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Pls Offer advice...end this dilemma!!

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Bulgaria.

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Re: Pls Offer advice...end this dilemma!!

Post Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:37 pm

I don't think you can just buy off the internet. You need the company, and at least you or your hubby will have to go over to Bulgaria to start it up and sign all the paperwork.

It certainly is possible to get good deals. I've been told of one house - 2 storey which is almost good enough to live in, not far from sea (maybe 30 minutes) for only 27,000 euro. I would be very wary of any estate agents - I'm sure there are one or two who are OK, but remember they are all out to make money!

If you are going for a cheap property, it may need work doing. Our builders did what they wanted, not what we asked for and kept increasing the price. You must get a contract and really need to be there whilst they do the work and be prepared to shout and argue when they tell you you must do it their way.

For the language - Eurotalk CD is excellent - its like a kids memory game for the PC and works on a MAC.

Overall, we did it and haven't regretted it.

Good luck.


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Re: Pls Offer advice...end this dilemma!!

Post Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 7:50 pm




and sad.... Crying or Very sad

Gonna get fish 'n' chips now for everyone's tea!!! Too miserable to cook !!


Re: Pls Offer advice...end this dilemma!!

Post Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 7:54 pm

Ohhh just read your last message – it happens. This isn’t always the agent, it can be down to the seller, they sniff foreigner and they think they can get more. It’s happened to us. It also happened to some friends of ours, but they loved the house that much they bought it. I said to walk away, I was fuming. My boyfriend was hopping, calling the guy A LOT!!!!! Saying that, some agencies are greedy buggers and if they have the means then they will make as much as possible from a deal. Sorry to say this but WALK AWAY, there’s plenty of other houses out there.

Ok, you have the Rila, Rhodope, Pirin, Stara Planina mountains, the Sredna Gora hills/mountain. So that’s central and southern Bulgaria. Most villages have shops, I think with a 3 year old you may be better in a village rather than the middle of nowhere and a car drive to the nearest form of civilization. By the way, photos don’t tell the real story, sometimes the object of the photo could be better in real life, but not always.

By the way, where is this magical house you’ve seen? Which town is it near? Someone on this forum may be able to let you know about the area it’s in.

Company set up is easy, mainly paperwork, on average the cost is 600 euros, some companies charge less, some more, it shouldn’t cost more than 600 euros. Safest way, get an independent lawyer, not one attached to the agency you may go with.
There are loads of places not to buy but loads where it would be brilliant to buy, I think it’s a personal choice. I don’t really want to say where not too, I can say that Plovdiv is nicer than Sofia, not much help though.

Builders – try and find a company recommended by a few people, not just one, when getting quotes get 2 – 3, don’t go for the first. Same as you would in the UK. Builders are cheaper than the UK ones (well they should be, there’s a few scammers out there!!!), local builders are cheaper, but can their work be guaranteed??? I know people who have had locals, work has been excellent, but like everything else, there are some that talk like an expert but their work is far from it.

Estate Agents – some good, some bad, some communicate well, some don’t, I know this from personal experience after trying to sell my property last year. Scams, there are some about, but not sure what they are. Shop around, go off a few peoples recommendations again, not just one.

Properties – normally, price depends on state of house and area it is in. If the area is good, then is the house just being sold because the owners are desperate to sell or is the house falling down??? A lot of the time it’s the house in bad state. I bought, for 2,000 pounds, pile of mud bricks and falling down, that was 2 years ago, not far from main town, village was ok. Sold it for same price last year and bought some agricultural land instead. I just wanted rid. So yes, the house could be being sold as the owner is desperate to sell or the house could be in bad state, or both. Check it all out. For me, my first thought would be, why is the house so cheap?

Language – sore point this. I am hopeless at languages, I find it hard, although I am finding I understand a lot more. In smaller villages, you are lucky if you find someone who speaks English. We have friends in a village, there are known by the locals who help them out so much and even bring round gifts when they arrive. You should find locals very accommodating and very warm welcoming people. In the towns you should find translators and more people speaking English. I found that when I tried to speak Bulgarian, they would practice their English on me, which isn’t good when I’m trying to learn their language!!

I haven’t done what you’re doing, I know people who have, so I will see if they will join the forum and tell you their stories. I know there are people on this forum who have/are going through what you’re hoping to go through, so you should get a few stories coming your way.

My story – my boyfriend is Bulgarian, we met in Greece, came to live in Bulgaria, he had been gone 5 years and I had never been. We got to his house, it was a wreck, worse than when he’d left it. We spent 5 weeks solid renovating, new kitchen, new flooring, ceilings, doors, window, the works, we did all the work ourselves. It was worth it, but we are living here, it’s not just for holidays, so we have been able to do other work on going.



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Re: Pls Offer advice...end this dilemma!!

Post Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 7:57 pm

My last message may still contain bits about "THE" house, but it's because I was writing as your last message came in. Sorry



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Forum Pro
Re: Pls Offer advice...end this dilemma!!

Post Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 2:43 pm


A budget of £10,000 or around 14,000 Euros will get you a small decent house, maybe 2 bedrooms and a good ized plot but it will need at least a further 10,000 Euros spending on it, maybe more to modernise it - check electrics, always need more sockets, septic tank, plumbing, bathroom, kitchen, maybe roof repairs, plastering, floor work etc....

I have built a house from scratch here in Bulgaria and renovated two others. All details are on my website at with details of costs etc to give you some idea of what you will need to spend. Please keep in mind that renovations can get expensive. You need to budget in for the work as well.



Advice on buying and living in Bulgaria, all about life here and daily adventures -

Bulgarian stray dog charity -


Forum Leader - France and Bulgaria
Forum Leader - France and Bulgaria
Re: Pls Offer advice...end this dilemma!!

Post Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 4:44 pm

Hi The 3 Newbies,

As people have said before, don't buy off the net
You have to really visit the country and experience the different way of life here.

There are many regions with a wide variety of locations available from mountains, lakes, etc.... YOU JUST HAVE TO DO SOME RESEACH THEN GO LOOK FOR YOURSELVES!

I have a number of properties in different regions but spend most of my time in Vidin where there are still large houses available to suit you budget.

Good hunting wherever you choose, but go look first!



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Regular Poster
Thank you

Post Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 2:51 am

Hello all..

Just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to read and respond to my plea for advice...i received loads of sound advice, conversed with some great ppl and really have taken on board all that has been suggested/shared.

The house came back down in price !! lol, although i feel slightly wary after the agents massive increase and not being able to contact the agent despite repeatedly calling their office for two days!!

What have we decided..?...or what have i rationally thought is the best way fwd..well we do plan to visit BG hopefully in a few weeks time and hope to arrange a couple of days viewings and get a feel for the place and differnt areas. Exciting... As we will only ba able to spend a few days due to work i would appreciate ppl's recommendations of areas which we can focus on given our time will be restricted... we are looking for quiet, relaxing, friendly, safe villages/small towns...where as a family we can just relax and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Well I wish you all a very good weekend, good health and thank you again..

Kind regards


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