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Process of buying property in Morocco

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Morocco.

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Process of buying property in Morocco

Post Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:00 am

Hi, I am from Leicester United Kingdom and I am interested in buy property in Morocco prefrably Agadir. How is the process and any recomendations? I travel about once a month for about a week so deeinately need something there, also looking to get married... any helps please... very much appreciated!



Re: Process of buying property in Morocco

Post Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:02 pm

- jav187

Hi, I am from Leicester United Kingdom and I am interested in buy property in Morocco prefrably Agadir. How is the process and any recomendations? I travel about once a month for about a week so deeinately need something there, also looking to get married... any helps please... very much appreciated!


Have been coming to Morocco for the last 20 years, married a Moroccan, and have a flat in El Jadia, 75 km down the Coast from Casablanca. but don't take it that I'm an expert in anything; the Arab mentality is far different from Western.
To complicate a lot of other things, I'm useless at languages so do not know any French, Moroccan and have trouble with native English Very Happy
However mobile phones and Internet are freely available in most towns and cities.

The first thing to do if looking for property in Morocco is get yourself a trusted Moroccan, otherwise the property prices will double as soon as they see a European, especially in Agadir. Second tip from my wife, never trust a Moroccan, Very Happy remember this is not Europe, and while the people of the country are friendly, sociable and amiable, they're also out to make a buck out of a foreigner. or marry a European passport

One of the first complaints you hear is that 100 DM (£8 approximately) is nothing to you, but it's a lot to them.

However saying that, prices in Morocco are way down on European prices, as long as you keep away from the European touts, who will happily buy land at Moroccan prices £5000, build a house on it for £20,000.Then offer you a brilliant mortgage of £100,000 over 15 years as long as you pay £25,000 deposit down.

Also keep away from people with land wanting to develop, who want you and 10 others to put down a deposit of £5000, expecting this to allow them to build completely risk-free, as they won't start to build until they have total amount. Often they disappear without leaving you anything.

A good point of contact if you're in Agadir during the winter are the caravan people you find along the coast. A lot have good experience of Moroccan life,(and Moroccan women) Smile and many speak good English, but again beware of too many friendly Moroccans willing to help, it usually costs you a meal, and 100 DM.
It goes to say that always find yourself a trusted solicitor, and check personally if you can the title register, at the local town hall. I was offered a plot of land, when checking the land was in the correct name, but in a conservation area that would never allow building.
However as you seem to visit Agadir on a regular basis lot of this you will understand.

The second thing is to remember family is everything, in this country, as in a lot of the developing world. Marry and you marry the family.
One of the biggest complaint I have is that all our holidays are spent, visiting relatives in Morocco, and we seemed to have thousands. though it does keep the cost down of hotels.

The other thing about marrying a Moroccan is, where do you live, and what your religion. In the UK which has terrible weather, but great shopping. In Morocco where the shopping is absolutely lousy, but the weather, except for July and August is fantastic.
though Agadir does have some good Western supermarkets.

As I expect you know February in Agadir absolutely great, except possibly when the wind blows up the coast, and you can't see more than about 50 m because of the dust.

A lot of cheap properties can be found in the back areas of the villages along the coast to rent, I started by renting a property for about £50 a month, shared with a another Englishman. This we shared amongst us, basic, but with the electricity, basic gas, though with a Moroccan toilet.however these are usually unfurnished, again you need a Moroccan friend to help you.
At £25 a month, it was ideal for the winter months, when the weather in England is atrocious. However often out of season, a single person can live in a three star Hotel in Agadir for £80 a month, main meal extra. In the UK my electric and gas can cost me this

Further on the marriage side, Moroccan women make excellent wives, as long as you understand you’re marrying the, family and, mother in law as well. I am extremely lucky in that respect, as both my in-laws are extremely nice people, and my wife has a very strong personality (she ran away from home at 17, to avoid a arranged marriage) which means they would never dare to tell her what to do.
Also i'm fortunate that the three of the four brothers, have lived or live in Italy. Which also means we have other relatives to visit. But it, still does mean they try and interfere in my family life a lot

My overall impression of Morocco is it a great country, very friendly towards foreigners, especially if you have money a European passport, and are single. Just do your homework definitely don't judge it by European standards, be careful how you drive, "defensively" (Morocco is one great pedestrian precinct). And double check everything you're told three times and you will get some idea of true value of what you're buying.


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