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Moving to Cairo

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Egypt.

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Re: Moving to Cairo

Post Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 6:53 pm

well, at least we were honest !


Forum Leader - Egypt
Forum Leader - Egypt
Re: Moving to Cairo

Post Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:32 pm

I have to agree about the driving here too, 1crew. It's not for the meek! Most people do NOT have insurance. My hubby just bought a new car and was considering buying insurance for it, but it's not a necessity.
As for driving, well, I'm from NYC, so it's only a little crazier here (well, maybe a lot crazier.....rules? what traffic rules? It's like driving the bumper cars) I guess I'm daring. The funny thing is that in America, we are trained not to tell the driver what to do, especially if it's a man. But in Egypt, one NEEDS a copilot to watch out for everything. When you are driving, (especially in Nasr City, which I think is the craziest place to drive) you not only have to watch out for the other drivers, who will always do the unexpected (it's every person for himself!), you also have to watch out for pedestrians who will just walk off the curb in front of your car (they all have a death wish), the guys on bicylces, the donkeys and carts, and the delivery men on the motorscooters that zip in and out of traffic. One special note about the "microbuses", (about the size of vans) the drivers are insane! They zip around, stop anywhere to pick up or deposit passengers, sometimes the door on the side is open with a guy hanging out of it.
Since you are working in Kattemaya Heights, I would suggest to try to find a place in either Rehab(which is quite nice and the cars there almost act like "normal") or there are some apartment buildings close to there. Living in Nasr City is very crowded and lively. There will be traffic getting to work, but if you can handle it, you can look there too. I would suggest trying to come here and look around before you make a decision. Living in Maadi would be nice, but the apartments may be more expensive, and then you have to fight traffic on the Ring Road.
Good luck!


Re: Moving to Cairo

Post Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 1:59 am

Thanks Luthien for your input, and a warm welcome to Expat Focus!

Hope to hear more from you in our forums.
Kind regards,



Jo James
Expat Focus


Expat Focus Administrator
Re: Moving to Cairo

Post Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 6:18 pm

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long pause but I have been travelling the Middle East and just returned back :-). Jordan, Syria and Lebanon were fantastic. Highly recommended Smile I live and work in Jordan at the moment.
However with all your help my wife and I have decided that for the first year we will be looking for a place in Maadi Smile however still undecided about the car.
All the info about roads, cars and driving licence is relief on the one hand and scary on the other.
Many thanks Smile
BTW I would love to write an info sheet about Jordan before I leave. How do I do this? I have written to the site admin but got no reply.

Many thanks everyone Smile I think Cairo is gona be gr8 Smile



Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: Moving to Cairo

Post Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 6:39 pm

One more thing....

My own 'integration' into Egypt left an awful lot to be desired, now 2 years in, I am finally, only now, getting a life!

I daresay your wife may be more experienced than I was in being a trailing spouse, so may not need this kind of info, but for her to successfully adapt to life here, she's gonna need fellow expat women on the ground. There are some fabulous email groups on yahoo - Womeg, Foreign women living in Egypt are possibly the best, should you be moving to Cairo. There she will be able to access meet ups etc, and quickly gain a new circle of friends. When the women on these groups hear new blood is coming to Cairo, they get very excited and go all out to include them....


Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: Moving to Cairo

Post Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 3:53 am

To buy a car try They also rent cars at

- SCT107

You crack me up! I will def keep my eyes peeled for a bright pink Tank - or perhaps a nice shade of pastel pink would suit a blonde better? LOL!

I do tend to reserve my walks for Fridays, crossing the roads is easier, and a lot less people about - well out of Summer anyway, but as I said before, haven't been out for a couple of weeks... Getting low on provisions, so a trip to Carrefour is imminent, oh be still my beating heart!!

Have long admitted to anyone that'll listen that I KNOW I have a nice warm place reserved down below.... At least I'll know more people there! You ARE wicked, it's nice to know it's not just me!! BTW, you on facebook? Pm me if so and send me your link, I set up a (very small) group of like minds, albeit all in Alex, but it helps to share - and your insights are fab!

One more funny tale before I go... Toddler just beginning to talk, during the summer last year, limited vocab. Anything partially obscured from his view was 'iding' - can't say H yet.. so we are on the balcony, looking at the hustle and bustle of the Corniche, & Little one says 'Idin', Idin' I looked around, sometimes there are frogmen in the harbour... No. I looked and looked, almost gave up and all the time he's 'Idin' Idin!' Eventually I saw her, crossing the road in front of us, covered in black from head to foot, only eyes showing.... He still says it every so often and it cracks me up inside every time! I'll save you a warm spot next to mine.....


Re: Moving to Cairo

Post Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:39 pm

I am looking for property to rent in 6th October near my husbands work. Where is the best place for expats in this area as he doesn't want to spend hours in the car every day?
Any help very much appreciated


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