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What Are The Chances??

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Canada.

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What Are The Chances??

Post Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2006 9:34 pm

My family and I want to relocate to canada, But with child and Dog.
I need to Secure work before leaving. Also if i secure employment i could get my visa and everything sorted in 6 months?

Problem is I am a Control systems Engineer and would qualify as a skilled worker.
We like the look of brittish columbia and alberta, But how many companys would actually offer me a job and help me get my work visa / PRV.

Is it common for companys to recruit from the UK or will i need to be in canada on a visitors visa to door knock ect???

Or am i barking up the wrong tree and am gona need to wait 3 years to get PRV then go over on my own to secure employmet?

And help or experiences in this would be greatly appreciated.

Robbudge + Family & Dog


Re: What Are The Chances??

Post Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 12:01 am


First let me congratulate you on being interested in coming to Canada.

My family has been here for just over 200 years, so we are "old Canadians".

Now for the different types of classes on Immigrants.

Permanent Resident status is the usual one that most folks are shooting for, but there are a few more, such as the Work Visa.

This is one that allows you to be here and work for a set period of time, one to two years. This is usually when a company wants "YOU" specifically, and they help you get a visa to work in Canada. How do you get that? Usually thru a "head hunter " company that sets up in the UK and holds a "JOB FAIR' that allows interested professionals to walk in and get an interview on the spot. Then they match you to the positions that "they" ate trying to fill in Canada. All costs are borne by the company in Canada that is "looking " to fill vacancies that they can't fill in Canada.

A second type of immigration class as you mentioned is the "skilled worker" and that is again a good idea for someone with your education and qualifications.

AS a UK citizen you DON"t need a visa to enter Canada as a VISITOR. You could come for a look round and "test the waters" while you are here. If you could find a company willing to hire you, they could assist you with a work visa or a Permanet Resident application. The PR process is about TWO YEARS from start to finish, while a work visa is much quicker especially if the Canadian firm wants YOU.

British Columbia and Alberta both have extensive industrial facilities, and the scenery is beautiful as well .

OK now it is time for you to ask me questions.

Jim Bunting. Toronto.


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