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Advice !

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Canada.

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Re: Advice ! Thinking about next step after this !

Post Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 6:57 am

Dear Jim,

As usual, your advice is very good and very much appreciated. I will put in some thinking process now and revert again. Thank you once again,........


Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: Advice !

Post Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 8:07 am

Hi Jim. As usual, fantastic help provided.

Thought I would just add a few weblinks to the mix.


Here is the Audio/Video Archives for the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Council):

You can browse the topics on the left, and really immerse in over 80 years of multimedia regarding the Canadian experience. A nice addition to Jim's descriptive support when you have moving pictures and sound too.

There is also an interactive CBC Canada History Website:

This site lets you browse through each Century of Canada's history along the top of the page, with corresponding information and multimedia available to you below as you surf through Canada's timeline.



Toronto Executive Suites - Info: Here


Frequent Poster
Frequent Poster
Re: Advice !

Post Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 2:28 pm


Thank you for the clips too. AVA is interesting becos it allows us to see and hear too. I will watch and revert when ready.


Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: Advice !

Post Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 7:36 am

Paul and Jim,


I would like to do this :-

1) identify a place in the countryside, and rent a room there, for say 6 months :-

a) where would be a good place please ?
b) what would be a reasonable rent please ?
c) how much do you think, I should sat aside for a comfortable living in
these 6 months ?
d) what about a 6-month visa please ?

Hoped I have not missed out anything.

2) with the above activitiy in 1), I hoped to be able to test-out living in the
countryside. But is 6 months sufficient please ?

3) finally, if the above 2 factors are fine, I will begin my Migration
Activities - application, paperwork, etc.

Is the above a Good Plan please, dear gents ?

Many thanks again.


Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: Advice !

Post Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2006 2:49 am


I don't think that you understand what I call "the country side" and what you are talking about.

Here in Canada, if you live in the country side, that means that there are no nearby towns, no bus services and everybody HAS TO HAVE A CAR to get around, because of the distances involved.

Living in a small town, on the otherhand, you could do with out a car and you would be able to walk to the stores and places of interest.

In a larger city, there are bus services, taxis and you can rent a bicycle to ride around on.

As a citizen of Malaysia, you need to apply for a VISITORS VISA, to come to Canada for a VISIT, to see how you like the country, before you begin the process to become a legal Immigrant in Canada. By visting first you will be able to decide, without having invested any big money and time in the Immigrant process. You can get more information about getting a visitor visa to Canada from the Canadian Embassy in KL city.

If you were to be here for about 3 months that would be long enough to make a decision, I think. Renting a room would mean not having anywhere to cook your meals. Do you want to eat in a restuarant for 3 meals a day for months? Better to rent a one bedroom apartment, with furnishings and a complete kitchen and cook for yourself. An avearge cost per month would be about $600 CDN.

For a 3 month visit, I would bring $5,000 CDN to be sure to not run out of money while you are here. Remember that you will want to see and do lots of things while you are here, and most of them involve some costs every day., and you will also be buying food to eat and things like toilet paper and soap and a newspaper to read .

Where to stay? Not in the countryside. It is not practical for a person with no car and no way to travel. Pick a small town or small city instead. What time of the year do you want to be here? Remember that we have 4 distinct weather seasons, each is different.

Go to this Offcial Government of Canada web site, and READ the entire page, to find out about getting a VISITOR'S Visa to come to Canada for a short period of time.

Ask me about this after you have read the rules for getting a Visitors Visa.

Jim B. Toronto.


Forum Legend
Forum Legend
Re: Advice !

Post Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2006 9:10 am


I apologised for the misunderstanding. I have a better understanding now of the differences between : the countryside and the small town.

I will think through and read through (as said), and revert again.

Once again, thank you.


Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: Advice - am ready !

Post Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 5:06 pm


Good evening.

I am ready to try-out the 3 months of staying in a Canadian Small Town.

Can you kindly advise me of the following :-

1) Recommend a Small Town, preferable near to Toronto, with available
basic amenities, and perhaps some foreigners living there too.

Tell me more about the town, geographically, etc.

2) Recommend a company that I can go to for finding a place to rent, the
approximate rental fees ( for 3 months ) and the available facilities in
the place too (if you know).

If I can approach the owner directly, I wouldn't mind that too.

3) A suitable time to go, say by May this year, August, etc ?

Thank you. Reply at your leisure, Jim,........


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Regular Poster
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