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need advice on move from usa

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Thailand.

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Re: need advice on move from usa

Post Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:31 pm



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Re: need advice on move from usa

Post Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:45 am

Tavit, Hi again, That was a very interesting lesson, on the baht. Very easy, I was using a calculator but your way I can do in my head. I feel pretty confident I'll have no problems getting use to baht for $$$. I have a print out of the paper and the coins. So I know what the currency looks like. What would you suggest carrying the most of the 50 baht's and 100 baht,s and maybe a few 500's ? And do they use the coins alot? Here again, which coins should you keep with you. I know that the 25 and 50 satang are the lowest but I hear the 7-11's use them as change because of the way things are priced in the store.

What was the last post you did "fruits"? I didn't understand.

I'm very anxious to get finished up here. The idea of the massage's foot and body sounds like I can afford them every week, something that's a luxury here. Especially when your saving your money to move.

I think you touched on every subject I can think of for now. I'm going to explore some of the city's you mentioned and after I get finished, I'm sure I'll have more questions. Between selling off our stuff here, keeping the house up and the yard, researching Thailand, learning everything there is to know, and being on the internet, it feels like I have a full time job! I can't wait to relax, and the days seem to fly by. Before I know it, the house will be empty , the bags packed and we're on our way. My counter says 96 more days, I think that's right. So, for now thanks for all the advice, and if you think of something new to tell me, I'm all ears! Laughing thank you, jami


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Re: need advice on move from usa

Post Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:27 pm

Last post "Fruit" was a topic I thought of and had no time to elaborate on just yet. I logged on to the forum and did not see your reply I felt as if I missed something. So I just left it as "Fruits"

I'll get to that later. First the Baht. 20, 50 and 100 should be in your pocket at all time, 500 and 1000 perhaps a few as you said. That is because some store may not have change if you buy 15 Baht worth of goods and paid 500 or 1000 Baht note. Value of the note is on each note in both Thai and arabic numbers. You'll get used to it soon. Actually I think it is easier than the US as it is all green.
Coins, a few of each in your pocket is OK, 10, 5, 2, and 1 Baht 25 and 50 Satang is hardly used unless in supermarket where prices may be some thing like Baht 167.25
Calculation of money as in interest etc can be in odd satang (16 satang etc.) but the coins available now are only as above. Some people may even take offence if you pay using the 25 and 50 Satang coins!!!

Fruits: There are many tropical fruit for you to enjoy throughout the year. These are some of the one I know. Not the ones you are familiar with like banana, papaya, water melons pineapple etc.
Durian : King of fruits. This will get some getting used to like different cheeses. if you know what I mean.

Mangustein: Queen of fruits.
Rambutan (NGAOH)
Rose apple (CHOMPUU)
Custard appple (NOI NAH)
Longan (LUM YAI)
Lychee (LIN JEE)
Mango (MA MUANG)
Star fruit (MA FUENG)
Pommello (SOM O)
Long gong (LONG GONG)
These are some of the names of fruits that you can do your research on and to try when you get here.

Of course you will enjoy the massage foot or otherwise without being out of pocket so much.
DO your research and ask questions. I'll see if I can help answer them.
I think now is 95 days left! Go sell your stuffs and pack your bags.
Just think that reading this post is a relaxation for you at the same time you get to know things you didn't before.
I'll log in again to see if you ask any questions. Don't let me wait too long.


