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Where to start?

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Canada.

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Where to start?

Post Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 3:14 pm

My husband and I are are both British and living in Scotland.

We are seriously considering moving to Canada to work but are confused by the education and skilled worker categories as obviously the education is canadian and not British equivelant.

We don' t know where to start to get some assistance in seeing if we are eligible to emigrate under skilled worker visa or not.

Cn anoyone offer any advice as to where to start?

A low or no cost option to start with until we find out if we score enough points would be good. We just need someone to explain what the UK equivelant is to a Canadian Diploma and Administrative Officer to be honest.

Many thanks in anticipation of a response.


Re: Where to start?

Post Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 10:59 pm

Basics first.

Here in Canada, the basic education is 12 years, at which point the student is supposed to Graduate from "high School " with a grade 12 certificate.

After high school the choice is.......go to a technical college for 2 years to get a DIPLOMA, in a technical trade such as plumbing or auto mechanics with a period of time afterwards as a Apprentice in trade, OR go to a University to get a DEGREE, starting with a Bachelor's in a four year program, follwed by < if the person decides to> , a Master's Degree, and then perhaps a further Doctoral Degree.

Obviously, this is ONLY a brief thumbnail sketch, of the system here in Canada, but as you can see it is not that much different than what you are used to in the UK.

In many cases, the biggest difference is in TERMS, and NAMES of jobs, and what we call someone here. For example, we call someone who installs and repairs electrical wiring and panels, a ELECTRICIAN, you may call that job a electrical engineeer. Here an Engineer, of any type, is a University Graduate, and they hold a Degree such as a BA Eng,. An electrican here would work UNDER a Engineer, doing directed work. Can you see the difference in the meaning of those terms?

You mentioned " administration officer". That is what we call a admin supervisor, or senior secretary, depending on the work place's way of detailing job descriptions. That person might be doing direct work for a executive in business, or a department head in a University environment, or they could be supervising a number of admin staff in an office.

The "skilled worker " application is very wide range. It allows for all most any type of applicant, from a trained musician, to a veteranary technician, to a aero space designer, to a tv cameraman. The person has to have professional qualifications to back up their application and have actually worked in the trade. Needed types of applicants wil get looked at faster.

Having a general type of University degree, in a basic area like Business, will get you the points to be considered for Immigration , BUT if you have specific skills, in say, the oil and gas industry, or telecomm, or IT , you will be more likely to be "fast tracked". Remember that Canada is in the biggest construction boom of the last 50 years, and we desperately NEED those who can build things , or direct those who do the building.

WHY? The 2010 Olympic Games will be held in British Columbia, and we are building that whole complex NOW. And the biggest oil and gas project in Canada is being built in Alberta, NOW. Both require thousands of workers to get it done. Not just construction workers either. We need all the support and back -up people too, from payroll to personnel to human resources.

Whatever your skills are, you can find work in Canada, especially in the west.


Ask me here.

Jim Bunting. Toronto.


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Re: Where to start?

Post Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 10:15 am


Thank you for taking the time to reply to my query.

I am a Project Secretary for a Subsea company working in Oil & Gas sector.

Having read your reply I am slightly more optimistic in finding suitable employment in Canada.

One last questoin I have is where do i go to obtain the necessary information pack/paperwork to start our application process?

Do we contact the Canadian Embassy or is there somewhere online we can contacvt to put through a request to have the forms sent to us?


Re: Where to start?

Post Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 7:47 pm

Contact Canada House in London, our Embassy to the UK. Ask for a Immigration Information package to be sent to your mailling address.

Also go here, to read the Official Candians Immigration websites, for further information. Make note of the URLs for future use.

The above are a collection of Federal, and Provincial government websites, that cover a number of Immigration topics.

Remember that we have 10 Provincial and 3 territorial Governments as well as the Federal ( National )Government. Ontrario is the most populated and the most industrialised of our Provinces. Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and the centre for commerce in the country, with all most all national corporations having there HQ;s in Toronto.

Cheers Jim Bunting.


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