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Where in the world to go...

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Canada.

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Where in the world to go...

Post Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 4:47 am

I need advice, badly. I dont even know where to begin, literally. I can't settle anywhere I go in the world. I've tried moving to a fair few places, and it just hasn't worked. It's the same tale every time, I encounter almost nothing but unfriendliness and ignorance. I've wound up back in the UK and am once again desperate to get away from it, I find life completely vacant and pointless here.

The problem is, I've totally ran out of places to go in the world. Honestly, I spend my nights scouring Google earth like a Martian, in search of where to land next, and I draw a blank every time. The only places I even vaguely think might be good for me, I don't meet the visa requirements for. I've even considered moving to them illegally and working but it's probably a bad idea. The USA - They basically don't let people emigrate there unless they are highly skilled etc. Canada - I'm two years above the working holiday visa requirement of being 30 years old or younger. China - it's a legal requirement to have a degree to get the J1 visa, which I don't have. Melbourne - I've heard great things about it but my fear of spiders would make me a bag of nerves in Australia.

I know there are so many places in this world where happiness can be found, but I'm just at a loss of ideas, not to mention inspiration. I'm 32, British, Caucasian, male. I've worked at sea, lived in party destinations such as Ibiza, lived in Dublin, plus other places briefly. I've thought about teaching English in Asia, but I'd want it to be in a big city. I crave involvement and social success, wherever I end up going. I'm sure I'll be advised to try and make life good without having to relocate, but believe me I've tried everything I can to integrate and occupy myself in general.

I probably sound like I'm not a nice person, considering I've never really been accepted anywhere, but honestly, that's not the case, I believe I have so much potential, but have just been remarkably unlucky in the people I've met so far. I'm just running out of time, isolation is getting the better of me. I don't even know wether to post this on a travel forum or a mental health forum....


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