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Ask me questions about Canadian life and culture.

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Canada.

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Re: Ask me questions about Canadian life and culture.

Post Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 2:39 am

Jim ---Where is the best lake to catch BIG large mouth bass - we are Huntsville based?????


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Best lake for Large Mouth Bass?

Post Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 9:50 pm


I would suggest this...............Large Mouth Bass like warm, relatively shallow lakes with lots of weeds and lilly pads on the surface. As Huntsville is located on the edge of the Canadian Sheild geological region, with a different type of lake from the more southern Kawartha Lakes region, you may have to do a bit of travelling to get to a really good bass lake.

Try this...........Look at a map of Ontario and find Parry Sound on hwy 69, that runs along the edge of Georgian Bay, north towards Sudbury. Look for the town of Port Severn, which is the western end of the Trent-Severn canal. Look for a body of water called Glouster Pool, which has a large amount of shallow and warm water. Boat rentals and bait are aviailable in Port Severn. The bass season starts on the last Saturday in June.

Another suggestion, closer to Huntsville, is the area around Dorset. Ask locally for suggestions about locations and bait that is working that week.

Good luck.

Jim B.


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Re: Ask me questions about Canadian life and culture.

Post Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 10:23 pm


Everything that you wrote about "Austrailians" can ALSO be said about "Canadians". We also have fat kids and beer on the couch syndrome here. Not every one here is fit , nor wants to be .

SO.................If you are into sport and being fit, you will find others, here, who are too. Birds of a feather, right?

AS to history in Canada, we do preserve and maintain our historic sites and buildings. Example the St, Marie Among the Hurons site, which was re-created on the original site, by the Government of Ontario, at a cost of millions of dollars, and is a out standing example of historical accuracy and "living history" which emplys hundreds of university students every summer, living as the Jesuits and their servants did in the early 1600's. The web site is at ...

In a more modern era, the Canadian War Plane Heritage Museum at Hamilton International Airport has a the largest collection of WW two FLYING aircraft in North America. They fly these ww2 planes every day all summer long, with over 60 planes in thr collection, all of which were either built in Canada during the war, or flown by Canadians in ww2.

This is a private organsisation that takes NO government money, and has over 18,00 Canadian members, across the country. It started with 4 men all of whom had been RCAF pilots in ww2, and who owned a militray fighter ait craft of theirt own. Now it is the largest private air force in the world! For more info go to

In the harbour at Hamilton ( 40 miles to the west of Toronto ) is a ww2 Royal Canadian Navy destroyer, HMCS HAIDA. She is thre only one of her class still afloat, out of 27 ships. She is a Canadian National Historic site, and is opetated by Parks Canada, She is staffed by a mix of ww2 veterans, and university students. Look at her at

Finally, take a lok at a uniquely Canadian historic village, called Upper Canada Village, located in Morrisburg , Ontario. This is a 300 acre era 1867, village, that is staffed by people in period costume, who work and live as our ancestors did. The village has over 100 authentic buildings, that were moved to this site before the flooding that was the result of the building of ther St Lawrence river seaway, in the late 1950's. This project saw the building of the world's lagest system of locks that allow ocean ships to go right into the middle of the north american continent, 2,000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The village is operated by the St Lawrence River Parks commission, who also operate Fort Henry, the largest British fortress in Canada.

Both of these wonderfull Canadian historical site can be seen at this web site..............

So yes we do remember our past, and preserve it for the future. Does Australia do that?

Jim B.


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Re: Ask me questions about Canadian life and culture.

Post Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 5:23 am

Hi Jim,
It is HOT here at the moment - we are supposed to get a high of 42degrees C today! And I have a dance lesson planned!

I found the Georgian Triangle website and that is great - - it has photos which I love as I can get a real glimpse of the area.

Some of the other links you gave me re the planes are very interesting.

I guess that every country has its spread of different people. And you are very right that if I am healthy and into fitness and outdoors that those are the people I will connect with...and that is something that I have done here in Australia.

I wonder how encompassing the culture around drinking is in Canada compared to Australia.
As in Aust we really have a very strong national identity with beer - you may have heard the references to "VB" (Victoria Bitter -a beer from the state I live in now).
It is almost as if drinking beer is a national past-time. It is something that alot of Australians are proud of.
A generalization of course..because I have created a community around me that appreciate health, respect their bodies and are into positive, uplifting behaviour.
As there seems to be a "yahoo" element attached to drinking in Australia I find that "culture" is something I move away from.
To seems that drinking in Australia is attached to the "Tall poppy" attitude.

So, I wonder if there is that element to such a national icon level in Canada?

Austalia is not very connected to the past. We don't have a very turbulent history (compared to some other countries) and schools (in my day at least) taught us nothing about our Aboriginals. And we are a relatively young country. We have museums from the wars and we are quite connected to our Anzacs and celebrate Anzac Day with a march in all states. However, we don't really have many traditions that have been maintained that touch a lot of people. We have some touristic "old town" setting that replicate old Australian town life such as Old Sydney Town.
Respect of Aboriginals is something that is new. We have a past history of a grand dislike for them. However, we are now beginning to bring their traditions into the spotlight at major events.

My major attraction to Canada seems to be to the landscape and the availability of the lake/beach- mountain environment. Also, I like that Canada has small towns out of major metropolitan areas that are well populated with great infrastructure. I love the greeness of Canada!

There just seems to be "something" different about Canadian life and culture that attracts me. I'm sure there may be some lake-mountain area that I can find in Australia however, I gotta say, I think the snow is a major attraction for me...the definite seasons that you have as I really love contrast.



Re: Ask me questions about Canadian life and culture.

Post Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 3:39 pm

Hi Jim - Thanks for the reply.


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Re: Ask me questions about Canadian life and culture.

Post Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 10:17 pm

Hi Jim,

I have seen your posts and they are very useful.

I am from Malaysia, and has done the 'points system' for immigration to Canada. I would say that I qualified.

I love the outdoors. I am not keen to stay in a metropolitan-style surrounding anymore, since I was born-in and grew up in such a place. Where would you recommend that I go to please ?

I intend to travel from Vancouver to Toronto sometime soon. I hoped this will allow me to see more of your lovely contry, both the cities and the countryside. Is this a good way please ?

What do Canadians think of Malaysians please ? After all, Malaysia is not a G8 Country,.........

Appreciated your kind advice.



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Re: Ask me questions about Canadian life and culture.

Post Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 1:12 am


I have answered you on another thread on this forum. Please go there to read my reply to you.

By the way, we regard each individual Immigrant as a person, and we don't make assumptions about a whole nation, such as Malaysia, based on one person. That would be a form of discrimination, based on racial appearance, instead of an individual's behaviour. Be friendly and listen to what people here talk about, that is the best way to learn about my country, Canada.

Jim B. Toronto.


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