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Please Introduce Yourself Here

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Cyprus.

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Re: Please Introduce Yourself Here

Post Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 5:58 pm


my name is Yanko. I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. My family plans to move to live in Malta, because of the climate and environment. I am interesting for style of living - expenses, quite place, chances for find a job or start an own business. At the moment I am CEO at an Insurance company. I have good management skills.
How difficult is to move to live to Malta and find a job?
10x in advance for your assistance.
BR for all of you,


Re: Please Introduce Yourself Here

Post Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:14 pm

Hi all, my name is kat0701, i came upon the forum by chance in my depseration, well lets see if i can get this into a little box.

Im 29, cant say im ex pat as im Cypriot, but was born and spent the first 19 years if my life in England. Im unemployed, was working at a forex company based in Limassol where i live, and was made redundant about 2 months ago, i would love love love to find a job, but there seems to be nothing out there Sad , my dad has cancer on the brain, so im trying to sell our land and my house in order to fund treatment, and to at least have the money to make his life more comfortable, but as everyone knows nothing is selling at the mo. Not all bad, i have two lovely monsters, my 2 sons, my eldest is 5 and youngest will be 3 in April Laughing


Re: Please Introduce Yourself Here

Post Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:38 pm

Hi, my name is Terry. I am a Canadian living in Canada with my fiancee, Yiota, who is Cypriot. We are planning on relocating to Cyprus in the next few months. I am an Engineering Technologist with 15 years experience in the manufacturing industry and Yiota has just completed her Phd. in physical chemistry.

I am excited to experience four seasons as in Canada we only have two, (winter and almost winter). I am an avid scuba diver, and hope to own a sail boat to truely injoin what Cyprus has to offer.

My only concern is finding suitable employment. Any ideas? Are there popular classifieds I should be checking? What about temp agencies that find you a job?



Re: Please Introduce Yourself Here

Post Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:14 am

Hi All,
My name is Ian and I have been thinking of moving to Cyprus for a couple of years now. I'm 64, retired, divorced, with no real ties to keep me in the UK any more. My main concerns centre round the current economic climate in Cyprus. We hear in England of the dire state of the Cypriot economy and the exposure of Cypriot banks to high levels of Greek debt which is a bit worrying to say the least. A colleague has also recently told me that the Cypriot government is likely to embark on a huge exercise to bring rateable values up to date, as most houses still carry rateable values set in 1980. Again, for someone on a fixed income, this is worrying news. What is the rumour mill on the ground in Cyprus saying about the current situation?


Re: Please Introduce Yourself Here

Post Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:14 am

Hi my name is John, we are looking to move to Cyprus in the next few months. I am retired and cannot wait to get out of the UK. The main reason is because of my wife`s health, hopefully the warmer climate will be quite beneficial to her.


Re: Jeff

Post Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:35 pm

Hi all.

Moved here a year ago and settling down nicely.

I am getting a bit bored so I am looking for something to keep me occupied for a few hours a week. I used to work at the college in Bournemouth mainly as a Teaching Assistant and have taught basic IT to both teenagers and elderly people.



HI John & Ian

Post Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:55 pm

Hi John & Ian

I wouldn't worry too much about the economic situation for many reasons:

It is a good time to bring your money over and receive a UK pension as the exchange rate is favourable. Property is very cheap at the moment, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Gas: The recent gas finds, bodes well in the longer term for Cyprus as it is tied up with Israel and its contacts. Also Russia has an interest in Cyprus as there are many Russians investing in the country and many are moving here. The gas when online will make Cyprus an energy hub for Europe:

We have a lovely climate and a relaxed way of life, the medical side is not brilliant but not too bad as if you are retired you are entitled to free health care and medication at the General hospital, where you can see a GP and collect your medication at the pharmacy. Private health care is supposed to be excellent if you can afford it.

Find a good Cyprus Lawyer and ask lots of questions, I did!

Make the move you won't regret it.

If you are not sure where in Cyprus to live have a look at Kato Paphos.

I hope this helps


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