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moving to holland to work and study

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in The Netherlands.

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moving to holland to work and study

Post Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 7:53 am

I've search on the internet for a while now, and its just soooo confusing. I feel so overwhelmed by all the information, which is kinda like my situation but a few details are different so i'm not to sure if it applies to me....

here goes

Both parents are dutch. still are
Born in australia in 1983

I just recently met a dutch traveller and fell in love. So I want to move to holland.
I'm pretty sure I'm able to get a dutch passport.
does that mean i dont need a residence thingy?
I dont plan to move in with him. But my whole family (except my immediate family) live in holland so accomodation wont be a problem.
Now, I'm half way through my studies at university. I've been looking at unis there and none of them do my course in english, so i'll have to pass the dutch as a 2nd language exam.
Dutch was my first language, but i never learnt to read or write and its a bit rusty now.

what i want to know is if i can just move there in July, and enrol in a dutch course and find work, till January and apply for university there.
will i get help from the government when i start studying or am i expected to fend for myself?



Re: moving to holland to work and study

Post Posted: Thu May 04, 2006 2:44 pm

Hey Maria

I'm an Aussie living in the deep south of Holland (Limburg province). I also fell in love with a Dutchman and moved here to live with him for the next couple of years while he finnishes his sports career and then we plan to move back to Aus.

My situation is different to yours because I had no Dutch Heritage and so came here on a "Family Reunification Visa". It has taken 11 months for my Visa to come through and in that time I haven't been able to work not even on a volunteering basis.

I just had a quick look in my visa information brochures and I can't see anything in there about family heritage and gaining a Visa. So You're best bet to get a clear understanding of what you need to do is call the Dutch Embassy in Canberra and ask them what your options are. I also have the number for the Dutch immigration department you or your Dutch family can call and ask for some answers there. In Holland call 0900 1234561 or from Australia call +31 20889 3045.

Hopefully its easier for you than for has been a long and relatively stressful process and my story is no different than that of my other immigrant friends...the Dutch are doing everything they can to keep outsiders out.

Let me know how you get on. Sorry I couldn't give you clearer answers but I really think the emabssy is your best bet for clear answers. if you have to go through with the standard residency permit process contact me again cause I probably have some tips for you.

Good luck!!!


Renee \r\nSittard


Re: moving to holland to work and study

Post Posted: Wed May 17, 2006 4:23 pm

Hi Maria, depending on what you study, there are actually universities in the Netherlands that teach in English. Tilburg, for example, has a BA and MA in economy in English. Twente has an MA in educational sciences. These are universities where I tought, but I´m sure that others teach in English as well. Internationalisation is a hot topic in the Netherlands so lots of univerisities have it on their agenda.
I know that Dutch students get some funding from the government but I don´t think foreigners do. However, tuition fees are not that high in NL. Housing is expensive though.
Good luck! Birgit


Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: moving to holland to work and study

Post Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 11:45 am

Hello Maria

I'm English and have lived in the Netherlands Het Gooi region for the past 2 years, as an expat spouse. It took over 11 months for us to receive our residence permits with the support of expat relocation agents and his company - so I would agree to get as much information and contact with the Dutch Consulate in Canberra before you go. If you can get paper work started before leaving it would be a good start.

Can I also recommend to you too - it covers several EU countries, including a specific site for the Netherlands. You can contact fellow Australians, plus other expats resident in the Netherlands via forums and get further information.

Good luck in your move. Holland will be very different to Australia, but there is a similar "freedom" of being and although the country is small, you will be living in Europe with access to other cultures on your doorstep.


Re: moving to holland to work and study

Post Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 1:24 pm

i'm amazed that it took so long, why? As a citizen of the EU it should have been weeks surely? I've moved here at the end of January this year and had my paperwork sorted out within two months. I live with a Dutch woman (we're not married yet) and work for a British based company. Despite this it was not a problem to get legal. How come it was so long for you?


Mick Davidson (Technical Author/Editor)\r\n


Re: moving to holland to work and study

Post Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 2:47 pm

Hehe hey people.

Its you again Renee Very Happy Nice to know your well. Anyway, Hi Maria I am in a similar position only i have not started a uni course as of yet. I wish to start that in holland itself. My Mum is dutch aswell and i met a girl in holland last year when i went Smile similar position i guess. Us Aussies pfft. Hehe i just saw this thread and decided to drop a few lines. Its good to know that there are plenty of other people with the same intentions or feelings for such a place.. I cant wait.. I go in August. I also have a huge amount of family in The Netherlands so Smile The problem of accomodation is a little less daunting for now Razz Ok. Ive also had some trouble finding the course i wanted to go and study in english. I had some trouble. The internet is sometimes really hard to get information out of. Have you tried emailing the universities there? They had some answers for me. Anyway. Good luck. Hope all goes well Wink

Ben {Newcastle-NSW-1987}


Re: moving to holland to work and study

Post Posted: Wed May 31, 2006 6:51 am

Well I've applied for my Dutch passport so I should get that in another three weeks.
and I’ve booked my one way ticket in July!

I found it very difficult to get information about universities as the pages in Dutch were for local students and the pages in English were for exchange students.
I emailed them in English and I got no response
I emailed them again in Dutch, and within a couple of days I got a detailed response from them. Some I have to send off an application letter other, I have to apply over the net with IBGROUP
because I am Dutch with a Dutch passport I am eligible for the lower tuition fees and Studiefinanciering..
Also because my course is not available in English if I get in, it will be on the basis that I pass my Nederlands als een tweede taal test, So I’m busy learning!
But I wont know that till I get there *fingers crossed*

As for permits and such, aparantly I don’t need any of that. Just when I get there within 3 days I have to register my address .


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