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After relocating DO YOU REGRET THE MOVE??????

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Thailand.

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After relocating DO YOU REGRET THE MOVE??????

Post Posted: Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:00 am

I'm looking at relocating to a warmer climate and I love Thailand the people, House prices and living costs leave us for dead here in NZ it's just that after 5 years would you still feel the same???
Also what is the most popular place for expiates to live and I'm not talking about the wealthy just your average KIWI or AUSSIE


Graham Very Happy


Re: After relocating DO YOU REGRET THE MOVE??????

Post Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:16 pm

Five years here and I do not regret the move, but you might.

Please keep in mind that the Thailand one sees on a two-week holiday is very different than what one experiences in day-to-day life, year-after-year.

Thailand is one, big, "Disneyland" for tourists. It's all for show: the big smiles, the fancy food, the dancing women. It's all entertainment -- to get tourist money, of course.

But walk a few hundred meters beyond the tourist strip and you will see another world: poverty, garbage, illness, ignorance, corruption, and violence. Under the surface, Thailand is a rather violent culture. That is the real Thailand, and that is where you will be living if you come here for long stay.

Plus there is the huge language gap. Some Thais claim they know English. The dentist has a sign in her office, "English spoken here", but I'll bet you can't understand her words. Many package labels in the shops are only in Thai, so what will you do when you want to buy food. If you have a car or motorcycle, the street and highway signs are all in Thai, once you get away from the tourist areas; so how will you get around? Taxi drivers pretend to understand English, but I challenge you to test them.

Before coming to live in Thailand, I had lived in five countries on four continents -- including Australia -- so I was far better prepared than the average new comer. But if you've never lived abroad, and especially, if you've never lived in an Asian country, I suggest making several visits here, for several months each time. And don't give up everything back home until you're sure you can survive here. It's possible, but far from easy.

-- Peter
Chiangmai, Thailand


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Re: After relocating DO YOU REGRET THE MOVE??????

Post Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:40 am

Peter, thank you for the honest comments. My husband and I are seriously considering retiring in Thailand. I say Chiang Mai, he wants Phuket. Possibly, we should live in one area for a year and then move to the next area just to get a good idea of where we would like to stay. I have been in contact with an acquaintance who lives in Hua Hin. He seems to love it and travels around quite a bit. If we do make the move, I personally cannot do nothing and would want to be involved in teaching English, volunteering, maybe starting a business to help Americans who will be traveling in Thailand, etc.


Re: After relocating DO YOU REGRET THE MOVE??????

Post Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:56 pm

What Peter said may be correct and true in many ways. But it is true to any other destinations as well. There are areas in any big cities or capitals of the world that has poverty, crimes, and other undesirable elements.

Perhaps on the language side of things, since Thailand is not an English speaking country, Thai is very much different in many ways. But to live in the land wouldn't you even consider learning the language at all?
Perhaps written language will prove very hard to master, spoken language will be easier.

What you will find of the people here will, at the very least, be more polite and sincere as a whole to "Farang" (White foreigners). There is less of "Mind my own business" attitude. People are more friendly. Smiles come more easily.

If when you get over here and want to teach English, Stick to larger cities since there are schools.

Affinity One


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Re: After relocating DO YOU REGRET THE MOVE??????

Post Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:33 pm

Phuket cost of living would be somewhat higher than Chiang Mai.

CM is a little cooler.

I believe Hua Hin is nice, not been, but a friend owns several investment properties there. Expat population possibly quite aged.

Major road direction signs are in Thai & English.

A farang may not work in tourism i believe.


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