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Another one moving to Bulgaria??

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Bulgaria.

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Another one moving to Bulgaria??

Post Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2005 12:36 am

Hi All, I'm new to Expat Focus and have joined as our family of four are thinking of moving to mainland Europe. We were heading to Spain, but then our eyes were caught by Bulgaria. I've been reading as many sites as I can, but I was wondering if anyone reading this has made the move, or has any thoughts or views on such a move. Oh, we plan on being self employed (dog breeding/kennels/holidays/existing websites), and our two girls are eight and eleven.
Thank you!
PS Due to commitments here we can't get away for a holiday in Bulgaria, once our house here sells we'll be packing up the caravan (complete with six dogs), and going.


Re: Another one moving to Bulgaria??

Post Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2005 11:03 pm

Have you bought yet or still just looking?
Which area are you going to?
We have bought in Sinapovo, just south (ish) of Elhovo. really nice village, and are hoping to move out in 2007, if all goes well.
Advise that you get every document possible before you travel with animals.




Re: Another one moving to Bulgaria??

Post Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 3:13 pm

We are a danish family of three, who have lived in Barcelona for a couple of years. We are in the proces of buying a house in Bulgaria. If everything goes well, we will have the keys in 2 weeks time. We also plan on moving there, as soon as we have the workpermits etc. Our plan is to start up a business there. - The wages are around 150 euros a month!
We always dreamt of living in Spain, so we sold everything 2 years ago, and went to Barcelona. We really enjoy it here, but the fact is, that it is way to expensive! The wages are low and the costs of living are high. Noone with a normal job can buy a house or an appartment in the area of Barcelona. So we started looking elsewhere, and discovered Bulgaria. The costs of living are really low there, and we could afford to buy a house. We went there for a week to look at some houses. Bulgaria is so beautiful and the people are very friendly. We found our "dreamhouse" in Hrabrino, with a stunning view of the mountains, close to the 2nd biggest city Plovdiv. We fell in love with the place the minute we got there.
Anyone else moving there?


Re: Another one moving to Bulgaria??

Post Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 8:12 pm

Hi there, I have moved to Bulgaria in June and the paperwork for dogs is extensive, advise you start by contacting DEFRA in your area and they will guide you, numbers in yellow pages. I used Animal Airlines who were excellent but the dogs were in their crates for 8 hours due to 3 hours getting them cleared in Sofia even though all papers vaccinations etc were correct!!! just so you know it is not pleasant for them even though the flight is only 3 hours long. Also cost £900 for two of them to come over here.
One other thing you need to be aware of if you thinking of boarding kennels, is that there ae hundreds of stray dogs in Bulgaria, and a pitiful sight they are, so you will need to be in an area where there are expats to use this service. Personally, I am buying a property with bigger garden and more outbuildings so that I can start a dog rescue centre next year. I have just started communications with the animal welfare organisations in Sofia as the situation is currently appalling. For example apart from about 6, all the dogs in my village live in the rear garden tied up by rope or a chain and are fed bread and scraps,there are about 6 pet dogs as such. Good luck with whatever you do, Diana


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Frequent Poster
Re: Another one moving to Bulgaria??

Post Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 10:01 pm

Hi there,

We moved here from overseas and found animal transport really easy with our GSD

We talked to our vet and got all the necessary jabs done, waited a month to find out that they had taken good effect, and then set off.... no worries.

Yes, there are plenty of stray dogs here, but the local populace mostly takes care of them (bulgarian people). The situation here in Sofia where we live is ok, and I would urge you to put your finances into child support or other charities.... the dogs are just fine and mostly in good health - but the people need your aid and they are more important than animals, aren't they? It's not "pleasant" for the people here either !

Quest Bulgaria




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Re: Another one moving to Bulgaria??

Post Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 3:10 am

hi all - another newbie [new2bg hehe]. really glad to see all the info on taking pets to bg. we have 2 dogs so we needed to know what to do. we're buying a house in Mslekarevo [near Sliven and Yambol] we hope to retire their just as soon as my ill-health pension comes through. this is a great site. lots of helpful advice. thank


Harley and Jan

We'll help if we can


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