centre that issues them, and by state hospitals in the VAC to which holders are referred by that health centre. Once you reach the qualifying age for a form E121 you should get one to transfer healthcare resources from the UK to Spain.
People using this ‘Newcastle letter’ route to healthcare should be aware that it is not part of any EU or bilateral reciprocal agreement, rather that it is something extended unilaterally by the Valencia regional government and no-one can give a guarantee that it will always exist.
Holidaymakers - The EHIC
We strongly encourage British people holidaying in Spain to take out comprehensive travel insurance before arriving, in addition to carrying the plastic replacement for the E111 form, the European Health Insurance Card.
Similarly we encourage British people resident in Spain to take out comprehensive travel insurance before they visit Britain or any other EU country. It is vital to inform travel insurers of pre-existing medical conditions.
Public Health
For visitors and residents alike it is important to note that hospitals and clinics in the private sector do not accept the EHIC. If you seek treatment from one of them you will receive a bill, if you are taken to a private hospital by mistake, after an accident for example, inform the administration so that you can be transferred to the public sector as soon as possible.
Social services
Do not expect the Social Services department of your town to provide the same assistance as you may expect to receive in the UK. Many towns contract out their Social Services department. The department will provide a daily visit (not weekends or fiestas) from a qualified care assistant, usually not more than an hour a day, to help with dressing and bathing and sometimes a little shopping and collection of prescriptions. The service is usually means-tested and if you need more assistance you will need to turn to the private nursing services.


Regards Keith


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Re: Sick in the Sun

Post Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 4:05 pm

Well done Keith I saw the artical as well, I was going to post it but you have done so, saved me a job of all that typing. Thanks mate.

David SR


Advice is free, learning by experience can be costly.

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Forum Legend
Re: Sick in the Sun

Post Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 5:13 pm

Well this forum has been SO helpful to us !

It seems the group we fall into is exactly as we had thought, so once again the members have re-inforced our homework.... we do have the correct information... and feel much happier about our move to Spain.

We are actually HOPING to get our house up for sale by end of month.
I know you have all been through it.....but we are so excited about seeing that sign outside......crazy, cause I really like our house, but the overwhelming urge to get out is over-riding any sentiment now!

Thanks again for all your comments.


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Regular Poster
Re: Sick in the Sun

Post Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 6:15 pm

Hello David

I am moving to Spain (Murcia) later this year when I retire at 65.
One thing that worries me is how I would be cared for in hospital as I am single - who would feed me, change bed etc. as I understand you are supposed to get family to do this. I have friends out there but all work and I could not see anyone caring for me full time in the unfortunate event I was hospitalised.
Is this just in the state hospitals and would the private hospitals provide this service?


<<My suggestion to you would be to have a private health insurance as this also offers you benefits of having an English speaking doctor, Hospital treatments, and after care, this could be used as a back up to the National Health Service here in Spain. I live in the Alicante Provence and have been treated both in the public and private sectors of the Spanish health service, and both times have been better that the UK National Health Service.

David SR>>


Re: Sick in the Sun

Post Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:50 pm

Health is so important and easy to forget about until we need it most. I'm covered under the Spanish system as I'm self-employed and luckily I haven't had to use it yet so far so I can't really comment but one thing I have noticed is that many people I know when they have a medical situation - they are flying back to the UK.

This isn't instilling me with confidence so I'm more determined than ever to stay healthy!

Is the Spanish system really that good?


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