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Re: need advice on move from usa

Post Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:33 pm

foods, you touched on a great subject, as in fruits, and after I logged off, I thought of this. When I get there, and need to buy some items for in the new home, I'll need your basic items, like milk , sugar, spices, breads, breakfast foods, lunch foods, and we do eat a lot of vegetables. I know these items will be available, but what am I looking for, are the names the same. If I go into a grocery store are the items in Thai and English, and how are things packaged. I know there has to be a difference in some way, maybe they don't have milk for instance from a cow? Also the outdoor local markets, how would I know what I was buying. Maybe you can translate some items that we should try once there. I already heard about the Durian, the show I was telling you about, Bazaar Foods, this was 1 of the fruits Andrew tasted, and he took 2 bites and had to spit the 2nd out. He eats almost everything, tasting twice before making a decision on whether he likes it or not, and the Durian wasn't something he liked. LOL, he said it tasted like dirty socks! Now my hubby may like it, as he loves all kinds of cheese. As for foods, I can't eat hot spicy food, as my throat was operated on and hot, not like hot and cold, but hot spicy is suffocating to me. So tell me about Thai foods that aren't that hot to eat. I have to run right now, I have a doctor appt. and I'll write more later.. Thanks travit, as always your advice is greatly appreciated! Jami


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Re: need advice on move from usa

Post Posted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:02 am

Foods : This is a very good topic.
Vegies : All kind of Vegies are available, those need to cook and those salad, eat raw. In normal outside market you can get most things, but they are noy packaged as such. Mostly sell by weight, Kilogram, and put in carry bag. In supermarket they are individually packed. Still sold by weight. These are a bit more presentable and more expensive. I would think at least 20% on top of the market prices, what with the packaging and the overheads.

Meat: Pork is consumed more than beef, but beef is also available. Fish chicken duck etc.

Milk in big container is only avaliable in supermarket. 7-11 offer smaller packs. But UHT milk is available in most places. Of course it is cow milk. Goat milk is also available but higher in price.
Spices: in neatly packed bottles are available in supermarket. Garlic and onions are in abundance.

Curry powder and paste: There are a very wide variety of curry.
Hot food: most Thai food is somewhat hot. Things like Tom yum, Som tum. What you need to do is to ask for no hot (Mai Phet). Chinese style food is available every where which is not hot. As for street foods are concerned following are some of the things to try.
Khao Kha Moo: Stewed pork leg on Rice.
Khao Moo Daeng: Red Roasted pork on Rice
Khao Mun Kai: Steamed chicken on Rice.
Khao Na Ped: Roast / Stewed duck on Rice.
Khao Pad: Fried Rice {You can add follow ing word to "Khao Pad" to specify which meat to put in. eg. Khao Pad Moo: with pork, __ __ Kung: with prawn, __ __ Poo: with crabmeat etc......}
Guay Teaw: Noodles. Many variety is available
Sen Mee: vermicellie: Thin thread white noodle
Sen Lek: Thicker white noodle
Sen Yai: Flat White noodle
Ba Mee: Yellow egg noodle
Guay Jub: Flat square noodle ( like Lasagna pasta)
Those noodle come with variety of soup and meat such as fish balls, chicken, duck (Braised) Pork, Stewed Beef etc.......

I think when you have settled down some where begin with purchasing the items from Supermarket or department stores. They offer all you want. But thing about it. You don't need language all you need is visual and numbers. But most supermarket have English translation of Signs etc. such as signs announcing what's in this ailsle of rack. eg. Cereals, Breads etc. Also some labels are in English. Names are not the same mostly but some are such as Carrots.
Some Thai for your survival are
Swasdee Ka (Krub): Hello [ Ka - for female speaker, Krub for Male speaker. you can add this to the end of the sentence just to make it more polite]
Tao Rai [Ka]: How much
Chai: Yes
Mai: No, Not { such as Mai Phet= Not Hot}{ Mai Ao = Not want}
Yen: Cold
Nam Khaeng: Ice
Kin Khow: Eat rice (Have a meal)
Nam: Water
Nom: Milk
Pai: Go
Ma: Come
Rong Raem: Hotel
Thanon: Road, Street
Corn flakes: Corn Flakes Very Happy
Kanom Pang: Bread
Nam Taan: Sugar
Prik Tai: Pepper
Prik: Chillies
Phet: Hot {Spicey hot}
Glua: Salt

Of course you can find books or articles such as survial Thai Language which covers a lot more than I can here. But just think this is the starting point.

