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Sumo Run by Tiger Air. in Taipei

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Taiwan.

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Sumo Run by Tiger Air. in Taipei

Post Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:33 pm

Sumo Run by Tiger Air.

100 Free overseas flight tickets to be given away*.
Every participant gets a discount flight voucher from NT$2000 to NT$800**.

Join the craziest event of 2016 in Taipei. Sat 22nd Oct in Bintan Park, New Taipei City (Xindian green mrt).
Tickets: NT$880 – You get: A cool Sumo suit to keep, Fun 3k run, Chance to win 100 flight tickets, Discount voucher from NT$2000 to NT$800 from Taoyuan airport from Tiger Air (Taipei).

Get your friends together for the nuttiest photo and video selfies ever! Book here:
LINK to eventpal

Share with your colleagues and friends on facebook here:

Age: 16 years and older
Height: From 150cm to 190 cm

*Lucky draw for all registered particpants. You must be there on the day.
**Each person that completes runs or walks the 3k, will receive a discount voucher from Tiger Air to the value of NT$800 to NT$2,000. Terms and restrictions apply.

If you are having problems booking, and need help in English contact us at: info @

Terms and Conditions: Pls see Chinese for official copy, here is a roughly translated version:

Flights coupon terms of use are as follows:
1. For route: Tigerair Taiwan entire route (from Taoyuan)
2. Discounts can be used during this period: 2016/10/23 ~ 2017/3/25
3. Discounts cannot be used during the following Dates:
Christmas + New Year's Eve -2016/12/23 ~ 2017/1/3
Lunar New Year -2017 / 1/26 ~ 2017/2/7
Also -2017 / 2/24 ~ 2017/3/1
4. Each booking is limited to one voucher only. This number may be redeemed on discount fares, and cannot be set off against taxes, booking fees, additional service fees.
5. The fares payable by deducting the coupon amount will still need to pay quate, the taxes, fees and service charges, please pay and additional amounts by credit card when booking. Free tickets Terms of Use as follows: 6. Applicable routes: the departure from Taoyuan to Nagoya, Fukuoka, Kota Kinabalu, Daegu, Macau, Okinawa, Sendai, Okayama, Tokyo Haneda, Don Muang, Tokyo Narita, Osaka, Singapore, Hakodate.

A total of 100 round-trip tickets to be given away by lucky draw, all from Taoyuan airport, limited to one per person. And the person must be at the event when the draw is made. It cannot be sent to you.
Note: The lottery ticket number with runners basis (not to register the names of runners), if the ticket drawn runners want to make the tickets to someone else, that person must provide an identity card at the time of day on-site registration.
Flights and other personal information, please note that once registered cannot do change, if in the future want to change into others refer to Taiwan tiger Airways flights replacement policy, and you will need to pay an additional transaction costs.
7. Exchange Date 2016/10 / 23 - 2016 / 12/31 before 23:50
8. Applicable usage of voucher period: 2016/10/24 - 2017/3/25
9. Discounts cannot be used during the following Dates:
Christmas + New Year -2016 / 12 / 23 ~ 2017/1/3
Lunar New Year -2017 / 1/26 ~ 2017/2/7
Also: -2017 / 2/24 ~ 2017/3/1
10. each booking record One group restricted the use of exchange numbers. This number may be redeemed convertible fare tickets can not be set off against taxes, booking fees, baggage, meals and selected bit other additional services.
11. The amount payable by the parts are still inadequate arrived with this coupon, the taxes, fees, fees, checked baggage, meals, and other additional service charges the selected bit, please pay by credit card when booking.
12. The Republic of China in accordance with Article 88 of the Income Tax Act withholding tax all types of income standard when individual opportunity ROC territory of residence of the winner of the prize winners amounted to NT $ 20,000 (or more), and the prize amount of income (ie Flights face value, depending on the value of these varies) of the company in accordance with the tax law, withholding tax of 10%. "Every time withholding tax" does not exceed NT $ 2,000 per person, exempt from withholding; but 'annual income amount of money paid "more than $ 1,000 who still declare income.Winners need to fill out the "winning receipt," please fill in the correct information of the winner, the company will be held in February next year, sending the voucher withholding of prize money, if you are a non-personal residence of the territory of the Republic of China, or profit-seeking enterprise in the territory of the Republic of China no fixed place of business, the company shall be in accordance with law 20% withholding tax.
13. This coupon applies only ticketed passengers aboard our flight, I may not be resold or transferred. After opening Bukebiangeng tickets waypoint, can not obtain refunds. In case of Ticket-related issues, please contact Taiwan trails Tiger Airways call center: +886 255992555. (Call center to provide advice only, if the call center reservation required redemption charge a fee per person per sector TWD430) The Company reserves the right of final interpretation and adjudication of all matters right.

Cost: Payment required - 880.00

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