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Please introduce yourself..........

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Canada.

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Re: Please introduce yourself..........

Post Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 5:53 pm

Hi everybody!
I'm glad to be joined this forum!
I'm italian, and I decided to move Canada with my family.
I'm a skilled worker, and preparing my papers to apply the permanent visa.
I think I'm rather to reach the 67 point score, it depend on my ielts score band, so I realized that to find a sponsor is better than retrying the ielts exam.
I hope to find some useful suggestions in this forum to reach my goals, and I'm disposable to do the same for other people.
And ...good luck!


Re: Please introduce yourself..........

Post Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:02 am

Well this looks like the first entry on this forum for quite a while.
I came to Edmonton in February 2013 with my partner. Her company has asked her to work here and sponsored her visa. As her spouse I also have an almost unrestricted work visa. She is 42, I am 62. I have a passionate interest in skiing so if anyone knows of any positions in the western Canadian ski resorts for winter 2013-2014 I would be interested to hear about them. I have 8 winter seasons working in the European Alps as a Ski Resort/Hotel Manager for UK based Ski Tour operators. My previous work experience is that of sales and management for over 30 years.
If anyone in the Edmonton area wishes to contact me I will be happy to reply.


Re: Please introduce yourself..........

Post Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:02 pm

Hi to all in this forum.
My name is Tibor.I'm 45 years old.I live in Germany.I would like to visit Canada this year.Toronto and Niagara falls are my preferred destinations.From now on I'm going to follow this forum to learn more about my dream country.


Re: Please introduce yourself..........

Post Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:29 pm


Help, Guidance, Direction, Advice....... We are a family of four, my wife, son of 8, daughter of 11 and myself 40 years young!
We live on the south coast of England in the New Forest, a wonderful part of this diverse country. The forest is beautiful and we have close friends and family, the schools are great and my wife works at the local primary, you would think we would want for nothing and be happy where we are. But in reality life is short and things have recently changed regarding my work and we have all been discussing the possibility of moving abroad. Whilst we love it here the weather can and often is really depressing, the summers are often short cold and wet and the winters are cold and wet, there is a pattern forming here! The summers are so short and sporadic that planning a UK getaway is difficult and plans can easily be washed away in a campsite in Devon and flying to Spain or such is commonplace to try and get guaranteed sun for those overpriced school holidays. With wet and cold winters (that often have no snow much to the annoyance of us all), again means getting on a plane and going away to France or some other european expensive snowy destination. You cant help but start to think there must be a place that has real seasons out there, Sun and sun bathing in the summer and snow with skiing in the winter all with a good standard of living to boot! Asking to much? After hours on the net reading positives and negatives about everywhere, we all honed in on Canada. The wilderness is beautiful, vast and largely unspoilt the schools appear often on par with the UK (if you know where to go) and the majority of people speak English, but it is also very diverse with influences from many cultures, the economy is rated highly and above all else you can sun bath in the summer and ski in the winter!

But.. there is always a but, thanks to the wonder of the internet, if you want to here good things about anything you can find it and equally the bad. We were all getting really excited about coming to Canada on holiday, to get a clearer perspective of what Canada is like we had planned to come when the snow has all gone and the sun has yet to burn its way through the clouds, a deliberate act to ensure we all had a reality check as coming in the throws of winter with everything covered in picturesque snow or summer and all in bloom would only give a view of the idillic life and not the reality of life all year round, a sensible choice we thought. Then we found a site that cast a dark cloud upon what was becoming a silver lining. Indicating that many cities have really bad air quality some bloggers blaming the steel industry in Hamilton for various cancers over a wide area, ineffective gun laws that have resulted in millions guns being in the hands the general public, cities with populations that are decreasing as people leave due to high crime rates, drugs, poverty and poor employment. I understand the UK has its problems and Canada is a very large place and it cant all be perfect but I want to get it right and if we visit Canada with the eyes of people who are potential citizens, we need to go to the right places and get the right advise.

If I was asked by a visitor to the UK where to go I would not tell them to go to London, I would suggest Devon for a cream tea or the New Forrest to see the wild horses and beautiful ancient forests or Scotland with its mesmerising landscapes and Whisky! People that come to the UK and see only London and fly out get a false impression of what the UK really has to offer, please do not get me wrong London has many positives, architecture, history the West end with the shows the list really could go on, but it is a city with millions of people and not all of the UK is covered in high rise buildings as was the belief of a Australian I met some years ago in Darwin, (he believed that with such a small country and close to 65 million people we must all live on top of each other! Smile
We are looking for a place that has a large enough population to warrant all the typical amenities you would find in say Southampton (UK) with suburbs that trail off into county side and then small villages, pockets of communities that have a school and a few shops and the "main" town is a 15 minute drive away, close but not to close. That is where we want to be, we are not city people but we don't want to have to drive an hour to get milk and three hours to go to the cinema. Asking a lot I know but if we get it right we could be skiing in Canada as residence next winter!

Any feedback positive or negative really is appreciated, many thanks


hi my name is ray

Post Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:33 am

hi all i hope you can help me iam thinking of going over to canadanfor a year working, i am a ex-militry i have a full clean lience ,with full c+e, b+e, d1+e and d+e, i also have hazardous goods lience, in-tanks and out-tanks 1-9, i was based in suffield canda in 2001 driving heavy goods tanks etc

What i need to no is what i do about my liencese when i get there, i no i need to take a test but is there anny think i can do over heard first, is there a site i can do a lot of the work hear and just sit a test when i get there Smile Smile Question


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