On the durian when I compare it with cheese I did not mean it tastes like cheese. But rather that it has its individual fragrant so to say, that is unique and get some getting used to.
I am off for now. Will be here again I think it is 94 days to go. Very Happy


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Re: need advice on move from usa

Post Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:57 am



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Re: need advice on move from usa

Post Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:12 am

[quote]Swasdee Ka (Krub): Hello [ Ka - for female speaker, Krub for Male speaker. you can add this to the end of the sentence just to make it more polite] I'm confused about this one Tavit Confused When using swasdee ka, am I addressing the female I'm saying hello to, or does that refer to me, the one saying hello. Told you I was confused. I also can convert the english language to thai using google translations. I just figured that one out yesterday. I'm going to make flash cards, like a kid in school, when they do spelling test, and learn the meaning of the word, only I'm learning the translation to Thai. But at least I'll know some words till I get there. Another question, is the language the same , no matter what city in Thailand you live,( some people have their own language within the same country, or have an accent that sounds different but means the same word.) And the 2nd part of the language question, is the word pronounced the way it looks? Krub, for instance, looks like it would rhyme or sound like scrub, drop the s sound and you have krub??? Do I have you confused now ? Smile

I had other questions, I guess I'm going to have to start writing them down as I think of them, with everything going on, and so much to get done, I forget the question once I sit down to write.

You never said which city you live in, your profile doesn't say, do you mind telling ? I have been doing a lot of research on Cha Am, and Hua Hin, they both seem very beautiful, without the big city lights, as in Bangkok, or Phuket. Also, I have a friend of my husbands sister who lives in Kata Beach. I'll be shipping some items to his home, so we don't have to start over with nothing but clothing. So, I know we'll be checking that area out also. I would hate to have to ship the stuff twice, as Hua Hin is a bit further North from where he is. I'm use to miles, there you have kilometers ? I was looking for a conversion chart and don't seem to have one at my finger tips!

OK, I thought of one of my questions, actually 2, hey I 'm on a roll, 1 is about crafts, and 2, my laptop.

The first is crafts, I do mosaic art, I love to break glass and I also purchase stained glass over the internet. I glue it to pottery, or I do glass on glass items. I decorate pieces of square or round pavers as stepping stones, and birdhouses, you get the idea. There is a site on here called estcy that allows you to sell your handmade crafts on their web site for a small fee. I know you can't work in Thailand without a work permit, but would this be legal ? And how much of a problem would I have sending the pieces out of the country? I use pay-pal, ( this is internet banking in a sense) I don't know if I can use it there, I'm assuming so, I'll still have my bank account here in the states. I'd still do my crafts for my own entertainment but would love to be able to sell some pieces as long as it doesn't get me kicked out of the country, as that's my new 2nd home.

The other question pertains to my lap top, I just bought a Toshiba Satellite A505, it came with a users guide and a list of country's where it can be used , I guess the airwaves can be interfered with depending on the output from the lap top. Thailand wasn't on the list, and it was a little late knowing this, to want to return it. I personally liked this one out of all I looked at. So, do you know anything about this being an issue? Here again, I don't want to do something wrong. Do they sell the Toshiba Satellite A505 in Thailand? I sure hope so ! It is wireless and wi fi ready, but I don't plan on using it in the internet cafe's once we get settled.

Ok, I know there are more questions to come, I'm thinking !!! And I'll be sure to write them down this time so when I get on here I'll know what to ask. Your a big help, again , I thank you!

By the way, I don't see any new subjects on this forum, it seems kinda slow, I think we're the only ones chatting back and forth, I could take this private, but I feel this is something important for those in my shoes, I haven't found anywhere that I get the information that your giving me. This a big help, it's helped me with the panic attacks of not knowing things. there's a lot of information on the web, but when it comes to every day living, there's not enough information listed on one site, you have to keep searching. And than their are the things you don't think about, or know to ask. Hmmm, Interesting isn't it?

Ok, I'm done for now. And yes today, 93 left, times a flying!! Very Happy


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