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May be moving to turks and caicos

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in areas of North America not listed above (e.g. other Caribbean countries, Central American countries etc.)

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May be moving to turks and caicos

Post Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 9:21 am

Hi all ! I need help. Very Happy If anyone knows anything about life in the t/c island I would very much appreciate whatever info you can give me. My wife and I have an opportunity to maybe get work there for the next 4 years so we are very excited. The info i'm looking for is about everyday living such as...
School for my 2 girls
How expensive is it to live there. My wife heard that it can cost like 700.00 us dollars for groceries every week!! Is it true???

Thanks in advance if you respond to this request and hope to chat with you soon.

Giovanni Shocked Cool


Re: May be moving to turks and caicos

Post Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2007 11:16 am

Hi Giovanni,

T/C is pretty much like the Cayman Islands were 25 years ago, like all the caribbean it's nice but make sure you're into water sports and beach life as there isn't much (ok not so with Cuba or Jamaica) but most small islands like T/C, Bahamas, Cayman, Bermuda, etc night life can be non-existent, and the options for kids even worse as they don't usually integrate with local children... Housing and cost of living in general is quite high by north american levels... keep in mind everything has to be shipped in (usually from US or Canada) which makes it more expensive. Also being an income tax free jurisdiction the government's way to get it's money is through tax levies which can make goods on the island quite expensive, especially cars and groceries... If you're going with your 2 girls, your cost will be considerably higher and schooling can make it even more expensive. I'm not sure about T/C but most caribbean islands require that the parents of expat children pay for schooling themselves which is why few couples with children consider relocating... Make sure your salary is well into the six figures especially if getting paid in US dollars considering the value of the US $.... Again beautiful islands but keep in mind you're going there to work not on a 2 week vacation, the tourist feeling will go away after a couple of weeks and some people just can't deal with it...

Hope this helps... Good luck...


Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: May be moving to turks and caicos

Post Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2007 6:55 pm

To Phsantos, point well registered in my. Thank you very much for your insides in this matter, you are absolutely right and will make sure we cover our costs if we are to go.
Thanks again



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