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relocating to koh samui

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Thailand.

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relocating to koh samui

Post Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:01 pm

My partner and i live in Perth and as much as we love it are thinking about moving to Thailand for a year or two or who knows maybe longer, he works in oil and gas so working and money is all sorted we are hoping to use this opportunity to live an easy lifestyle and get ahead for a change. We have been to Thailand a few times now and always love it. But have not looked at it as a possible home before. I am keen to give this a try but the 2 things holding me back are the fact that we have a 2 year old mediam size dog who we love to death, but i feel it is unfare to do the move with him as we don't know how long for and he would most likely have to do 6 mths quarantine to go home, my partner thinks it will be fine to bring him but as i will be mostly taking care of him i need to know more about what i am getting myself into. that aside can anyone tell me what his life could be like in Thailand, where can he be walked? is he safe from other dogs? where to rent? etc... The other thing is my partner will be home for 4 wks then away for 4 wks most of the time, is there alot of opportunity for me to build a life for myself? we are also planning to start a family soon will it be easy to connect with other mothers and people like me i am 31 and my partner is 29. We are looking at Koh Samui and should be coming for a visit in about 2 months, looking to move early next year. Any advice greatly appreciated.


Re: relocating to koh samui

Post Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 8:37 am

Hello Tori,

I am a property rental manager here on Koh Samui and have helped out quite a few people in your same situation, including other Australians who work in the oil industry and are trying to move here with their pets so i have an idea what you are going through.

as for the dogs, it is very important that you make the right choice for a home as that will end up being the main exercise/recreation area for your pets. make sure you have a fenced property, if your dog chases a neighbors chicken it may lead to an "accidental" poisoning so always keep your dog on a leash if you are walking him. there aren't any traditional western parks or committed recreation areas here on the island so you should consider a home near a not so well traveled road so that you can get him out for a walk. there are many "soi" dogs or street dogs here and they can be territorial but none of my dog owner friends have ever had any problems and they were all very concerned at one point as well.

you'll find that thais are very fond of dogs and not a day goes by without seeing a thai (or a dozen) on their motorbikes with the dogs paws up on the handlebars. koh samui is very modern and you will meet many other westerners who keep dogs, plenty of shops have decent dog food and supplies/toys etc.

there are a number of schools/daycare facilities and a very active expat community here on the island. you'll most likely end up staying on the northern/north eastern side of the island due to the convenience/expat community/absentee partner stuff so look around Bophut/Bang Rak/Choeng Mon areas for rentals. specifically, from the way you have described your situation, you seem to be a very good match for Samui Hillside Village, a western style subdivision community here in Bophut. 2 and 3 bedroom homes with fenced yards, good neighbors and within walking distance to Big C shopping center and only 2 minutes away from Tesco Lotus yet only 5 minutes away from beaches in bophut or chaweng.

2 bedrooms average 25-35,000 per month, there is a very large communal swimming pool with exercise room/sauna/bar and restaurant available for tenants and most importantly, many other western owners/renters live there with their pets quite happily.

if you have any other specific questions, post them here or PM me with them and i'm happy to take a shot at answering them.


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