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Post Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 3:18 am

Hi all,
I am a fourth year graduate student working on my dissertation in Human Resources Management. For my dissertation, I am proposing to examine the differences of Human Resources Management in organizations between Holland and China.

If anyone is working in a company, would you be kindly fill in this questionnaire?

Thank you for your time.

The questionnaire is below:
1. How long have you worked at (present company) until now?____
A. Less than 6 months
B. 6 months- 1 year
C.1-2 years
D. 3-5 years
E. More than 5 years

2. What are your reasons for joining (present company)?_____
A. Unemployed and needed a job
B. Referred by a friend
C. Fringe benefits
D. Company reputation as a good place to work
E. Career advancement
F. Advertisement
G. Salary advancement
H. Other_____

3. Which of the following best describe the department you work in? _____
A. Customer Service
B. Finance/Accounting
C. Management Information System
D. Sales/Marketing
E. Human Resources
F. Other____

4. The job itself
(a. Strongly Disagree b. Disagree c. Neutral d. Agree e. Strongly Agree)
A. Job is Challenging______
B. Skills are effecitvely used_____
C. Job orientation is effective____
D. Work load is reasonable_____
E. Sufficient resources are available_____
F. Work environment is excellent______

5. How satisfied are you with company you work for? _____
A. Extremely Dissatisfied
B. Very Dissatisfied
C. Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied
D. Very Satisfied
E. Extremely Satisfied

6. In my work, I find it easy to apply to training I have received. ______
A. Strongly Disagree
B. Somewhat Disagree
C. Neutral
D. Somewhat Agree
E. Strongly Agree
F. Not Available

7. There are opportunities avilable for me to develop new skills. ______
A. Strongly Disagree
B. Somewhat Disagree
C. Neutral
D. Somewhat Agree
E. Strongly Agree
F. Not Available

8. Overall, how satisfied are you with the training you received for your present job? _____
A. Dissatisfied
B. Somewhat dissatisfied
C. Neutral
D. Satisfied
E. Very Satisfied
F. Not Available

9. I have the opportunity for career development within (present company)._____
A. Strongly Disagree
B. Somewhat Disagree
C. Neutral
D. Somewhat Agree
E. Strongly Agree
F. Not Available

10. The three training areas most important to your development over the next two years would be_____ ______ ______
A. Sales
B. Computer software
C. Presentation skills
D. Foreign language
E. Marketing Skills
F. Technical/professional
G. Time management
H. Negotionation skills
I. Management Development
J. Leadership
K. Team process
Coaching skills

11. Compensation and benefits:
a. Very Dissatisfied b. Dissatisfied c. Neutral d. Satisfied e .Very Satisfied f. Not Available
A. Medical insurance package _____
B. Dental coverage ______
C. Prescription drug coverage ______
D. Retirement Program ______
E. Paid time off ______
F. Job market competitiveness of my salary ____
G. Stock option plan _____

12. What areas of compensation do you think the company should pay more attention to? __________________________________________________________________

13. What suggestions would you make to sustain High-Performing Employees? _______________________________________________________________

Thank you for you feedback.


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