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where is the free beach in jumeirah?

Discussion forum for expats living in Middle Eastern countries not listed elsewhere.

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where is the free beach in jumeirah?

Post Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 7:12 pm

Hi all,

I keep hearing about this cool beach in jumeirah, with all due respect to all human beings, they say that it is a respectable beach with repectable people...

what's the entrance fee? can someone point out the directions of how to get there?



Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: where is the free beach in jumeirah?

Post Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 1:14 pm

its very difficult to find anywhere that is free at themoment in Dubai, the public beech I thnk is where yoou want to get to.

from Jumeirah beech hotel. Head along beech road toward town stay oin this road for about 6 km heading toward town remember and you will come across a park on the lft hand side a public park however it costs someting like 7 Dhs for entry that wil lgive you access to the public beech. Failing that take any road heading to wqardthe beech whe nyou pass jumeirah beech hotel and you will see the public beech, by the amount of leering and curious males you get!

My advice, if you want a beech and you want the privacy and decency that goes with it, pay for it at one of the Jumeirah beech strip hotels e.g. sheraton Jumeirah beech, Hilton jumeirah etc

You get what you pay for. I have been here for the lat couple of years and never used a public beech and never would


take it easy


Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: where is the free beach in jumeirah?

Post Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 2:39 pm

That is fair comment from Andrew, (not sure what you mean by decency though? Are public beaches indecent?) but I would still check it out yourself.

Don't think anyone would argue that for any lady who wants to sunbath in anything less than a boiler suit, the public beaches aren't a great choice! - but, if you want to sit and read a book or play with young kids for a few hours in the surf and sand, with swim shorts and t-shirts all round - The UAE's public beaches are fine, although the further you get from Dubai, the better they get!

The public beaches in Abu Dhabi for example made great places to watch the power boat championships, Red bull air race and the red arrows, all free, with your feet dangling in the water!

My wife insists we have our obligatory memberships to a couple of clubs, for gym and sunbathing purposes (in the ME? Melanoma anyone?) OK - they're great for sports facilities, beach side cafes and restaurants as well as alcohol if you're a drinker, but when its a day snorkelling for shore crabs and beach games with the kids - the public beaches will provide fewer snobby "tuts tuts" from the mainly western expats trying to recreate Essex or pretend they are in Cannes!


Forum Leader - UAE
Forum Leader - UAE
Re: where is the free beach in jumeirah?

Post Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:38 pm

thanks for the replies everyone.

any idea about the costs for entrance to the hotel beaches here?


Regular Poster
Regular Poster
Re: where is the free beach in jumeirah?

Post Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 11:48 am

They vary quite a bit - 40aed to 200 plus per day. A few places don't allow daily entry to public at peak times.

A few links and prices in the time out link below



Forum Leader - UAE
Forum Leader - UAE
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