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planning to move to holland

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in The Netherlands.

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planning to move to holland

Post Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 7:26 pm

hi guys....
i m planning to move to holland in about 2 years...its a long time...so i m tring to get all the informations i can about this country.
i m an italian guy,now living in japan...so i m having an experience of living outside of my country...i read some of the posts before to write this,and as i thought i dont need a Visa to come there...since we r in Europe...but i would like to know more about what i m interested in...
i m coming over there cause i m studing in a vocational school...studing digital music,and being a dj...since i m trying to produce some record in the techno/hard dance genre,,,i would like to know the situation there about music...
then...since i will come there...i would like to work...but i read,,,that i need to speack dutch...and this s a big problem...i can speack english,japanese and italian...and i m afraid to learn another language...even cause i heard that is quite difficoult...
anyway...i read some website u guys lnked in other topics...but i would like u to be more specify,if u can...giving me some advice about the cost of life,how should i do to rent a house,if its better for e to come there at least once before to move there,since i never came...
then i would like to recive some informations about some school...like music school...i know i said i would like to work,,,but if i wont find anything i might study....anyway if u guys could give me some links where i can get some general informations about the everyday life and even some more specific stuffs....
there s another point...the last....maybe my gf will move there with me...she s japanese...and i read that its quite difficoult to get the visa there at least u dont study...but since she has some problems even with english...i was wondering if going to a language school.....learning english,and not dutch could be helpfull for reciving the visa....
Thanks for ur help....and sorry for the several stuff i asked without listing them in a good way....there s a lot of time so i want to take ALL the infos that i need!!!!



Re: planning to move to holland

Post Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2005 5:30 pm

hi mate...nice nickname!!eheheh
about your last question i can address u some advice:
1) visit the netherland website, in order to ask info for immigration issues!
2) i knew something about a law called : "the facto visa"
which means that your g.f. could apply for a temporary resident or permanent visa , simply because of you and your relationship with her.
you'll be asked to provide EVIDENT proof of your being couple..for example to have a common banking account, a rental contract for your accomodation with both your names on it ( if you are already sharing an apart. with her ,don't miss to bring with you some receipt of it when you'll come over there)..and some other noisy stuff, just to give evidence of you as couple.
after that...you shouldn't have any problem..
but as i suggested before...go and have a look at the holland immigration website.none better than them can answer to these questions.

for your other questions, there are interesting articles here in this website, where you can get other information.
honestly for the music issue....you'd better find a music website for holland clubs or something like this..
good luck!


Re: planning to move to holland

Post Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2005 7:23 pm

thanks BRO!!!ehehehe


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