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TV Show: Moving From UK to India

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in India.

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TV Show: Moving From UK to India

Post Posted: Sun Aug 10, 2014 8:09 pm

Hi Everyone. I am posting here to see if there is anyone who is planning/considering a move to India from the UK. BBC are looking to make a show about this adventure and need willing contributors who's journey they can follow. If you fancy finding out more please reply here.

Thanks. Mike


Re: TV Show: Moving From UK to India

Post Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:32 pm

hey Mike
good post started by you


Re: TV Show: Moving From UK to India

Post Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:28 am

Hi Mike,

My name is Andy and I am a chef / actor..
I am planning on moving to India in the near future.
At present I am working my way through logistics etc, date is unknown at the moment.
I have come to this decision after a combination of visiting India on several occasions resulting in loving the country and coming to a stage in my life where I think its time for a change..
I have reached my goals and believe I have hit a brick wall now and with life being too short, I have to take the leap..
I am however going to India a third time on Oct 1st as a holiday / networking. I really need to speak to expats/employers face to face.
I have also sent emails to Bollywood as an avenue for reply as yet so being in Mumbai myself may prove beneficial....
Take care


Re: TV Show: Moving From UK to India

Post Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 7:30 pm

Hi Mike

My husband and I are considering moving to India because we quite fancy living lifestyle over as it appears in Marigold Hotel or the other celebrity version they did, the Real Marigold Hotel. We think we may do this next year, once my husband begins his official retirement at 65 years. We're not sure which region and even considered going over to live a year there first, to find out more about where would be suitable areas to live. I'm using this forum and Expat Focus web page to begin my research to equip us best for such a major move. If you need any further information which might suit your programme, please let me know.

Many thanks



Re: TV Show: Moving From UK to India

Post Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:02 pm

I lived in and around Delhi for a couple of years. I have already lived in South East Asia and other parts of South Asia for 10 years so was accustomed to being in low income countries.

I was still not ready for India. I ran an orthopaedic clinic and I spent my whole time trying to get people to understand the concept of hygiene both personal and for infection control in the clinic. I failed completely. Everyday, I had to push people to clean up or take a bath, it drove me nuts. I would find that somebody, a staff member, would have urinated on the floor of the patient bathroom before the clinic opened. It was difficult to get people to think for themselves and it came down to constantly micromanaging everything.

Staff felt too good to clean up their own mess. The would leave food waste out overnight until the cleaners came in the morning, we began to have problems with rats and cockroaches. There was no reliable garbage disposal system, we would have to wait for a contractor to come and collect it, sometimes it would take days.

India has a very patriarchal culture, women in the north have little freedom and as such will not work after 7pm and are not flexible in their routines. I found that male staff were incredibly stubborn, they would rather be fired than accept a new way of doing something. I told one member of staff how I wanted something done, then I gave a demonstration, three times I repeated and he just would not take a hint. New hires were easy to find but most people just wanted a job but didn't want to work. One receptionist was 2 hours late on the two days that she worked before she was fired. I regularly caught staff lounging when there was work to do.

The environment is laden with faeces, half the population has no access to bathrooms, the custom is to defecate in the open. Research shows that this is major public health risk and due to the abundance of pathogems in the environment Indians grow stunted.

This is a fun place to visit but not an environment to grow old in. The south, perhaps kerala is a little better, the socialist government there has done a god job of education and public health. Literacy rates and access to sanitation is the highest in the country.

There is no question as to why people chose to overfly India to go to South East Asia. Having said that India has some incredible places to visit, I would recommend spending a year travelling around, it would take a year to see the whole country. I spent two months on a motorcycle traveled 6,000 miles and saw perhaps a fifth of the country. I was blown away by some of the cultural sites which often are not i any tourist guides. Travelling around I often found the male dominated staff in hotels a little unnerving, the lack of female participation was really noticeable. I was off the beaten track for much of the time though, the more westernised tourist centres are a little more liberal but also act as magnet for Indian men who like to watch and photograph western women.

If you are starting a business, i suggest that you keep it small enough to manage yourself if you have to. It is unlikely that you can start something and get the locals to look after it, certainly not until you have spent a few years and found some dependable staff.


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